Discover The 20 Best Shower Curtains (Patterns & Design)

Swirls, grids, bright colours, are just some of the things that make shower curtains unique and allow us to express ourselves in new ways. After all, why shouldn’t we spice up our bathrooms with something nice? Something that brings more personality to the space? 

Our 20 best shower curtains have some of the best patterns and designs you’ll find, allowing you to make the most of your bathroom and really throw yourself into it. All the fun of patterns and great colours without compromising on the waterproofing and protection. 

The team have been hard at work examining each curtain to ensure that they meet our standards and stop water from splashing all over your bathroom. Every curtain here has passed our tests. We’re just glad we didn’t have to shower for this one… unlike the back scrubbers. 

Boho Beauty

This gorgeous shower curtain is like a tapestry in your bathroom, brightening the space and giving it a personal touch.

The mandala design is intricate yet understated, ensuring that it doesn’t take too much attention while also improving the aesthetics of your bathroom.

You even have the option to get a shower mat with it if you’re feeling wild. 

Weeping Willows

Offering you the opportunity to enjoy a forest shower from the comfort of your home, this curtain sports a beautiful hanging leaf design that’s reminiscent of the weeping willows found by the rivers.

A little botanical boho never hurt, and your bathroom is sure to benefit from its addition. A minimalist yet striking piece that really adds flavour to a room. 

Classic in Beige

A 200cm drop already helps this shower curtain stand out, offering excellent length for those with high ceilings that need the additional material.

The design itself is in a classic neutral tone that blends in nicely with any space, a subtle stripe breaking things up with a splash of colour for a more personal touch.

It’s also mould resistant, which makes for a handy extra. 

Morning Birdsong

There’s nothing like birdsong first thing in the morning, and now you can witness it with this stunning shower curtain.

Cherry blossoms and birds provide the most glorious backdrop for any shower, helping you to relax while also throwing a splash of your personality into the bathroom.

It is mould and mildew resistant as well as easy to wash for an added bonus.

Feeling Fruity

Who doesn’t love a good peach in the shower? The type of peach is down to you (hehe) but this shower curtain has the fruity kind plastered all over it so that you can wake up hungry and ready for a good breakfast after.

The artwork itself is gorgeous, and if peaches aren’t quite what you’re into then you can also select a beautiful papaya design that might be to your liking.

Abstract Mornings

A little sunshine can make a huge difference, and this shower curtain brings the sun to your bathroom. An abstract design that offers a huge impact, adds colour and life to a room that needs it.

Machine washable, maintenance is very easy and you’ll find that it is also resistant to mould and mildew so that you don’t have to worry about growths and odours too much.

Garden Paradise

A botanical paradise, it’s like showering in a meadow of various flowers and plants, adding a tough of finesse and tranquillity to your morning shower.

The 180cm drop is a little above average, which makes it good for standard and slightly above standard spaces alike. The bold and detailed waterproof design is certainly a good way to put yourself in the room. 

African Beauty

This bold and central design of this shower curtain really speaks volumes and elevates your bathroom.

A striking selection of colours means this will truly brighten up any room, bringing more than just a touch of personality to the space.

Who says showers need to be boring? This curtain will make it anything but, and we all deserve fun while we wash. 

French Rustic

Add a little chic to your bathroom with a shower curtain that simply screams French rustic in all the right ways.

The pleated base is more like a ballroom curtain than a shower curtain, and this is great if you want to jazz up your interior design and put a dash of yourself into the space.

Did we mention it’s made from linen and incredibly easy to wash and maintain

Woven Wonder

Made from cotton, give yourself a spa day at home with a shower curtain that truly feels as though you are bathing in the lap of luxury.

Woven beautifully, the slender black stripes add a touch of contemporary modernism that is sure to pique the interest of guests.

It brings something more to the space without overpowering it. Oh, it’s machine washable as well.

Quilted Dreams

A quilt? As a shower curtain? Why would you do that? We can see your faces, and we felt the same, but actually, this design is quite lovely and it fits in nicely with a traditional home that could use a little uniqueness in the bathroom.

Waterproof and resistant to mould, there’s nothing to worry about with this shower, and it offers excellent length and width.

Meadows and Vines

There’s something about meadows that’s so calming, and this shower curtain manages to take that feeling of tranquillity and translate it perfectly into a hanging that you’ll love.

Subtle colours and a minimalist design means that it makes an impact without overshadowing the rest of the bathroom.

Made from polyester, this striking design is also machine washable for ease. 

Shower Safari

A truly stunning design, the giraffes on this shower curtain have been beautifully designed and provide an artistic touch that brings the safari back home.

When you shower, feel yourself being taken away to the African plains as you venture forth to witness nature in all its beauty.

Made from cloth, it’s resistant to mould and mildew as well as completely machine washable.

Craning Around

crane shower curtain

Crisp and colourful, this shower curtain might come in pink but the tones are so subtle and understated that they will perfectly complement your bathroom design.

The cranes have been printed expertly, offering you a tranquil scene that will be sure to bring a little calm to your morning or evening shower. It’s also machine washable for minimal maintenance.

Italian Simplicity

Made from pure cotton, sometimes the key to success is simplicity – even with shower curtains.

Designed and handmade in Italy, it offers fairly thick material so that you have the privacy you need.

Furthermore, the neutral tones mean that it blends in nicely with most interiors, and the light from the sun will brighten it further when it slips in on those early mornings.

Palming for Paradise

Bringing paradise home, shower curtains can be an excellent way to escape the world and relax a little. Resistant to mould and mildew, this waterproof and washable curtain features a striking printed design that brings the beauty of palm leaves back home for you to enjoy. It offers excellent width as well, so you have all the privacy you need while you wash. 

Bold Bathrooms

Functional and beautiful, this shower curtain brings that je ne sais quois that you never knew you needed.

If you’ve been searching for something that is bold yet understated at the same time, this is exactly what you need.

The print is delightful, and the curtain itself is both waterproof and resistant to mould and mildew to make life easier for you. 

The World is Your Shower

Offering a good 180cm drop, this shower curtain depicts a map of the world so that you can plan your next adventure while you are scrubbing away.

The EVA material is perfect because it is quick to dry, waterproof, and resistant to mould and mildew. If you’re an intrepid traveller or just want to feel on top of the world while showering, this is for you.

Come Sail Away

Even if you hate seagulls like I do, this shower curtain has an appeal that you just can’t deny.

A calming scene of the sea with sailboats making their way towards the horizon makes you feel right at home when the water is running.

It comes with 14 hooks so that you have plenty of width, and the waterproofing and mould resistance certainly adds to the charm. 

Bold Beauty

Designed for a standard tub or shower, this strikingly bold shower curtain is one that will make you look twice.

The artwork is gorgeous, encompassing the entire thing so that you are left with a large and grandiose portrait.

Waterproof and resistant to mould and mildew, it offers you protection and privacy while also bringing all of your personality to the space.

Final Thoughts 

Who said shower time has to be boring? Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy fun patterns and colours on your shower curtain. We all deserve to have little things that help us express our personalities – shower curtains can be the perfect way to do that. 

Got a tall ceiling and need an extra long shower curtain? We have a listicle for that. Our series of listicles takes you through the essentials you need to make your home and bathroom more of, well, a home. Make sure you check out our home guides for seriously good tips and tricks.

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