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MK117 Slimline Steam Generator & Electronics


MK117 Steam Generator – This is a replacement for Steam Showers and Whirlpool Steam Showers fitted with an MK117 Control Pad. Note this is not compatible with Steam Generators with combined all-in-one electronics. If you require this style please see our other MK117 Steam generator/Electronics .

Fitted to, but not exclusive to all models of  Insignia, Alto, Opus, Aquaplus and Lisna Waters Steam Showers.

Function :

Light (AC12V/36W) , Steam time setting and Temperature setting, Remote control

Discharge Fan (AC12V),  Telephone answer (MOTOROLA chips),

Radio and MP3, Ozone, alarm, keypad locked and unlocked.

  1. Steamcore Boiler tanks use #304 stainless steel to avoid oxidization and corrosion.
  2. PCB board with overheat protection.
  3. Use three levels of water sensors (stainless steel probes).
  4. Insulation material for fireproofing safety

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