Discover The Best Mixer Showers: Top 10 Mixer Valves Reviewed

So, you are in eager search of a new shower mixer, but not sure where to start because of the array of different types and brands on offer? Not to worry….

We focus purely on the best mixer showers that require and hot and cold water supply in both regular and thermostatic valves, so if you are looking for power showers, electric showers or a digital shower then check out our other guides featured on the website.

We spent nearly 40 hours analysing over 60 popular UK models to find a mixer shower that suits all price ranges in different designs and configurations, such as concealed and surfaced mounted mixer showers:

We also consider models for high-pressure setups such as unvented and combi-boiler systems as well as low-pressure gravity-fed systems.

Build quality, functionality and of course features.

Below you will see the shower mixers that ticked all the boxes (and a couple to avoid)

Ultimately it was the Hansgrohe Exostat 1001 CL that earned our Editor’s Choice award as it scored highly in all the areas we look for when choosing the best shower mixer.

But if you still want the quality but are more price-conscious, the Bristan Frenzy comes in under £100 and takes our budget pick mixer shower and for good reason. More on this model later.

And if our editors and budget pick are not for you? Don’t worry, we’ve picked an assortment of mixer showers to suit all budgets and requirements.

Why Trust Us?

Our reviews are crafted by our team of Steam Shower Parts Editors, who possess extensive industry expertise. With over 30,000 orders fulfilled through our online store and an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, you can rest assured that you are in the right place.

Our Best Shower Mixer Picks

Editor’s Choice – A Great Allrounder with Eco-Friendliness

Hansgrohe Ecostat 1001 CL Thermostatic Mixer Shower

You will have to go a long way to beat the Hansgrohe Ecostat thermostatic mixer shower for quality and value for money, with over £10,000 worth a monthly sales revenue on Amazon alone, you know you are in good hands with this sleek thermostatic bar mixer. The reviews alone paint the picture of this versatile mixer.

A thermostatic unit that promises to provide constant water temperature and volume throughout its lifetime, fitted with a temperature safety lock at 40 degrees, a perfect choice if you have any young kids that need protection from any accidental scalding.

For the eco-conscious, the Ecostop feature reduces water flow consumption down to 10 litres per minute (from around 15 litres/minute) Every penny saved counts as they say.

Simple sleek design from a top brand, and made to last which they back up with their 5-year warranty

If you’re on a smaller budget, or have low water pressure( this model not really suitable for gravity-fed unless you have a pump fitted) Then our next pick is for you.

Strong points:
  • Thermostat lock – The unit features a safety lock set at 40 degrees Celsius. It automatically locks at that temperature, ensuring that your family is protected against scalding-hot water and no cold water shocks over the head either.
  • Ecostop button – This feature limits water consumption to 10 litres per minute.
  • Bath-tub end mountable – You can fit this unit onto your bath rim, provided that you purchase pillar unions, which you can also purchase from the supplier.
  • Perfect for high-pressure combi boiler or unvented water systems.
  • Gradual and safe temperature change from hot to cold and vice versa
Technical specifications:
  • Thermostatic Mixer Shower
  • Package weight and dimensions – 10 x 29.6 x 6.8 cm; 2.36 Kilograms
  • Maximum Water pressure – 10 bar (minimum = 1 bar)
  • Finish – Polished
  • Material – Handles made of metal
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Deck mount

This Hansgrohe Ecostat scores the highest for environmental sensitivity and protection. Recognized for its exceptional quality and innovative design in the Which? ‘Best Shower Mixer Brand’ article, Hansgrohe is a standout in the shower market. This expert validation supports our research, making Hansgrohe a top recommendation for those seeking a high-quality shower experience.

Best Mixer Shower for Low Water Pressure

Bristan H0920 FRENZY Contemporary Cool Touch Bar Mixer

The Bristan H0920 FRENZY (another Bristan unit is featured later) is the master of providing cool technology that ensures users are perfectly safe from getting burned. This is the unit we found to have the ultimate scalding-free protection.

There is a flexibility feature where, whatever pressure system you have, the unit can just perfectly blend in. Good for both low-pressure and high-pressure systems.

