Best Water Saving Shower Heads – UK Aerated Eco Models Reviewed


If you’re interested in saving money, you may want to consider opting for a water saving shower head. With one of these heads, you will be able to cut your water bills down dramatically. 

Unfortunately, the UK market is overflowing with shower heads, which offer this characteristic. And although a selection is a good thing, it can also make the purchase process a little more difficult.

The good news is, below, you find precisely what to look for, when attempting to invest in the best water-saving shower head for your home.

Best Water Saving Shower Heads Comparisons











Gabi H2O

Pulse Eco Shower


Single Function Lowenergie Eco
BESTOPE 30% Water Saving Showerhead
Mira Eco Three Spray Water Saving Showerhead
Gabi H2O Water And Energy Saving Slimline Showerhead
Pulse Eco Showerhead
Ecocamel Jetstorm E Water And Energy Saving Showerhead
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Price Range

£18 - £20

£11 - £26

£39 - £45

£25 - £30

£26 - £30

£15 - £19




181 g

281 g

340 g

998 g









Suitable for Electric Shower




Suitable for Gravity Fed



Suitable for Combi Boiler


Number of Spray Settings



Litres Per Minute Used


What to Look For?

When attempting to invest in a water saving showerhead, you’ll need to examine a few factors. Below, you’ll discover some of the most pertinent ones to take into account.


First and foremost, it is wise to check out the overall price of the showerhead. Although the product can definitely save you money, you won’t want to go broke in the process.

With this in mind, you should make sure that the showerhead would fit into your budget.

Flow Rate

The unit’s flow rate is truly the most important. This figure will tell you precisely how much water the showerhead will utilize. Opting for a lower rating in this category can help you save an increased amount of money. Typically, the flow rates tend to deviate from 5-10 litres per minute.

Pressure Delivered

Although you’ll want a low flow rate, you will also want to maintain a decent pressure. If the showerhead doesn’t provide you with a good amount of pressure, you’ll be forced to stay in the shower for a longer period of time and this will defeat the purpose.

Be sure that the pressure delivered is similar to what you already acquire from your traditional showerhead.


In order to guarantee that the showerhead will last for an extensive period of time, you need to check its overall quality. The showerhead should be solidly made and very durable.

Also, be sure to read reviews and only purchase a showerhead, which has accumulated a lot of positive comments.


Finally, you should know that some showerheads come with an extensive warranty. Truthfully, a lengthier warranty is always better. It’ll help to ensure that the showerhead lasts for an extensive period of time and will also deliver added peace of mind.

Now, it is time to check out some of the best products on the market. Reviews for the best water saving showerheads will be provided below.

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Great for Motor Home & Caravan – Single Function Lowenergie Eco

If you are on the market for a new showerhead, you may want to consider one that is energy efficient.

With the ever-increasing costs of public utilities, it is important to cut water and electricity waste. Just by purchasing the Lowenergie showerhead, you can cut your shower water use by up to 50%.

Over time, you will notice huge savings on your water bill, plus this high-quality showerhead will provide you with a soothing shower, every single time. 

The Lowenergie showerhead is embedded with a venture hole that allows air to inhale into the continuous stream of water, increasing the water pressure level greatly.

This model is suitable for homes and caravans that have a combination boiler. 

The installation process is extremely simple and only requires removal of the old showerhead and replacing it with the Lowenergie.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Improves water pressure
  • Suitable for homes and caravans
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Energy efficient design
  • Easy installation process
  • Decreases water waste and increases shower time


  • If your water pressure is extremely low, you may hear a chugging noise, when the water is turned on

Overall, the Lowenergie showerhead is designed to improve water pressure better than most competitor brands.

The chrome finish will look great for years to come, since this is a noncorrosive material. Due to these benefits, this showerhead is well worth examining in great detail right away.




Best Seller with Ionic Filter – BESTOPE 30% Water Saving Showerhead

Are you searching for a showerhead that will not cost you anything? If so, you may want to consider the BESTOPE shower head.

While, you probably think it is silly to say that this product is free, since it does have a low price tag.

Well, when you consider the energy efficient rating, which will cut your water waste and usage by 30%.

This alone, will save you lots of money over a year’s time, making this showerhead absolutely free.

While this model guarantees less water usage, it will not decrease the water pressure. In fact, it may increase the water speed up to 200%, but of course this will vary from one home to another. 

The BESTOPE showerhead handle has a very unique design, setting it apart from other brands.

The handle is actually integrated with an ionic filter that will remove all water impurities and odors, keeping your shower water clean and fresh.


  • Embedded with Turbocharged Technology
  • Ionic filtration system
  • Extremely affordable
  • Constructed out of durable ABS materials
  • Compatible with all 8 cm shower hoses
  • Energy efficient design
  • Water usage – 1.45 gallons per minute


  • Showerhead is a little on the heavy side

The BESTOPE is suitable for replacements or first-time installments. The ionic filtration is a wonderful feature that will provide you will years of fresh, clean water.

The unit is well worth its price tag and will actually pay for itself after a moderate amount of use.


Q: Would this be suitable for low water pressure showers?

A: Yes, it can add 200% Pressure for low pressure showers.




Gabi H2O Water And Energy Saving Slimline Showerhead

There are numerous water saving showerheads on the market, but the Gabi H2O may very well be the best. First and foremost, the unit is incredibly affordable.

This makes it ideal for everyone, regardless of budget. At the same time, this showerhead is capable of saving the consumer an enormous amount of money.

Not only will it cut down your water bill, but also it’ll reduce your caravan’s energy consumption.

