Shower Door Rollers & Wheels

Shower door rollers and wheels for shower enclosures, shower cubicles, shower cabins and steam showers. These are affixed to the top and bottom of shower doors to provide smooth running to the opening and closing of your shower doors. Featured, are single wheel types, double wheels, quick /easy release types and in various wheel diameters including 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 25mm and 27mm. We also stock a small range of shower door hooks.

Shower door rollers are the most common part of a shower enclosure to fail, with replacements almost certainly needed during the life span of your shower irrespective of brand or quality of  the product. For some unknown reason many brands and store groups do not stock replacement door rollers for the showers that they sell both past and present, so getting hold of them is no mean feat.

We stock a good selection of the popular door rollers and wheels for shower doors featured in all shapes of enclosures and cubicles such as quadrant and corner models, and that are fitted in showers found in stores such as Homebase, B&Q, Wickes, Argos as well as by popular shower brands such as Aquadart, Aqualux, Cascade, Cooke & Lewis, Coram, Jacuzzi, Matki, Merlin, Mira, Novellini, Oceana, Phoenix, Roman, Selectra, Simpsons, Showerlux, Sinaux, Sovereign.

As well as the popular Shower store’s and brands above, we can shower door rollers and wheels for most steam Shower Brands such as Aqualux, Aqualusso, Aquaplus, Insignia, Lisna Waters, Trinity, TC as well as unbranded models often seen on auction sites such as eBay.

Brands found at online stores such as Bath Depot, Brownes Health, Bathtek, Smart Price Warehouse Steam Shower store, Steam and shower, JT Spas, Shower Cubicle, Burnley Plumbing, Divapor, Eden Spa and Superior Spas are also stocked. Door roller models 001, 002 and 060 being the most widely used rollers found in  Steam Showers and shower cabins.

Still cannot find what shower door roller you need?

Follow our useful visual guide below. You may find that although you cannot match one of our rollers exactly, if you measure the key dimensions as shown that they will indeed fit.

Twin shower door roller schematics

Shower Roller Measurement Guide for Single Roller design

Shower Door Roller Schematics







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