10 Expert Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Warm

10 Expert Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Warm

Nobody likes the feel of a cold and chilly bathroom during the winter season. We all crave a warm and toasty bathroom when we want to shower in the cold weather. If you are looking for a way to warm up your bathroom then we've got you covered. 

Here are 10 expert tips for keeping your bathroom warm during the colder seasons. 

1. Keep the cold air out 

Now, what good are electric heaters and towel warmers if there are numerous gaps and leaks in your bathroom windows and walls then cold air will definitely make its way in and chill the entire area. 

The weakest areas are your window frames. If these frames are old and cracking then there will be gaps from which cold air will make its way in.

You need to fill these leaks and gaps with caulk. You can get caulk in multiple colors nowadays, so pick one that matches your bathroom colors. 

Also, another area of concern is your piping system. If the plumbing pipes have holes that aren’t properly filled then those can let the air in as well. So, make sure that you also caulk those gaps as well.  

2. Exhaust fan can be the enemy

When you are taking a shower, you need to make sure that your exhaust fan is completely turned off. If it’s on, it will pull all the warm air and steam from your bathroom and kick it out.

You need to keep the windows and doors locked as well, so the warm air doesn’t just leak out. 

However, you can turn the exhaust fan on when leaving the bathroom so it can remove the moisture which could cause mildew and mold.

Although, during the winter season, moisture won’t be a big problem as it will be quickly absorbed by the season’s dry air, so you can pretty much leave the exhaust off for the entire winter. 

3. Get a portable electric heater

This is a simple and straightforward tip. Just get a portable heater that can pre-heat your bathroom for you. I will suggest you to read this bathroom heater guide before buying.

Portable Electric Heater

If you don’t like a chilly bathroom then just turn on the heater for a while before you enter. This will heat-up your entire bathroom in a short time so you can experience the toasty temperature before and after the shower.  

4. Towel Warmers are all the rage

There are numerous methods to warm your towels. You could just put them in front of the electric heater for a while to warm them, but that won’t do much for the bathroom. 

However, if you invest in a towel warmer then you are set for life as it will also keep your bathroom heated as well. 

There are two types of towel warmers, wall-mounted variants (Radiators) and freestanding models. You can get either one of these to warm your towels while at the same time warm your bathroom as well. 

5. Add a heated bathroom floor

If you are up for giving your bathroom a makeover then adding a radiant floor heating is definitely going to make things toasty for you. There are different styles of floor heating, but the easiest to install is a simple electric mat.  

These electric mats are embedded in a layer of thin-set mortar and the floor tiling is laid on top of that. These mats are linked to your wall thermostat through which you can easily control the heating.  

6. Install heat bulbs

Yeah, you can get bulbs that are developed to warm up smaller areas. Now, these bulbs are not going to you with the sunny day experience, but you can still warm-up a small area with the help of these nifty little lights.  

Heat Lamps

So, these are perfect for a bathroom as it’s going to be a lot smaller than the bedroom. Install a couple of these bulbs to enhance the overall lighting and the heating at the same time. 

7. Change your color scheme

Now, this isn’t going to turn your bathroom into a brick oven, but changing the colors can warm it up a little. Most people often choose white or blue for their bathrooms which are considered cool colors.

You could change the colors to some yellows or reds can definitely add a warm touch to the bathroom.  

8. Get a bunch of rugs 

Now, if you are not able to afford the electric heating floor, or just don’t want to renovate your bathroom then you need to get yourself a couple of rugs to keep things warm.  

No one likes to walk on icy cold bathroom tiles, especially not after showering with warm water.  

So, having a few rugs can definitely help alleviate that problem. These rugs are soft, warm, and can also absorb the water from your feet. Make sure you pile up on a bunch of plush rugs and mats.  

9. Get a large showerhead

Now showerheads are not going to warm up your bathroom, but it will ensure that your entire body stays toasty when you are showering. A smaller showerhead will only cover your head while your front or back of the body stays cold.

Large Shower Head

So, investing in a bigger rainfall showerhead and installing it directly overhead will make sure that your whole body is covered in the hot water. 

10. Humidity is your best friend 

Humidity means there’s moisture in the air. Having moisture in the air causes it to be warm while dry air can be extremely cold and chilly. So, make sure that the steam from your shower doesn’t escape out any fans or leaks. Keep it in the bathroom to make it warmer. 

You can also place a few plants in the bathroom to increase humidity. Plants release moisture into the air which makes the room feel warm and cozy. These plants can also double up as awesome natural decor for the bathroom as well. 

#Last tip - Invest in a bathtub that helps retain heat, to make sure you can have a warm bath at all times.


Armed with the tips mentioned above, you are now ready for the winter seasons. No matter how chilly the weather gets, your bathroom will stay warm and cozy for the entirety of the seasons as long as you follow these simple tips.  

Feel free to tell us how you keep your bathroom warm and toasty during the winter season?   

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