15 Best Back Scrubbers (Reach Those Hard To Get Places)

It’s shocking how often we forget about cleaning our backs. It’s just another part of the body that gets rinsed in the shower, right? Well, not scrubbing your back doesn’t just lead to annoying itches, it also causes things like the dreaded backne (back acne) to pop up (eugh). 

With our 15 best back scrubbers on the market, there is no space that cannot be reached. No itch that cannot be scratched. You will finally have the freedom to clean and scrub your back exactly the way it deserves. 

We’ve been testing tirelessly, scrubbing our backs until there is nothing left to scrub. We’ve tried them all and used every method known to man in order to bring you results and tips, unlike anything you’ve experienced. 

Time to Cotton On

Cotton back scrubber

With two soft handles that make life a lot easier for you while you’re scrubbing, this soft and exfoliating material will ensure your back is moisturised and cleansed in no time at all.

Made from 100% cotton, it is completely natural to avoid rashes and allergic reactions, but also to maintain that gentle touch on your skin.

It dries quickly after use, is easy to wash, and comes in a whole range of colours. 

Getting Down and Deep

Metene back scrubber for shower

Sometimes you just need right down and into the grime, and we’ve all had a back caked in gunk that just needs some extra love – especially after a heavy workout session.

With a soft side and a rough side, you can choose the level of exfoliation that your skin needs to clear out your pores and get your skin back to being nice and soft.

With a handy hook, you can hang it up in the shower after use ready for next time. 

Bubbles for Bubbles

Back scrubber for shower silicone

Covered in tiny silicone bubbles, this board has comfortable handles that will make scrubbing a lot easier and more enjoyable during your showers or bubble baths.

Each side has a different concentration of bubbles depending on how much exfoliation you want, providing a surprisingly soft touch that won’t irritate your skin but will prevent nasty cases of backne and blackheads from appearing.

Why not place it on the back of the bath and give yourself a massage?

Caught in the Net

bath sponge scrubber

Netting might sound like a rough and coarse material, but it actually feels pretty good and does a great job exfoliating your skin so that you end up with a back that is soft and free from grime (what we all want in life).

It gets rid of that rough skin, loose cells, and helps to create a fantastic lather when it is used with soap and water.

What’s more, it’s an eco-friendly option that comes in several colours to give you a personal touch. 


Ithyes silicone body brush

Cheap and cheerful, it’s a quick and easy way to get your back looking its best again and really working out that nasty grime and preventing the dreaded backne from making an appearance.

It comes with long cleansing spikes to really work those pores as well as a flatter scrubber so that you can exfoliate your skin and get it back to being nice and soft again.

ut it’s marketed as a washing-up brush? Yeah, we know, but trust us when we say it’s great for your back.

Happy Hemp Day

natural exfoliatin hemp back scrubber

The up and coming material, hemp is ideal for a whole range of applications in life.

Back scrubbers are one of them, and hemp is an exfoliating material that will get rid of all those nasties and the built-up gunk – leaving smooth and soft skin behind.

It is completely natural, which means there is less risk of reaction for your skin. Dry skin, rashes, acne, it can cover all of them and it comes with a handy mitt for more intimate scrubbing

Soft and Flexible

Ithyes silicone body brush

Made from silicone for affordability and flexibility, the bristles on this back scrubber will remove dead skin, gunk, and clear pores to ensure that your skin is smooth and exfoliated so that you no longer have to worry about itchy skins and nasty rashes.

Since it is double-sided, one side can be used for your daily scrub while the other reduces cellulite.

Give yourself a nice massage while you enjoy your daily scrub, you’ve earned it. 

Bundles of Fun

sisal brush back scrubber

What’s better than a single scrubber? A whole bundle. The daily back scrubber will help you get those hard to reach areas, exfoliating and cleansing while it goes.

Combined with the daily body brush, you end up with skin that is wonderfully smooth and silky to touch, bringing you back to the days before you had to worry about backne.

Offering full coverage for your entire back, there’s little more you could want in one neat and tidy package. 

Wash Away Your Skin Sin

exfoliating back scrubber

Getting rid of impurities is easy when you have this exfoliating scrubber to hand.

The comfortable handles have been designed to be easy to hold so that you can take advantage of the generous reach and really work every inch of your back.

The tightly woven material offers unparalleled scrubbing made with plant-based materials that might seem a little tough but actually work incredibly well with your skin to get those tough spots.

Long and Luxurious

Back and Body

Pink or blue, it’s down to you, but no matter which colour you choose you are sure to feel the pleasant release of relaxation as dead skin falls away and your pores are cleansed.

The large mesh surface might seem like an uncomfortable choice, but it’s rough enough to be tough on those areas of your back that need extra work while also being gentle in such a way that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

With a long handle, easy reach is something you never have to worry about, and the handy hook means you can hang it up in the shower after every session.

back and body scrubber

Sweet and Simple

A back strap that promises you everything, you’ll find that it fulfils its oath and more when you’re getting down to business in the shower.

It exfoliates the skin for a soft and pleasant touch that doesn’t cause irritation thanks to the natural floss fibres that make it up.

Exfoliation is key, and your pores will never be the same again after a session with this bad boy (and we mean that in the best possible way). Hypoallergenic, it’s the cure-all you need.

Rub Exfoliating Dead Skin Shower Towel

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need. With nifty wooden handles that give it a rustic look and soft woven material that will be gentle on your skin, you have it all with this easy back strap.

All you have to do is give your back a good rub while you’re in the shower and you’ll be amazed by how much comes away.

Are you sick of itchy skin, spots, and rashes? Well, sometimes it really is as simple as a deep clean and we all forget the back. 

Loofa We Have Here

natural back scrubber

Quick and Easy

I love a good loofah, and this one promises exfoliation beyond your wildest dreams as you scrub and rub to your heart’s content. Remove spots and gunk effortlessly as your pores are cleansed and all the sebum and grime is released – leaving you less at risk of backne and ready for action.

The back strap allows you to cover a wide surface area quickly, while the scrubbing loofah lets you get a little harsher and more intimate for those really difficult areas. 

body scrubber for shower long silicone

Silicone is a popular choice, and for a good reason. It’s versatile, flexible, and offers you plenty of options when scrubbing your back and really working that dead skin and grime off your body.

With two forms of closeness in the bubbles, you are sure to find the ideal level of exfoliation – a daily scrub with the larger bubbles and something a little deeper with the ones that are closer together. Whatever you need, this scrubber has it down.

Scrubbing for Two

sisal bursh and back scrubber bindle

The perfect bundle, you get a classic back strap to ensure that you reach the wider surface area and get rid of the grime that has built up.

Additionally, you’ll find there is a lovely and soft scrubber that might seem too gentle but really will give your back something to be grateful for.

Giving you a more intimate scrub, those problem areas are about to be a thing of the past as you show those spots and rashes who’s boss.

Final Thoughts

No more weeping quietly in the shower because you have a scratch you can’t quite itch. No more fears of backne appearing everywhere and ruining your chances of going free and shirtless in the summertime. No, the back scrubbers are here to save the day. 

Did you love the selection as much as we did? If keeping your back clean and free from itches is the top of your list, this is the listicle for you. But what about other bathroom additions? Well, we have listicles for those too and you’re going to want to check them out. 

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