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1. How To Remove A Thermostatic Cartridge…

How To Change a Thermostatic Cartridge

In general terms, with these types of steam showers and shower cabins, the thermostatic cartridges were rarely model specific. This means the only real way of making sure you buy the correct replacement, is to remove the existing thermostatic cartridge from your shower valve and compare this to the images shown for these, on the product page. We have written a detailed guide here and also step by step instructions here  on how to remove and replace a thermostatic cartridge.



2. How To Replace An On/Off Valve…

On-Off Valve Replacement


If you have dripping or water trickling out of whichever feature, (such as hand shower, hydro    jets, overhead monsoon) is currently selected then your steam or shower cabin may need to  have the on/off valve replaced. This is  generally housed in the middle dial  of the 3 dial shower  valve, this guide will show you  how to remove and replace it. Click here to view If you then  want to purchase the on / off  valve, click  here .






















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