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Top 10 Best Electric Showers Revealed: Ultimate UK Review Guide 2019

Best Electric Shower

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Best Electric Shower

Electric showers are so convenient. They usually heat up faster than a standard one, and because they have their own heating system, and they are less likely to run from hot to cold (although it can still happen for a few electric shower owners).

In many ways, they are the way forward. Of course, they can cost a little more to run, and they need to be installed properly to ensure that they are completely safe, but there are far more positives to having an electric shower than negatives.

You might just find that an electric shower changes your showering experience in all the ways you never thought it could. We’ve got you interested now, but how are you supposed to pick the perfect electric shower?

That’s where we come in and lend a hand, not only taking you through all of the key information, but also providing you with an excellent selection of the best electric showers as well as the accompanying electric shower reviews, so you can find your dream model. 

How to Fit an Electric Shower

We actually have a more detailed guide on how to install an electric shower that you can read through, but this section will give you some insight into what the process entails.

Before we get into it, however, it is important to note that if you are not confident in the area, or it is the first electric shower being installed in the bathroom, you should hire an electrician to do the job. Remember that the steps below are very basic outlines, and not as detailed as our actual installation guide. 

Step 1: Preparing the Area 

In this step, you need to prepare the pipework. This means ensuring there is a cold pipe running to the desired location, as well as checking to make sure that there aren’t any existing fixtures in the way. You should also do all the drilling work so that the whole wall area is ready for the unit to be installed. 

Step 2: Installing the Power Supply 

Now, you can get the cable ready and ensure it is connected to either the pull-switch in your bathroom, or another line that runs back to the fuse box (we recommend the switch though). It needs its own dedicated circuit, and an electrician is usually recommended here. 

Step 3: Installing the Shower and Rail

Now that everything is hooked up, you can connect it to the shower unit and fully install it. After making sure everything is in place, fit the cover according to the instructions given by the manufacturer, and get the rubber seal in place. Afterwards, you can mount the rail to the wall, and you are ready to go. 

How to Make an Electric Shower More Powerful 

If you don’t fancy picking up a new 8kw shower or 9kw shower, there are a couple of things you can do to make your electric shower more powerful – or at least feel that way.

You can buy a new pump for your shower, although this can be a little costly and a hassle to install it does increase your water pressure once functioning. A lot of your lack of power will be down to the pressure, and this is something that is spread throughout your home and so cannot really be altered without a pump.

As a result, purchasing a showerhead that disperses the water in a wider fashion (like a rainfall showerhead) will help the water to feel more powerful and as though you are getting a good shower.

Sometimes, a lack of pressure or power will come from the amount of power that your shower is able to provide as well - something we mentioned at the top of this section.

Something like an electric power shower with pump can really boost the water pressure, or even buying a new electric shower with integral pump.

How Does an Electric Shower Work?

The way in which an electric shower works can depend on the type you have, an example being that a gravity fed electric shower uses a cold tank as well as a hot water cylinder to get the best performance out of it – also known as a hot and cold feed electric shower.

However, the standard electric shower is the most common, and so we are going to take you through how it works. An electric shower typically only needs access to cold water through a single pipe, and this is because it uses electricity to heat the water up as opposed from a boiler or tank supply found in traditional showers.

As a result, they never run out of hot water either – which is perfect for those who have very long showers, or large households.

Electric showers can be more expensive to run than standard ones, but there are plenty of eco-friendly models out there, and a large number of showers come with the option to choose a lower pressure setting to save money and water.

The way they work is really simple, and this is what makes it such a great choice. That, and if your boiler breaks down, you can still have a hot shower. 

How Much to Install an Electric Shower? 

We can’t really tell you how much the installation will cost when you use a professional because it will vary from tradesman to tradesman.

It will usually contribute to most of the expense of getting a new shower, so you should be prepared to have a few hundred pounds tucked away and ready so that you aren’t caught short.

What we suggest is calling up a few companies and getting some quotes to see which ones you like best, and which are in your budget. 

What Size Cable for an Electric Shower? 