Easy installation is a strong point for this unit, though some customers reported a weird noise and loose thermostat fitting after a short period of use.

Perfect choice if you don’t have a pressurised system such as a combi-boiler or unvented system. This Bristan Frenzy mixer will work with just 0.2 bar of pressure so idea on a gravity fed system.

The manufacturer claims that they perform over 20,000 cycles of rigorous test on their products. Sad thing is, we have no way of confirming the claim.

Strong points:
  • Cool touch technology – There is no way you will ever touch a hot valve with this unit. The technology makes cool water surround hot water during use, and there is a separate set of controls for water flow and temperature.
  • Perfect for low-water pressure gravity fed systems. 
  • Wall-fixing kit supplied – One of this unit’s strongest selling points is the installation kit that comes with it. Easy installation is guaranteed.
  • Aesthetics – The unit comes in a sleek shiny, chrome-plated finish.
Technical specifications:
  • Requires just 0.2bar water pressure
  • Package weight and dimensions – Shower valve only; 1.75 kilograms
  • Maximum water pressure 5.0 bar – suitable for combi boiler, unvented or gravity-fed system
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Material – Chrome, brass
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Wall mount

Best Value for Money Surfaced Mounted Mixer Shower

Hansgrohe Focus Mixer Shower

Compared to its brother the Ecostat featured above, this Hansgrohe Focus unit comes with a water flow rate of 22 litres per minute. In case you’re looking for a higher water flow rate but still with high-pressure and from the same brand, this is it.

However, the Focus does not come with a thermostat unlike the Ecostat. So, this unit is a manual mixer. Despite that, the temperature control for this unit is good and it regulates the temperature easily.

On the side of functionality, this is a unit you can attach above your bathtub or on the wall in your shower.

Simple no frills wall mounted manual mixer showers should not be overlooked for their straightforward design and practicality. They offer ease of use, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a traditional, uncomplicated shower experience.

Strong points:
  • Handle – Comes with one lever that controls both water flow and temperature
  • Installation – A well-made product and easy to install. Great value for money.
  • Aesthetics – Attractive, modern design
Technical specifications:
  • Standard Lever Non-Thermostatic Mixer shower
  • Package weight and dimensions – 25 x 20.3 x 16.1 cm; 1.99 Kilograms
  • Maximum water pressure – 10 bar (minimum = 1 bar)
  • Finish – Polished
  • Material – Chrome
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Wall mount

This chrome-made unit comes with an affordable pricing, high water flow rate, easy installation system and easy temperature control.

Best Easy Clean Single Lever Mixer with a 5 Year Warranty

GROHE BauEdge | Bathroom Faucet – Single Lever Shower Mixer

The GROHE BauEdge (we feature another Grohe unit below) is a German-manufactured single-lever shower mixer that also comes with a reasonable price tag, but it stands out the most in the aspect of ease of cleaning. Thanks to its Starlight feature.

The Starlight features a chrome coating, which provides a bright surface that resists scratches and stains while maintaining its original shine. This unit only needs wiping with a dry cloth for maintenance.

This Grohe unit also boasts of its SilkMove feature. With this feature, the unit allows for the smoothest and the most precise lever drive.

Strong points:
  • Ease of cleaning and low maintenance – A piece of dry cloth is all you need to keep it shiny, clean, stain-free, and scratch-free.
  • Pocket-friendly – One of the cheapest options in the market
  • SilkMove experience – Sturdy construction with a handle that turns slickly when adjusting the temperature or when switching from bath to shower
Technical specifications:
  • Standard Lever Non-Thermostatic Mixer
  • Package weight and dimensions – 16 x 20 x 12 cm; 1.44 Kilograms
  • Maximum water pressure – 1 to 5 bar
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Material – Ceramic
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Wall mount

With its shiny finish and high resistance to stain and scratches, cleaning and maintaining the BauEdge definitely becomes the most time-efficient and easiest of tasks to do. Highlighted in Which? as a top brand for its quality and user-centric design, Grohe exemplifies excellence in the shower market. This endorsement aligns with our research, underscoring Grohe as an ideal choice for a superior shower experience.

