Will A Bathroom Fan Help Prevent Mould? (Which Fan Should You Choose)

Mould is one of the worst things to discover in your home, and it loves the bathroom. Thriving in a damp environment, every shower you have without proper ventilation is giving mould and mildew an opportunity to make itself at home. But how can you prevent it? 

A bathroom fan will help to prevent mould and mildew, and they are one of the best investments you will make. Easy to use and install, they keep the room free from stale air and remove condensation so that you have a dry and comfortable space. 

Want to learn more about the signs of mould in your bathroom and check out our favourite extractor fan on the market? Better scroll down and find out more! 

Signs of Mould in Your Bathroom 

If you’re worried that there might be mould in your bathroom, there are a few signs that you can look out for. 

First, is a musty smell. If that nasty damp smell persists even after you have thoroughly cleaned the bathroom and it seems to be completely dry, it is likely you have mould or are in the very beginnings of it forming. An earthy smell is also an indicator of rotting wood that’s mouldy. 

If your tiles seem to have a muddy appearance or feel slimy when you touch them, this tends to be a sign that black mould is forming on them and needs to be removed. Black mould is the most dangerous and can cause the most damage to the respiratory system. 

Damaged walls and floors are also a telltale sign. Gaps in grout and caulk are huge signs that mould might be present as water can seep through, same with crumbling plaster and blistering paint. Soft and unstable floors can also be a sign that the wood or tiles are compromised. 

If there is visible mould, you already have a problem. This is because mould works from the inside out. Therefore, the roots have already made their home and spread through the walls. In cases like this, you need to deal with the problem immediately. 

A lesser-known fact is that ants are actually a common sign of mould as well. They like to make their home in rotting wood, and so if you see them frequently in your bathroom this could be a sign that some major mould is happening under your floors or behind your tiles. 

Mould can also impact your health. You might find yourself with more frequent headaches, dizziness, and feeling breathless. You might wheeze or cough a lot more and feel fatigued as well as depressed – these can all be signs of mould in your home. 

If you are allergic to mould or have an existing respiratory condition such as asthma, you need to ensure the mould is dealt with and removed right away as it can become dangerous and even lead to hospitalisation in severe cases. 

Will an Extractor Fan Help?

Yes, an extractor fan will definitely help to get rid of mould and prevent it from happening in the first place. It removes stale air and moisture from the room to ensure that space is left dry and free from condensation

If you want to learn more about how extractor fans can help, we actually have a detailed guide on the topic that takes you through everything from the benefits to the regulations needed before installation. You can also check out our top pick below if you’re looking to get one. 

Xpelair C4TS Extractor Fan

  • Sleek and modern design that’s simple to clean 
  • Quiet running to keep the volume in the home low 
  • Has two speeds for better versatility 
  • Comes with a timer so you never have to worry about switching off 
  • Optional humidistat if you buy the model up from this one 
  • Can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or panels 

Size: 18.01 x 13.67 x 18.01cm

Weight: 0.82kg

Timer: Yes

Humidistat: No (is an option)

Type: Axial 

This axial extractor fan is perfect for any home, slipping in with your bathroom aesthetics effortlessly no matter what style you’ve chosen. Easy to clean, it keeps the maintenance low so you have one less thing to worry about during your weekly cleaning sessions. 

It offers you two speeds for better versatility while running, one at 15L per second and the other at 21L per second. This ensures extraction is working at the right rate for your home, and you can manually adjust it easily when you need to turn things up (or down). 

Honestly, it is one of the quietest fans I have seen and that’s part of what I love about it. When it’s on, you can barely hear it so you won’t feel irritated once you step out of the shower. It doesn’t have a humidistat (which is a shame) but the model up does for an extra £30 or so. 

What this extractor fan does have is an excellent timer. This can be set for 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on what you need, and the factory standard is 15 minutes. No more panicking about turning it off before you head out to work, and the room will remain clear. 

Worried about difficult installation? No need to here. This model is really simple to install, you won’t even need a professional to come and do it for you. All you need are the instructions and a little time to get it right. That’s something I think is great about this extractor fan – simplicity. 

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Final Thoughts 

A new bathroom fan is a way to go if you are looking for something that will remove all the stale air and keep mould and mildew away. You deserve to be comfortable, and our top pick here might be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Have you been thinking about some DIY home renovation projects or want to know all the details before the professionals come in? Make sure you check out our series of guides to give you the answers to all of your toughest renovation and installation questions. 

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