The size of the cable for your electric shower really depends on the power rating. To help you out, we have listed each of the ratings below alongside the recommended cable size for them:

  • 6kw power: 6mm2 cable
  • 6.5kw power: 6mm2 cable 
  • 7kw power: 6mm2 cable 
  • 7.5kw power: 10mm2 cable 
  • 8kw power: 10mm2 cable 
  • 8.5kw power: 10mm2 cable
  • 9kw power: 10mm2 cable 
  • 9.5kw power: 10mm2 cable 
  • 10kw power: 10mm2 cable 
  • 10.5kw power: 16mm2 cable 

What to Look for in an Electric Shower

Before you do go and buy an electric shower, there are a few features that you should look for, each of which we have listed for you below:

Price: it is really important that you set your budget early in your search so that you know where the limit is, and also have a better idea of which showers you can afford.

Showerhead and Pressure: every showerhead is different, and many will have additional features you may not have thought of, like spray settings, swivel heads, and easy to clean nozzles.

You also need to think about the water pressure in your home and see if it is compatible with your new shower as this can affect how well the showerhead (and its spray settings) work.

Power Ratings: Each electric shower has its own power rating, and it could be any of the following: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5 KW. A higher rating will mean that the shower is capable of heating a larger amount of water, but it will also cost more money to run and purchase.

Riser Rail: this aspect of the shower remains attached to the wall, at all times. It can be adjusted up and down, in order to adjust the height of the showerhead. Choosing a shower with a longer rail is highly recommended, since this will give you more flexibility.

Easy Installation: if you are hiring a professional, then this isn’t a big thing to look for, but if you are installing it yourself you are going to want to find something that is easy and won’t be too much hassle.

LCD Screens: these will display information such as the current water temperature, and sometimes even the time. There are also models that have memory settings, allowing you to save your preferred flow and temperature for next time. 


Editors Note

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Top 10 Electric Showers - Comparison Table 


Price Range




Triton Sevillle

Under £70


Triton Showers Logo
10.5KW Electric Shower Creda

Under £150


Creda Logo
Triton Martinique 10.5kW

Under £140


Triton Showers Logo
Mira 10.5Kw Sport

Under £250


Mira Showers Logo
Triton T80si Pumped

Under £250


Triton Showers Logo
Mira Zest 8.5kW

Under £110


Mira Showers Logo
Mira Event XS

Under £380


Mira Showers Logo
GROHE 26221000 NTempesta

Under £350


Grohe Logo
Gainsborough 8.5

Under £70


Gainsborough Logo

What To Look For 

Before purchasing an electric shower, it is absolutely vital to consider all of your options. Once you’ve found a few that you like, you should inspect them further.

When doing this, you should take note of some of the most impactful factors. Below, you will be able to discover these factors. If you have both a hot and cold water feed, you can also look at electric power showers here.

  • Price – Price is always important, regardless of what you’re buying. Since these items can be very diverse, when it comes to price, you should set a budget and remain loyal to it.
  • The Showerhead – The showerhead is absolutely crucial. Each one is different and will be able to provide you with an assortment of different spray patterns. Having options is a good idea, so be sure to choose one that is adjustable. At the same time, you should choose one that is fairly easy to clean. Rubber nozzles are usually a good choice. Swiveling showerheads are also recommended.
  • Power Ratings – When browsing the various electric showers, you will find that each one is equipped with a power rating. They can be 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5 KW. A higher rating will mean that the shower is capable of heating a larger amount of water. Although a higher rating will increase the price significantly, most consumers will benefit from a shower, which is higher rated.
  • Riser Rail – This aspect of the shower remains attached to the wall, at all times. It can be adjusted up and down, in order to adjust the height of the showerhead. Choosing a shower with a longer rail is highly recommended, since this will give you more flexibility and options to play around with.
  • Pressure – When choosing one of these showers, you should make sure to consider your water supply’s pressure. If you have low pressure, you should choose a pumped electric shower, which will be able to increase the power. Otherwise, this factor won’t be a major deal.
  • Convenient Installation – Some of these showers are tremendously difficult to install. If you’re not skilled in this area, you will want to make sure to choose a shower, which is much more convenient to install. However, if you’re willing to hire a professional to get the job done, don’t worry so much about this factor.
  • LCD Screen – Over the years, more and more electric showers have been manufactured with their own LCD screens. This can be very cool, since it’ll show you the water temperature and other details. This can increase the overall cost, so be sure to choose wisely.
  • Other Settings and Features – When choosing one of these devices, you should also consider selecting one with variable power settings and memory functions. Some are also equipped with thermostat controls. These are all add-ons, but they should not be ignored, since they can enhance the device’s performance and your shower tremendously.

