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Zinc Alloy Shower Door Runner Wheel – Model 070


Zinc Alloy Shower Door Runners Model 070

Top Quality zinc shower door runner with a single wheel – featured in  many different makes and models of steam showers, shower cabins, Whirlpool showers, shower enclosures, shower units and shower cubicles

Zinc Alloy, fitted with anti-rust 304 stainless steel bearings  – Swivel Action with quick release spring loaded mechanism.

Single Bottom Shower Door Roller Spring loaded – Chrome Finish Rollers


1) Distance from centre of the hole fixing and outside edge of the glass :  20 mm 

2) Diameter of hole fixing in glass :  8 mm

3) Distance between the face of glass and the wheel : 20mm

4) Diameter of wheel : 23 mm (thickness 6 mm)

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If you are looking for the Top roller to match this 070  bottom roller, please see model 020 here

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