Insignia Glass Steam Outlet Guard


The new and revolutionary glass steam outlet guard from Insignia is an innovative design with safety in mind.

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As the steam billows out of the steam generator within your steam room, you no longer have the concern and worry of steam lapping around your ankles potentially being a hazard and may be causing a burn.

With the elegant and stylish Glass Steam, Outlet Guard fitted to your steam room, steam no longer fills the room directly from the steam generator and into the enclosed space. The steam is diffused safely around the glass guard stopping any direct exposure to the heat.

This additional safety feature is a must-have option for the safety of children, should they be using a steam room.

Adding to the safety feature, the aesthetics of the design are magnificent. You have beautifully finished chrome supporting plates and frame that attach to the generator finished with 8mm thick glass.

Not only will you steam room become a much safer environment, for everyone enjoying it, it will also look amazing.

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  • Compatible with Insignia’s 6kW, 9kW and 12kW Steam Generators (12kW Steam Generator will require 2 Glass Steam Outlet Guards)
  • Manufactured with safety in mind – dispersing the steam safely around the room or enclosure
  • 8mm Thick Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Self Assembly
  • Highly Durable

*Glass items such as this can only be shipped within the UK – (Sorry, no overseas orders)