Overall, each and every one of the factors above is incredibly important! Below, you will be able to find some of the best electric showers currently available in the UK! 

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW

The Mira Sport Max is a heavy duty electric shower that will provide everyone in your family with an exceptional hot or cold shower.

This is a very user-friendly shower that offers convenience in every way possible. Below you will learn more about the Mira Sport. 

The large knob allows the user to personalize their water temperature very easily. The knob is situated at the base of the unit, so you will have easy access to it.

The showerhead is equipped with four sprays and nozzles that are constructed out of high-quality rubber. This material will prevent lime and rust build up from occurring. 

The Sensi-Flow feature will protect the electric shower from becoming damaged, if the water flow becomes obstructed.

This safety mechanism will protect the inner components from damage, while offering an extended service life.


  • Equipped with a stop/start push button for convenience
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy installation
  • Constructed out of rust-free chrome and heavy duty materials


  • Slightly expensive

The Mira Sport Max is a heavy duty electric shower that will withstand the test of time. It will provide you and your family with many hours of exceptional service and hot/cold showers.



Q: What is the lowest pressure this shower will run safely on. The water pressure in my house is low?

A: The pressure needs to be 70kPa or 0.7 bar. 

Q: Does this shower have air boost?

A: Yes the Mira Sport Max does include the airboost function. 

#1 Creda 53557581 
Best 10.5KW Electric Shower 

If you’re looking for the most efficient and power shower possible, you’ll definitely want to check out the Creda 53557581! This shower comes with a very impressive chrome finish, which is tremendously pleasing on the eyes.

This one is equipped with a very flexible riser rail, which will allow you to adjust the height of the showerhead greatly.

The featured push button on/off is very convenient and will allow you to jump right in and begin using the shower, with the push of a button!

The device is also equipped with a power selection option and temperature controls. This allows you to completely adjust and control all aspects of your shower!

One of the most impressive aspects of all is that this shower is manufactured in the United Kingdom! Also, it is covered by a very lengthy 3-year warranty!

This enhances the consumer’s peace of mind tremendously. The overall dimensions of the item are 290mm by 190mm by 80mm. This helps to ensure that it’ll look great in your bathroom and won’t take up too much space!


  • Very affordable for the quality
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Push button operation, temperature and power controls
  • Very stylish chrome finish
  • Equipped with a lengthy riser rail and multi-mode shower head
  • 10k kW is great
  • Much easier to install than others


  • Pressure settings are somewhat pointless

When it comes down to it, the Creda 53557581 is an excellent electric shower, which is great for most consumers.

It is affordable, durable and covered by a 3-year warranty! It serves its purpose tremendously well and will last you for an extensive period of time. For this reason, this electric shower is well worth exploring further!

#2 Triton Seville 

Electric showers continue to grow in popularity, because they provide everyone with the benefits of a wonderful shower.

You will be able to personalize your water temperature and power, which is not offered with the traditional mixer shower.

The Triton is equipped with adjustable knobs that are very conveniently located on the device.

You can easily adjust the knob to find the perfect water temperature that you desire, by selecting from the options of 1 through 10, with 10 being the hottest.

You also have three different water power options to select from including cold, eco, and high. The high-quality Seville will offer you the best shower possible from a cold water feed.

This is a great option for someone looking for a hot shower in a holiday cabin or static, which does not have a hot water heater.

​The Triton Seville is equipped with an outlet sensor that will protect the system from overheating.

When the temperature reaches a specific temperature, the shower will automatically switch off.

This is definitely a great safety mechanism that will protect the device from overheating damage.

​The heavy duty riser rail is equipped with a soap dish, so you will always have easy access to your bar of soap.

The riser rail also has brackets that will hold the shower head in place. If the cables or water entry points become damaged or worn at any time, you can simply replace them, without having to replace the entire electric shower.


  • Extremely affordable
  • 2-Year guarantee included in purchase price
  • Very user-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Constructed with rust-proof hoses


  • Replacement of inner components requires extensive re-plumbing and rewiring

If you are looking for an electric shower, you should look no further than the Triton Seville. It is constructed with heavy duty materials, which will offer you a long service life.



Q: Is the Triton Seville compatible with a combi boiler at home?

A: Yes. We have had it installed with conventional and combi and it works the same with both.

#3 Triton T80si
Best Pumped Electric Shower 

Some individuals are plagued with terrible water pressure in their homes. This can be a tremendous problem, but it is one that can be remedied fairly easily.

