Led Colour Changing Hand Shower Head


Led hand shower

7 Colours

No Electric required.

Chrome electroplated finish

Standard connections for use with any steam or shower cabin


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The 7-colour shower head gives you a unique atmosphere in your bathroom while you are taking a shower. No batteries and an external power supply are needed, it will light up automatically after water flows. ABS plastic and processed with multi-layer surface electroplating.

Standard G1/2 connector can be easily and quickly attached to any standard shower arm or hose in minutes without any tools, simply unscrew the existing showerhead and screw the new one on.

The high-speed strong magnetic motor is adopted to ensure the LED showerhead works even the water pressure is extremely low.



Material: ABS

Surface Finish: Electroplating

Color: 7 Color-changing

Voltage: 5V

Outer Thread Diameter: about 20mm/0.8in

Head Diameter: about 8cm/3.15in

Length: about 22cm/8.66in

Thickness: about 5cm/1.97in




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