Thermostatic Cartridges Type 6, 8 & 12

Thermostatic cartridges, also known as thermostatic cores, thermo cores or Thermostatic cassettes for steam showers, shower cabins and whirlpool steam showers.

If you find your shower is getting colder and you can't increase or regulate the temperature, it is likely this needs to be replaced. These will fit most steam showers and shower cabins made in China and sold in the UK over the past 10 years by various suppliers such as Insignia, Aqualusso and Aquaplus. However, these are not model specific….you will need to take the old one out and compare to the images on the website.

Commonly used thermostatic cartridges Type 6, Type 8, Type 12, Vernet and Colorspa are available.

To remove and replace the cartridge you can download our step by step guide here if you want to read a detailed guide including why the thermostat has failed and ways to ensure they last longer click here