By utilizing a pumped electric shower, it is possible to improve the pressure significantly. If you fall within this category, you will want to check out the Triton T80si.

This specific shower is equipped with a convenient start and stop button. This gives you the ability to jump in, hit a button and begin enjoying your water! 

The showerhead is very versatile and offers 5 individual spray patterns.

This guarantees that you’ll be able to find a pattern that perfectly suits you! You can easily adjust the power, by utilizing the rotary power control. 

This electric shower is also equipped with a rotary temperature control.

This guarantees that you’ll be able to adjust the water to your desired specifications. The white finish is very impressive and pleasing on the eyes. 

​A convenient soap dish is included. For more peace of mind, this device is covered by a 1-year guarantee! More pros can be explored below.


  • Very affordable and the white finish is very stylish
  • Convenient one button start and stop
  • Rotary controls for power and temperature
  • Can deliver 8.5kW or 9.5kW
  • Riser rail is very convenient and provides you with plenty of options
  • 5 Spray patterns to choose from
  • Covered by a 1-year guarantee


  • No low-pressure indicator
  • No phased shutdown

Although this shower might be lacking in some areas, it is great in others! If you have low water pressure in your home, this pumped electric shower is undoubtedly one of the best options for you!



Q: What's the size of the shower?

A: It is 36cm high, 23cm wide and 9 cm deep 

#4 Triton Martinique
Limescale Resistant

If you’re looking for a great electric shower, which is capable of fighting off limescale, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower!

The device is equipped with a phased shutdown and utilizes slimline technology, which helps to resist limescale.

The showerhead is capable of providing you with 5 spray patterns. This should ensure that everyone finds a pattern that they enjoy. 

For more added peace of mind, this electric shower is covered by a 2-year full parts and labour guarantee! The installation process isn’t overly difficult and using the shower is even easier! 

It features three power control buttons, including Cold, Eco and High. With the press of a button, you’ll be able to enjoy your shower, without a long wait.

The riser rail is very long and will give you plenty of room to make adjustments. A soap dish is also included.

​This electronic shower is equipped with a rotary temperature control and also has a low-pressure indicator. More pros and cons can be found below.


  • Includes a showerhead with 5 spray patterns
  • Has a low-pressure indicator
  • SlimeLine technology helps to fight off limescale
  • Convenient push button start and stop
  • Offers a button for Cold, Eco, or High operation
  • Phased Shutdown functionality
  • Comes with a convenient soap dish
  • Very affordable


  • Chrome panel isn’t great
  • Not as powerful as some other 10.5kW models

If you’re worried about limescale, you should definitely check out the Triton Martinique Electric Shower. This one is equipped with many excellent features and is incredibly affordable! It is one of the best and should not be ignored!



Q: Can you use a water booster with shower?

A:  A single Impeller pump fed from a cold water header tank may be used with this product if the standard installation does not provide the minimum operating flow and pressure. The 10.5kw rated shower will require a minimum running pressure of 1.5 bar at a min flow rate of 11 ltres per min - so any pump would need to be capable of delivering these minimum requirements. 

#5 Mira Zest 
Best 8.5KW Shower

If you’re looking for a moderate, compact shower, you’ll want to check out the Mira Zest.

With a quick glance, you will be able to see that this one is well made and delivers a very pleasant appearance.

Despite all of this device’s excellent features, it is incredibly affordable. It is equipped with rotary controls for power and temperature settings.

This makes it very convenient for the user to start the shower and quickly adjust the temperature to satisfy their desires. 

The showerhead, which is equipped with an eco-friendly setting, also offers 4 spray patterns. The shower includes a soap dish, as well as a convenient slide bar. 

In order to use this electric shower, you will need a 40-amp supply fuse. When compared to the 7.5kw model, the Mira Zest 8.5kw offers 13% more power! 

The shower is very convenient to install and much easier than many of the alternatives on the market. The Mira Zest is built for longevity and will serve you excellent for many years!


  • Very affordable and a nice white finish
  • Showerhead offers an eco setting, as well as 4 spray settings
  • Nozzle can be rubbed clean to remove limescale easily
  • Easy to adjust rotary knobs can be adjusted with a single hand
  • Effortless installation


  • Water flow could be better
  • Customer service needs improvements

At the end of the day, the Mira Zest is an excellent electric shower! If you’re fine with an 8.5kw shower, this one should be able to satisfy all of your needs!