Best Thermostatic Mixer Showers with Diveter

Bristan AR3 SHCVO C Artisan Recessed Thermostatic Dual Control Shower Valve

At a little over twice the price of its brother Bristan FRENZY, the Bristan AR3 SHCVO thermostatic valve is made for a range of cavity sizes (45 – 75 mm) and water supply temperature. The coldest that it can supply is 5 degrees Celsius and the hottest 80 degrees Celsius.

The unit comes with a flow rate of only 8 litres per minute at 0.2 bar. True enough, you can significantly lower your water bill with this unit, but just in case the need comes, you can switch to a higher-pressure rate of 5 bar for flexibility.

The look is modern and sophisticated alike the Mira shower mixers brand. The slight downside is a lot of its inside is plastic and ceramic with chrome material on the plate, but on the flip side it does give the option of having two features such as an overhead and handshower thanks to the diverter feature.

Strong points:
  • Deep cavity friendly for flexibility for a simple installation
  • Diverter to allow for overhead shower and hand held shower (your wife will thank you) 
  • Aesthetics – Generally very good looking mixer shower.
Technical specifications:
  • Concealed Thermostatic Mixer Valve
  • Package weight and dimensions – 30.4 x 20.19 x 16.79 cm; 1 Kilogram
  • Maximum water pressure – 5 bar (minimum working pressure = 0.2 bar)
  • Finish – Polished
  • Material – Brass, ceramic
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Wall mount

Best attribute: Diverter for due showerheads 

The wide range of cavity sizes that this unit fits makes it the best option to choose for people with different shower systems and sizes in their home or business.

Best High End Concealed Mixer Shower From a Top Brand

GROHE 34224000 | Avensys Modern Dual Control Mixer Shower

Coming in with a good build quality and top-notch performance is this Grohe unit. While it comes with a different fixing approach to the usual thermostatic units, this model is comparatively easier to mount in place, and when it is mounted, it will give your shower setup that stunning and crisp feel.

Reinforcing the easy fit installation is the presence of two outlets – one at the bottom and one at the top. You can use either of the two to connect to your shower outlet. One of them has a blanking screw cap. Just swap it over and you can use the other outlet that suits your configuration.

This Grohe unit works for both low and high pressure and can work for a combi boiler. This is also a unit that is easy to clean and is scratch-resistant.

Strong points:
  • Installation – Easy to install and comes with a different mounting approach
  • Finish – Deep-layered chrome surface creates a mirror-like sheen
  • Suitable for all plumbing requirements
Technical specifications:
  • Thermostatic Concealed Mixer Shower
  • Package weight and dimensions – 23.8 x 19.8 x 15.6 cm; 4.2 Kilograms
  • Maximum water pressure – 5 bar (minimum = 0.1 bar)
  • Finish – Polished
  • Material – Copper, nickel and chrome
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Single-hole, deck mount

Best Budget Thermostatic Mixer Bar

Solepearl Chrome Thermostatic Shower Mixer Modern Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer

This is a unit that comes with superb thermostatic control balancing hot and cold water temperature in no time. This is why many users say that any manual manipulation or adjustment is not necessary with this model.

Accommodating a range of hot- and cold-inlet distance of 140 mm to 170 mm, this unit is comparably easy to install. Just connect the left water inlet and the right.

For a budget model this ticks nearly all the boxes, but not to be compared the higher build quality brans featured above.

Nonetheless, this mixer shower is easy to install and comes with an impressive design.
Strong points:
  • Aesthetics and construction – Well-designed and slim
  • Temperature – Quick balancing of hot and cold water temperature
  • Installation – Accommodates a wide range of inlet distance
Technical specifications:
  • Thermostatic Mixer Bar
  • Package weight and dimensions – 38.61 x 10.67 x 7.87 cm; 1.44 Kilograms
  • Maximum water pressure – 5 bar (minimum = 1 bar)
  • Finish – Polished
  • Material – Chrome-plated brass
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Wall mount

Best attribute: Apart from the Price – Intelligent temperature control

The Solepearl comes with a technology that automatically maintains constant water temperature.

