Discover the Best Bathtub and Shower Drain Hair Catchers

Clogged plughole in your bathroom?

It's the long, thick, clogs of hair you’re pulling from the drain like a shark on a fishing line. 


Well, say goodbye to your hairy situation with a brand new shower drain hair catcher. You heard us, you never have to pull up those long beasts again. 


We’ve taken over 50 hair catchers and spent a good 30 hours testing them and putting them through their paces. Why? We want to find the best drain hair catcher on the market that actually works and present it to you in a neat little package. Guess what? We did it. 

Yes, we found models that are kind to your budget, remove hair efficiently, and that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for OXO or LEKEYE, we have you covered with a detailed analysis of how they panned out. 

But which drain hair catcher did we think was best? Well, the simple answer is that LEKEYE stainless steel catcher really caught our eye and certainly stood out from the rest. 

If you’re not feeling convinced by our editor’s pick, there are plenty of other options that can get you out of a tangle and leave your drains free from those pesky hairs.

Best Drain Haircatchers [In Order]

Editors Pick - LEKEYE Stainless Steel Drain Hair Catcher

Sleek and modern are two words you can use to describe this snazzy drain hair catcher. Made from stainless steel, it brings a sense of style to any bathroom.Seriously, it makes it look SUPERIOR.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Strainer 
  • Detachable: Yes 
  • Weight: 121g 
  • Size: 10.92 x 10.92 x 10.92 cm
  • Suitable For: Bath, Shower 

Made from two parts, the installation is easy and takes a matter of seconds. No fiddly-what’s-this, just a quick snap on the drain and you’re done. It’s so easy a toddler could do it (although it might take them a little longer). 

Cleaning? No problem. This model of drain hair catcher is so simple to clean you’ll be emailing me to ask me why you didn’t buy it sooner. Simply pick it up, wipe it down, flush the hair, and you’re good to go for another round of showering or bathing. 

The drain holes have been carefully designed to allow the water to pass freely without letting the hair sneak past alongside it. 

A little bonus feature? A whopping 1-year warranty that will keep you feeling at ease. While this stainless steel drain protector is made from tough stuff, you know you can be confident in your purchase when the manufacturer feels the same way.

  • Made from stainless steel for durability during every shower or bath 
  • Quick to detach so that you can clean it easily 
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe clean and get back to it, making your life easier 
  • Innovative design that makes installation a breeze with two very simple parts
  • Catches all those pesky hairs effortlessly so that your drain remains clear and free

Not sure you are convinced by our editor’s pick? That’s alright, we know these hairy (hehehe) situations can leave you feeling stressed. That’s why we have a great selection of other models that you can peruse at your leisure. The perfect one is right here.

Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher UK - OXO

OXO isn’t just a great brand, they have also stolen top spot for both of our favourite drain catchers.

If you are looking for nothing but the best, you don’t need to go much further.

Just take a look at the reviews below, and you’ll see why we love this particular model so much. 

The Good

This particular drain cover comes in grey and is made from silicone, which makes it an incredibly flexible piece of kit to have, as well as one that is incredibly easy to clean. 

The stainless-steel top is also resistant to rust, which is quite handy. The material is water resistant for simpler maintenance.

The edges of the drain protector secure themselves to the edge of the shower drain so that it remains in place while you wash, and the dome shape accommodates all types of drain.

The gaps are large enough for ample water flow while running, but will also capture hair and debris efficiently. 

The Not So Good

Some customers felt that it did not stick quite as well as it could have.

Our View

This drain hair catcher comes at an amazing price, offering you a way to protect your drain without spending a great deal.

While there are some who felt it did not stick quite as well as expected, this is very rare, and the majority of customers have found this to be an excellent purchase. Designed to be versatile and make life easier for you, it could be just what your bathroom has been looking for. 


Q: What dimension is this, does it fit most drains? 

A: 7.2 centimetres. Is captured perfectly in bath plughole on a standard bath. 

Q: Which way up should the shower drain be placed?

A: The mesh is slightly concave so as suggested, dome side up is best.

Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher UK - OXO Easy Clean

Another one of our top models from OXO, this shower drain catcher is a little different from the one above, but just as excellent to use.

Take a moment to flick through the reviews below to see what you make of it, and maybe even end up sticking one in your online shopping basket. 

