3-Way Solenoid Valve for Steam and Shower Cabins


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These replacement 3-way solenoid valves are designed for steam and shower cabins with 3 outputs (also known as features), such as overhead monsoon, hand shower and hydro massage jets. This allows you to control the shower features electronically via the showers control panel, rather than the traditional method of manually turning the dial on the valve.

Found in many brands of steam and shower cabins from brands such as Aqualux and models such as florenta

The electrical supply to these is 12V by way of 2 standard spade end connections for each output.

Threaded water connection aprox 25mm (1 Inch) –

Outputs are push fit type and hoses to be secured by way of jubilee clips (not supplied)

working temperature: 0-100℃

Pressure : < 400mm water column , working pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa , > 2.0Mpa

This electric water valve can for AC or DC, Main part inside is stainless steel.

3-way solenoid valve operation lifetime: over 5 years (100times/day)