In fact, this showerhead is capable of saving the user approximately two hundred pounds per year! 

Despite reducing your water consumption, the showerhead will still deliver a nice water pressure.

The showerhead’s Scandinavian design is incredibly attractive and will definitely complement your bathroom’s style to no end.


  • Very affordably priced and realistic for everyone
  • Scandinavian design is beautiful and will look great in any bathroom
  • Capable of reducing your water and energy usage
  • Can save the user approximately two hundred pound a year
  • Cleaning and maintaining the showerhead is effortless
  • Works great for electric showers
  • Also includes a free shower timer


  • Spray options are somewhat limited

At the end of the day, the Gabi H2O Showerhead is a great option for the mass majority of consumers.

It is affordable, stylish and capable of dramatically reducing water and energy usage. Therefore, the showerhead is cost effective and well worth your money.




Mira Eco Three Spray Water Saving Showerhead

The Mira Eco showerhead is a high-quality product that will not only reduce water waste, but will provide you with a bubbly shower every single time.

This is an eco-friendly model that will cut your water usage up to 75% or more. The ergonomically designed handle will fit your hand like a glove, plus it has a lightweight design.

The installation process is so easy that it does not require any tools. In fact, you can have the

Mira showerhead installed within a matter of minutes, so you and your family can begin enjoying the better things in life.

This is virtually a maintenance free showerhead that is embedded with a Rub-Clean nozzle that will not corrode or allow harsh water buildup.


  • Very stylish showerhead, which is moderately affordable
  • Spray delivers full coverage and an excellent performance
  • Capable of saving approximately 75% water
  • Aerating water delivers bigger droplets, which are infused with air
  • Saves money in water and energy
  • 3 spray modes
  • Easy to clean nozzles and lime scale can be easily wiped away


  • A little more costly

Those that are looking for an excellent water-saving aerating showerhead should definitely check out the Mira Eco.

This unit will save you a great deal of money, without hindering your showering experience. Be sure to check this one out right now!





Q: How many litres per minute does this shower head use?


A: The shower head uses 7.5l/min with the optional flow limiter.

Pulse Eco Showerhead

Are you looking for an excellent showerhead, which is capable of saving you money in more than one-way? If so, you will definitely want to check out the Pulse Eco Showerhead.

The unit can save you money upfront, because it is incredibly affordable.

At the same time, the unit utilizes 40 to 60% less water than traditional showerheads, so it’ll cut your utility bill down dramatically.

The water saving feature also helps you save hot water! This is ideal for those that share a caravan shower with several individuals. 

Despite the affordability of the Pulse, it is surprisingly stylish.

The white style will definitely fit well in your motorhome or caravan. The unit comes with a lifetime guarantee that it will never be impacted by limescale. 

It is also protected by a manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years. Since it fits all standard shower hoses, the installation process is effortless and can be completed within a matter of minutes.

There is no doubt that using this showerhead is a different experience but not so much that it should put anyone off. It makes a little more noise and you do get a slight effect of pulsing in the water but neither are at all bothersome.

And you will save water and without any lessening of the showering enjoyment. As the water is pulsed, the sensation of pressure is higher so you can turn the taps down for a further saving.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Uses 40 to 60% less water than traditional showerheads
  • Protected by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Saves hot water and ensures everyone receives their fair share
  • Resists lime scale buildup
  • Stylish and will look great in any caravan
  • Installation is effortless, since it fits all standard shower hoses


  • Somewhat unreliable with electric showers

All in all, the Pulse Eco Showerhead is a great investment. It is affordable, stylish and will dramatically reduce your utility bill.

If you like these characteristics, you would be wise to check out this showerhead immediately!





Q: Do you need to hold the switch down to use this hoover or can you just switch it on/off? 

A: No you can just simply switch it on and off

Ecocamel Jetstorm E Water And Energy Saving Showerhead

If you’re looking for an absolutely brilliant showerhead, which works for all situations, you’ll definitely want to check out the Jetsorm.

The showerhead is specifically designed for caravans, boats and motorhomes. It utilizes Aircore technology and also helps the user save an immensely amount of water.

If you’re worried about maintaining this showerhead, you shouldn’t be. It is designed in a manner, which allows the user to wipe it clean within a matter of seconds. 

The rubber nodules on the unit are put in place to help prevent limescale. Although the showerhead is designed to utilize less water, it’ll still deliver a sufficient amount of pressure, thanks to the Aircore Technology.

During operation, you will be able to hear the unit sucking in air.

This gives it the ability to expel the water with supreme velocity. To make matters even more appealing, this showerhead isn’t overly expensive and the installation process couldn’t get much easier. For your consideration, the unit’s pros and cons will be provided below.


  • Very stylish showerhead, which will not break the bank
  • Wipes clean and designed to resist limescale
  • Capable of reducing water usage, without dramatically reducing pressure
  • Installation process couldn’t be easier
  • Big showerhead, which gets the job done quicker
  • Designed for boats, motorhomes and caravans


  • Some have complained about leaks

All in all, there is truly a lot to like about the Ecocamel Jetstorm Shower Head. The product is effortless to install, delivers a sufficient amount of pressure and will cut your bill down to the minimum.

For some consumers, the Jetstorm will be the best showerhead and a better alternative will be nonexistent.





Are you a caravan owner, who has experimented with one or more of the showerheads above? Or, maybe you’ve found another gem, which hasn’t been mentioned above?

If so, you’ll want to check out our best handheld shower head guide right now. Also, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.