The Good

This particular shower drain hair catcher is flat, so it sits nicely over the top of your drain in order to catch hair and debris.

The flat design means that it won’t get in your way when you are washing, and it has been designed for standard drains while also being made from rust proof stainless-steel.

It is able to catch hair incredibly effectively, and can do this without disrupting the normal flow of water through the drain. The rim is made from non-slip silicone, which both ensures that it doesn’t move while in use as well as protecting you from potentially slipping on it while in the shower. 

The Not So Good

Customers have noted that it is not suitable for sunken drains.

Our View

This shower drain hair catcher comes at a great price, and from a brand that is both trusted and reliable.

While some have stated that it is not suitable for sunken drains, this does tend to be the case for flat covers, and the basket versions or domes are recommended here instead. Otherwise, it is fantastic at what it does, and will keep your drain free from hair clogs for years to come. 

Further Models of Drain Catcher 

Here are some further models of shower drain catcher for you to look at, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Best Walk-In Shower Drain Hair Catcher - Aofmee

This long drain catcher will slide into your existing drain quite nicely as it will fit all standard sizes.

The two sealed rings work with the overall design to catch hair and debris without disrupting the flow of water, so you can rest easy knowing that while it works, you have no need to worry about a flooded shower.

The stainless-steel top hardly sticks out of the drain, which is good for all showers – including walk-in models – and it is resistant to both rust and mould for easy maintenance.

It wipes clean, only needs to be emptied once a week, and comes at an incredibly affordable price. 

Best Hair Catcher for Shower Drain in Chrome – Danco

If you are looking for a drain catcher with a chrome finish that matches the rest of your décor, then look no further.

The stylish design means that it will look like your regular drain, and when it is slipped in it is completely flat for your comfort and convenience.

There is a cone-shaped net attached to the bottom of the drain that catches hair and debris that falls through, with two spare baskets included so that you always have one to hand.

Once full, all you need to do is tip the contents out and wipe it clean, and it won’t disrupt the flow of water either. 

Best Hair Catcher for Large Shower Drain – Joy Old Elf

This particular shower drain catcher is great for larger drains because it is able to stretch over them for full coverage due to the fact it is made from silicone.

As a result, it is also really easy to wipe clean, and the thick rims ensure that the protector stays in place once you have positioned it.

The holes are wide enough to ensure that there is good water flow at all times, but small enough that hair and debris are unable to escape through them.

It comes at an incredibly low price, and makes for a really simple solution. 

Best Hair Catcher for Flat Shower Drain – Veroda 

This is one of the cheapest covers for shower drains we have ever come across, and despite this, you will find that it does a fantastic job.

If you are looking for a hair catcher that is completely flat, then this is an excellent choice as it sits comfortably over the shower drain so that it can catch hair and debris in order to ensure a good and steady water flow while you wash.

It is also wider than the drain to ensure that any sneaky pieces are prevented from escaping, and the robust design means that it will last you quite some time. It’s also easy to remove and clean when full. 

Best Flat Shower Drain Hair Catcher – Slip-X Solutions

Another great solution for those who want a shower drain catcher that is flat, this particular pack comes with two – ideal if you have two bathrooms, or you just want to be able to switch them out regularly.

The fit nicely over standard shower drains, and are secured to the shower floor on each petal (as they are shaped like flowers).

The gaps are excellent for ensuring good water flow through the catcher, while also preventing hair and debris from getting into the drain.

Once full, they just need to be removed and wiped off in order to get them clean, making them very efficient. 

Best Pop-Up Shower Drain Hair Catcher – Umbra

This pop-up shower drain hair catcher is shaped like a starfish and comes in a great variety of colours for you to choose from. You can even pick up a pack of 12 if you feel like you will need them.

The five suctions cups on the edge of the catcher mean that it will remain secured over your shower drain at all times -preventing hair and debris from getting stuck down there while also ensuring a regular flow of water.

The silicone they are made from isn’t just flexible either; it is water resistant and easy to clean, preventing the growth of mould, and also being free from the risk of rust. 

Best Standing Shower Drain Hair Catcher – Umbra

This particular drain catcher isn’t just very affordable; it is also multi-functional. It can be used as a drain stopped if needed (such as when you are in the bath) as well as a drain catcher in the shower.