 #6 Mira Event XS
Best Electric Thermostatic Power Shower

Some consumers are searching for an affordable electric shower, while others are not!

If you fall in the latter category, you will definitely want to consider checking out the Mira Event XS! This specific electric power shower is equipped with thermostatic technology. 

It is capable of delivering high performance, without a whole lot of noise.

The show is equipped with two rotary knobs, which control the temperature and water flow. It also has a push button start and stop button, which makes use even more convenient. 

In order to provide you with more reassurance, this shower is covered by a 1-year guarantee. Also, the shower’s riser rail is very lengthy and gives you plenty of room to move the showerhead.

The showerhead offers a variety of different spray patterns. Although the product isn’t cheap, it is incredibly well built, which will be noticeable, as soon as it arrives.

This shower will never fail and will always serve its purpose without malfunction. More pros and cons can be found below.


  • Incredibly well built and delivers excellent performance
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee for added reassurance
  • Effortless installation
  • Easy to control and plenty of options
  • Riser rail offers plenty of maneuverability
  • Stylish design


  • Very expensive

When it comes down to it, many consumers will not be interested in paying so lavishly for an electric shower.

However, if you are, you should definitely check out the Mira Event XS! It is tremendously effective and well worth its expensive price tag!

#7 GROHE 26221000 NTempesta 100, 9.5 KW

If you’re looking for a device, which offers plenty of customization, you’ll want to check out the GROHE 26221000 NTempesta.

This device is available is an assortment of different colors, including white/frosted granite, white/night-time gray, and white/sandstone. 

Each of these color schemes is very impressive and will look great in almost any shower!

The price of the item is incredibly affordable and within reach of most consumers. For even more options, the showerhead offers three spray settings, rain, smart rain and jet. 

One of the best aspects of all is the 2-year warranty, which protects your investment. The hose is twist free and the exterior of the casing can be wiped clean very easily!

This helps to prevent limescale buildup. The GROHE EcoJoy technology helps to ensure that you receive excellent water flow, while saving water and energy!

The shower is equipped with an on/off button, as well as two rotary knobs for more controls. Check below for more pros and cons.


  • Very affordable for a 9.5kw shower
  • Available in 3 stylish designs
  • Effortless to keep clean
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty
  • Eco-friendly and capable of saving water and energy
  • Easy to start and effortless to control temperature and power settings


  • Few showerhead spray options
  • Installation is a little more difficult

At the end of the day, the GROHE 26221000 NTempesta is a great showerhead. It offers plenty of excellent features and is fairly affordable.

Although it has a few flaws, they are definitely not deal breakers. Be sure to check out the GROHE today!

#8 Gainsborough 8.5KW

Are you looking for an extremely affordable 8.5 electric shower? If so, you should look no further than the Gainsborough!

This one is equipped with many excellent features, including a tremendously lengthy riser bar. 

This will guarantee that the showerhead can be adjusted to perfectly match your height.

The shower is equipped with a convenient one-button on/off. It offers a single rotary knob, which is used to control the temperature of the water. 

The white color scheme is very impressive and will look great inside of your bathroom! The shower is equipped with Spray Control technology, which is capable of automatically adjusting the incoming water’s temperature.

It also helps to maintain a consistent spray pattern. The shower is covered by a 1-year guarantee, which adds more value to the overall package.


  • Easy installation
  • Equipped with a stop/start push button
  • Constructed out of rust-proof materials
  • Provides powerful flow of water
  • 1-Year warranty included in purchase price


  • No built-in soap dish
  • Slightly more expensive than other brands

At the end of the day, there are many excellent showerheads on the market and the Gainsborough 8.5 is definitely near the top of the list!

It is affordable, efficient and will provide you with a great shower experience! Be sure to check it out today!

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best electric shower, and the electric shower reviews that have come with it have let you locate the shower of your dreams. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy their time in the shower, and you are no exception.

We have collected a wonderful selection of showers for you, each of which comes from brands we trust and have excellent reviews. Of course, we have also made sure to include a range of prices that will suit every budget, and there are loads of different types of electric shower so that you can find the one that works for you.

We hope that this article has answered some of your biggest questions, and also helped you decide if an electric shower is what you are looking for. What did you think of our electric shower guide?

Did you fall in love with one of the models here, or are there things you would have liked to see included? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave us a message in the comments below. 

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