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GS117B Steam Generator & Control Panel – DIY Steam Room Kit


GS117B Steam Generator & Electronics kit with Bluetooth- This can be fitted to a steam shower or can be used to build your own Diy Steam Room or shower

Steam Generator 3KW

Bluetooth connectivity, Lights, Speaker, Fan, Ozone, telephone (not supported) connections available ( We can supply all the accessories if required. See our other listings or give us a call

Steam Generator Dimensions: 13cm x 30cm x 26cm (WxHxD)

Control Panel Dimensions: 18cm x 10cm (H x W)

Power: AC220-240v (50-60Hz)
Max power: 3Kw
Operating Current: 12.5 -13.6A
Rating: IPX4

Note that this model does not come with a pre-fitted plug, this model is designed to be professionally connected by a qualified electrician who can connect to the mains by way of a fused spur. Water in and Water out/drain brass connections are now plastic fittings

See Images for more Information. If you are looking to build your own steam room or steam shower then this is a fantastic choice. Latest technology. If you do not want Bluetooth, the check our GS117 model here

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