Best Thermostatic Mixer with Duel Outlets

Hansgrohe ShowerSelect Thermostatic Mixer for 2 Outlets

ShowerSelect is probably the most expensive unit from Hansgrohe and one of the priciest models available in the market, but for good reason. Designed for high-pressure shower systems, it comes with a great an awesome design, is easy to use, and cleans well with just cloth and water.

In addition, it controls temperature well and the 2 outlets which is ideal if you want an overhead monsoon shower and a hand shower. Simply select the push button and it will turn the 2 outlets on and off.

This is a wall-concealed system, so the base unit should be hidden in the wall behind the plaster. The appearance is tidy and produces a timeless ambience in the shower room.

Strong points:
  • Installation – Concealed installation, helping create a neat and uncluttered setup
  • Scald safe – Comes with a safety stop at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Accessories – Comes with handle, mixing unit, mounting rail, and hand shower
Technical specifications:
  • Concealed Thermostatic Mixer with Dual Outlets
  • Package weight and dimensions – 5.4 x 15.5 x 15.5 cm; 1.47 Kilograms
  • Maximum water pressure – 10 bar (minimum = 1 bar)
  • Finish – Metal cover and finish
  • Material – Knobs made of metal
  • Plug Profile/Installation – Concealed installation

Best attribute: Duel Output Premium Thermostatic Valve

Shower Mixers To Avoid –

After guiding you through the best in class, it’s key to also highlight the other side of the spectrum: Shower Mixers To Avoid.

Our assessment has revealed certain models with shortcomings, such as poor durability, unreliable water pressure, and complicated installation. We highlight these below to help you make a more informed choice and avoid potential disappointments.

Hapilife Chrome Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer Valve

Hapilife Chrome Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer Valve

The Hapilife Chrome Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer Valve is one such product that, while promising in features, presents a few challenges worth considering.

With an adjustable temperature range of 20-50°C and a design that prevents dripping, the Hapilife valve combines practicality with a sleek, modern aesthetic. Its solid brass construction and polished chrome finish promise longevity and style in your bathroom.

However, several reviewers have reported some concerns:

Key Drawbacks: 
  • Temperature Fluctuations: Especially noticeable in combination boiler systems, some users have experienced inconsistent water temperatures, which often require a valve cartridge replacement.
  • Dripping Issues: There have been instances of water dripping from the shower head when turned off, potentially needing new seals or a cartridge change.
  • Reduced Water Flow Rate: A few reviewers have noted a decrease in water flow, though this can usually be rectified with regular maintenance.

Despite its appealing design and construction, these operational issues with the Hapilife mixer valve are significant. For a more reliable option, we recommend the Bristan H0920 FRENZY Contemporary Cool Touch Bar Mixer.

This model is renowned for its dependable performance and Cool Touch technology, ensuring a safe and consistent shower experience with minimal upkeep.

Ibergrif – Concealed Shower Mixer Tap with Body Valve

Ibergrif - Concealed Shower Mixer Tap with Body Valve

The Ibergrif Concealed Shower Mixer Tap with Body Valve, despite its appealing features, has notable drawbacks that might influence your buying decision.

This model boasts water-saving ceramic cartridge technology and a high shiny chrome coating, promising both efficiency and a scratch-resistant, long-lasting finish. Made of stainless steel, it offers durability and a sleek, modern look.

However, there are key issues that have surfaced:

Key Drawbacks: 
  • Leaks: A significant number of users have encountered leaking problems. Whether due to installation challenges or product quality, this issue can lead to water wastage and potential damage in your bathroom space.
  • Water Pressure: There are reports from customers about difficulties handling high water pressure. This can adversely affect the performance of the shower mixer, potentially leading to an inconsistent shower experience.
  • Temperature Adjustment: Some users have also faced challenges in adjusting the water temperature. This can be a major inconvenience, impacting the overall user experience and comfort during use.

Despite its modern design and eco-friendly features, the Ibergrif model’s issues with leaks, pressure handling, and temperature control are concerning.

These factors indicate that it might not be as dependable as options like the Hansgrohe Ecostat 1001 CL Thermostatic Mixer Shower, which is renowned for consistent performance and quality.

Best Shower Mixer Brands

Brand NameCustomer % Score
Ideal Standard90%

When assessing the best shower mixers, our focus extends to a comprehensive analysis of REAL customer feedback for the various available brands.

