3 Dial 6 Output Thermostatic Shower Valve


  • Three dial shower valve designed for steam and shower cabins with six outputs/features (ie Hand shower, Monsoon and Body Jets).
  • Inputs for hot and cold water.
  • Input for steam generator connection
  • 6 threaded outputs
  • All fittings included and ready to install
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3 Dial 6 Output Thermostatic Shower Valve

Three Dial Shower valve designed for showers with six outputs (ie hand shower, monsoon, bath filler, foot massager and Body Jets). Inputs for Hot and cold water.

These are designed for threaded type outputs(shown below), if your existing shower valve has a push-fit type (shown below), we offer an add-on conversion set of brass fittings, including jubilee clips. When ordering, simply select your option from the drop-down menu below.

*Note that all stock now has a threaded main body, if push-fit is required simply select the addons from the dropdown

100mm Centres





This model is suitable for steam showers, should this be used on a non-steam model you will need to blank off the steam outlet with a 15mm blanking nut available here


100mm Centres

Fixing Hole Diameters:
Top: 30mm
Middle: 30mm
Bottom: 45mm

Steam Shower and Shower Cabin/Pods valve housing commonly fitted to brands such as Aqualusso, Insignia, Aquaplus, Divapor, Lisna Waters & Vidalux Cascada, Aqualux and sold by stores such as Browne’s Health, Smart Price Warehouse, Bathtek, JT Spas, Steam Shower Store, Miami Spa, Victorian Plumbing, Rubber Duck Bathroom and many more….

If you are looking for shower mixers for regular shower enclosures, then read our ultimate guide to the best mixer valves here.

Replacing your shower Mixer instructions.

We have put together this detailed step-by-step guide with a video to help you remove and replace a shower mixer valve.



Additional information

Weight 1.95 kg
Output Connection Type

Threaded, Add Push-Fit Adaptors


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