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MK117B Steam Generator & Electronics with Bluetooth- Steam Shower Spare Parts


MK117B Steam Generator & Electronics set with Bluetooth- This is a replacement for Steam Showers and Whirlpool Steam Showers fitted with an MK117B Control Pad. Note this is not compatible with the MK117B Slimline Steam Generator that comes with separate Electronics box. ( Note this can be used with MK117U models but does not support the USB feature)

Comes pre-fitted with a UK plug and RCD –

Steam Generator 3KW

Lights, Ozone, Radio, Fan, Speaker, Thermostatic sensor, Alarm, Bluetooth connectivity

Power: AC220-240v (50-60Hz)
Max power: 3Kw
Operating Current: 12.5 -13.6A
Rating: IPX4

The MK117 Range of steam generator products have been used by many steam shower and shower cabin brands such as Aqualusso, Bathtek, Brownes, Smart Price Warehouse, JT Spas, Steam Shower store, Lisna Waters, Insignia, Aquaplus, Clearwells, Sensual Spa’s and many more.

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