To calculate the customer score, we took the proportion of 4 and 5-star reviews vs poor and average 1-3-star reviews provided by customers.

This method provides a clear picture of customer satisfaction with the product and supplier. Brands like Hansgrohe and Grohe, with high percentages, demonstrate strong approval from users, reflecting their positive experiences.

Similarly, Bristan and Ideal Standard, with their significant percentages, indicate notable customer contentment. Even Solepear, with a slightly lower percentage, still presents a commendable level of customer approval for such a heavily discounted brand.

This customer score, rooted in real user experiences and preferences, acts as a reliable indicator of the product’s appeal and quality in the eyes of those who matter most – the customers.

How We Conducted Our Product Testing

In determining the best mixer showers for our readers, we conducted a thorough evaluation process, reviewing each product ourselves to ensure a comprehensive and reliable recommendation.

  1. Ease of Installation: We paid special attention to how user-friendly and straightforward the installation process was, making it accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.
  2. Stability of Water Pressure: We analysed the shower mixer under various conditions to assess its ability to maintain stable water pressure. Products that provided a consistent flow without fluctuations were rated higher.
  3. Build Quality: We closely examined the construction and materials of each mixer. Assessing their durability and resistance to wear, ensuring they meet good standards for long-term use.
  4. Value for Money: We evaluated the features and performance of each mixer against its price. Focusing on identifying products that offered the best combination of functionality and affordability, ensuring value for money.
  5. Customer Reviews: In addition to our analysis, we screened customer feedback and ratings. This helped us validate our findings with real-world experiences, ensuring our recommendations align with customer satisfaction.

Through this meticulous process, we aimed to provide well-informed and trustworthy recommendations. Our goal is to help our readers make confident choices in selecting a mixer shower that meets their specific needs and delivers the best possible experience.

What to Look For In A Mixer Shower

If you are in the market for a new mixer shower, it’s not only important to look at the price but also to delve a little deeper into a few other considerations to ensure you get the best value and experience.

Here’s a few pointers….

Essential Considerations

  • Water Pressure Considerations: If you have low water pressure and no pump in-line you will typically need to stick with a regular mixer type as most thermostatically controlled shower mixers require a minimum of 1.5 Bar pressure
  • Material and Build Quality: Consider durable materials like brass or stainless steel, which provide longevity and resistance to wear, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Brand Reputation and Warranty: Look for reputable brands offering substantial warranties, like a 5-year guarantee, for quality assurance and peace of mind.
  • Compatibility with Existing Plumbing: Make sure the mixer shower fits with your existing setup without having the added expense of moving too much pipework around.
  • Safety Features: Choose mixers with safety features like anti-scald devices, which are particularly important for households with children. A thermostatic mixer typically has a safety release button Vs a regular mixer, like the GROHE BauEdge featured above.

Design Preferences

  • Concealed vs. Exposed Mixer: Decide based on your bathroom’s design, like opting for a concealed mixer for a minimalist look or an exposed mixer for easier access and maintenance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Choose a design that enhances your bathroom’s style, such as contemporary mixers for modern bathrooms.

Advanced Options

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider eco-friendly features like low-flow technology to help conserve water and potentially reduce utility bills.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Look for mixers that are easy to maintain, such as those with anti-limescale technology, to save time and effort.
  • Advanced Features: Explore mixers with modern features like digital temperature displays for enhanced convenience and a luxurious shower experience.

Price Considerations

  • Budget vs. Value: Find a balance between your budget and the mixer’s features to get the best value, ranging from basic models around £50 to high-end options over £300.
  • Long-Term Savings: Investing in a quality mixer can lead to long-term savings on repairs and utilities, in particular replacement thermostatic cartridges don’t come cheap, and budget mixers can sometimes be a false economy. Not to mention the pain of having to change every couple of years or so.



To summarise our top three picks for the best shower mixer valve are Hansgrohe Ecostat, Hansgrohe SelectShower, and Bristan FRENZY.

These are all thermostatic shower mixer valves that we would fit in our bathrooms and are from reputable brands with good after-sales support, which offers some added peace of mind.

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