All you need to do is push the top down to close it, or push it up in order to allow catching and water flow.

The small gaps ensure that hair and debris are caught effectively, and it fits very comfortably over standard shower drains.

It is incredibly easy to clean once full, and once that is done, you can slide it back in and allow it to work its magic once more. A really great little find for every bathroom. 

Best Square Shower Drain Hair Catcher - TRUSTMI

We don’t all have round drains, and so there are times when a square drain catcher is needed. Enter our top pick, this beautifully designed grate in matte black that is sure to suit the aesthetics of your home perfectly. 

It slots into a standard drain easily, providing you with a square top that sits flat in your shower – so there is no risk of stubbed toes when you are washing. 

The grate itself is wide enough to allow for normal water flow while the shower is running, but it will also ensure that all hair is caught as it makes its way down. Once full, it is easy to clean and put back in the drain.

Buyer's Guide

Where to Buy Shower Drain Hair Catcher

There are loads of places you can buy shower drain catchers, and plenty of options if you prefer to buy physically instead of online. Most hardware and bathroom stores will have a  supply of them as well as a small range.

You might even find them in supermarkets, although the variety is likely to be very limited in comparison. Honestly, you will probably find the best selection is online because you will be able to find so many different types, shapes, and sizes.

You can head over to manufacturer websites, but places like Amazon are also able to offer free delivery and great buyer protection. It’s part of why we choose them for our product listings, and you can check out all of our favourite picks later on.

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How to Clean Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Cleaning your drain catcher is a really simple and quick task – all it takes is a few steps, and you are good to go. We have listed them for you below:

  • Make sure the water has finished draining, and the catcher is not soaked 
  • Remove the drain catcher (it’s easier and more pleasant when dry)
  • Tap against the side of the bin to remove the hair and debris 
  • Remove any remaining hair with your fingers
  • Rinse the catcher thoroughly 
  • Put back in or on the drain 

How Do I Unblock My Hair in the Shower?

It’s always awful when your shower ends up blocked with hair, but there are plenty of ways to get rid of it – each of which we have listed below for you to flick through:

  • Drain unblocker. This is usually the most effective route to take, and we even have an excellent guide to the best drain unblockers on the market that you can read. 
  • Plunger and tools. This method works very well for smaller blockages, and as long as you plunge with vigour, you will find it loosens up quite quickly. Other tools, like wires and snakes, can be lowered into the drain to pull the blockage up. 
  • You can also pour boiling water down, or a solution of white vinegar and baking soda if you want to take a more natural approach. 

Once your drain is unblocked, remember to take a preventative approach and invest in a shower drain catcher to stop more hair clogs from occurring. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Good Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Before you decide to buy your drain hair catcher, there are a few things you should take into consideration to make sure that you are buying the right one for your situation and shower. 

What it’s Made of?

You should always check to see which materials have been used to make your drain catcher. Silicone ones are the best for versatility and easy cleaning, whereas stainless-steel models will not rust and tend to be incredibly durable. The material is an essential factor to keep in mind. 

The Design 

Is it a flat drain catcher, a basket, or a dome? The design is incredibly important because it can impact its effectiveness in your shower.

Sunken drains need a basket, regular ones are best with flat catchers, and raised drains have domes as their top choice. Similarly, you should check for a seal as this will ensure no hair gets through and that the catcher stays in place. 

Easy Cleaning 

You should pick up a cover that is easy to clean and low maintenance, as this will save you time and effort as well as reduce the risk of bacteria and mould growing. Most of the models we have listed in the product section below are easy to clean and maintain for your convenience. 

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To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has been able to help you discover the best bathtub drain hair catcher for you, and the shower drain catcher reviews have ensured that you are able to find just the right drain catcher for your shower.

The great thing about hair catchers for the shower is that they are all pretty cheap, so every model on our list will be able to slip into your budget quite comfortably.

We understand the importance of going with a reputable brand as well, which is why we have chosen the ones that come from big names and have a good rapport among customers. We have models for large drains and small drains, as well as for those who prefer flat covers and those who want pop-up ones.

No matter your preference, we have just what you’ve been searching for. What did you think of our shower drain catcher guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommend? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below. 

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