5 Way Diverter Core for Steam & Shower Cabins


5-way diverter core for steam and shower cabins.

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5 Way Diverter Core

This is a 5-way diverter core suitable for thermostatic and mixer shower valves. An internal part for the diverter knob, that allows the water to be diverted to the various features you shower cabin, steam shower or whirlpool bath such as monsoon shower, hand shower, massage jets, foot spa & bath filler tap.

Common Diverter type features in brands such as Aqulusso, Insignia, Lisna Waters, Miami Spas, Aquaplus, Bathtek, Brownes and many more. Colours can vary

Barrel diameter: 38mm

Barrel height: 45 mm (overall)

Length: 85mm

spindle length: 40mm

Spindle diameter: 10mm


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