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Shower Door Rollers / Wheels – featured in  many different makes and models of steam showers, shower cabins, Whirlpool showers, shower enclosures, shower units and shower cubicles

Fitted with anti rust 304 stainless steel bearings  – To ensure your shower door rollers lasts longer,  it is advised to lubricate regularly.

Single shower door wheels. Quality offset brass shaft.



1) Distance from centre of the hole fixing and outside edge of the glass : n/a

2) Diameter of hole fixing in glass : 12 mm

3) Distance between the face of glass and the wheel : 12 mm

4) Diameter of wheel : 25 mm (thickness 6 mm)

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**Model 001 here, although different in design, is a compatible replacement for this model, which then offers a quick release bottom roller making cleaning an issue task**

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