15 Best Shower Caddies (Get Tidy & Organised)

Your morning bathroom routine is sacred. We get it, we all have one and it makes or breaks your day. Whether you’re a sunrise or sunset bather, there are certain things you just can’t live without when you switch the water on and stand under that hot stream. 

With our 15 best shower caddies, you’re sure to find one that spices up your bathroom and provides plenty of space for your favourite shower essentials as well as some sneaky cleaning products. What more could you want? 

With our team of dedicated testers on the job, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your cleaning routine right here. We’ve put in the time, the research, and had more showers than we would ever care to admit (there is such a thing as too clean). 

Nice Rack

Sugar, spice, and all things nice, that’s what this little set brings to your bathroom.

With two shower caddies included, it’s the perfect solution for couples that just can’t share one or families where the kids want their own space.

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and that’s what you get here. Easy to install, no need for drills, and with plenty of hooks for shower accessories, you’re sorted. Simple as. 

A Taste of Europe

Bringing a little pizzaz to your bathroom, this shower caddy has an air of elegance that you simply can’t resist.

Small, discreet, it’s the perfect size for the shower essentials and comes with a generous six hooks for accessories to dangle from.

It slots neatly into any corner, only using adhesives to keep it in place. Why not add a little rustic French style to the room you love most? 

No More Tiers

The very definition of sophistication and grace, it’s like high tea in your shower with a caddy that will keep you organised daily.

Each tier can be used for different items, whether it’s all yours or you’re begrudgingly forced to share with others.

No need for installation as it’s completely freestanding, which means it can be moved around as needed, and it has been designed to be rust-resistant so that it can continue to serve you for years to come. 

Building Tension

This pole keeps things tense between the ceiling and the floor, or the edge of the tub – the choice is yours.

With a neat selection of baskets to make life easier, you can organise your shower and bath accessories in any way you see fit.

Nervous about scratches? The rubber feet stop all of that, so you just have to focus on what you want to put in the generously spacious baskets and on the copious number of hooks. Single? Large family? It’s perfect. 

Releasing Tension

With four classy tiers to choose from, who wouldn’t feel like the Queen of England with this tension pole installed in their bathroom?

The baskets are spacious, offering plenty of room for all your essentials as well as those bathtime treats that are now more accessible than ever.

The open design promotes quick-drying, and it is rust-resistant for years of loyal service. There is no risk of scratches when you install this caddy, and it looks absolutely spectacular. 

Keep it Simple

Corner caddy makes a great addition to any bathroom, but it’s not just ideal for your shampoo and other cleansing products. Why not add things like your perfume and makeup?

It’s easy for you to access and saves loads of space so that you can keep everything together and organised.

With two tiers, there is the perfect amount of space for your bathing goods as well as your makeup and perfumes to sit comfortably. 

Size Isn’t Everything

Several different heights to choose from, the only thing this aspect changes is the length of the pole and not the number of baskets and hooks that come with it.

A shower caddy this tall and generous with its sizing means that you can easily fit all of the shower accessories for your whole family.

But why not also add things like a toothpaste holder and your hairbrush just to make things a little easier to access and take advantage of all that space?

Small Yet Mighty

Slip it over the showerhead, sling it on the back of the door, the beauty of this shower caddy lies in how versatile it is.

Placement in your bathroom has never been easier, and it’s not just the amount of space that’s available – it’s also the fact that installation is so effortless.

With three tiers available, you have room for your shampoos, soaps, and other treats that make your morning or evening shower such an important and relaxing time of day. 

Hang Around

What’s better than a hanging shower caddy? Nothing, is what we say. It can hang under your shower, on the wall, or on the back of the door to make life easier for you.

It makes installation easier, and you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.

It has two tiers and two hooks, keeping things simple and making it the ideal choice for a single person or a couple so that they can keep things organised. 

Versatility is Key

Offering protective padding top and bottom, you can place this tension pole anywhere in your bathroom.

To create the ideal space for keeping your essential toiletries as well as the ones you like to use for special occasions.

It offers three spacious tiers that can be adjusted freely to create more height for things like shampoo bottles, as well as several hooks for hairbrushes, cloths, and other dangling accessories. 

Sloth Lovely

With a sweet and discreet sloth woven into the design of this hanging caddy, it’s already a unique fixture that brings something special to your home.

Whether you hang it on the shower or the door, it cradles your accessories perfectly and makes them easy to access at all times.

With three shelves and some handy hooks, there is plenty of room for a single person or a couple to keep all of their favourites in one place. It’s gorgeous, what more can I say? 

Bringing You to Tiers 

Four tiers grace this shower caddy, with a tension pole that doesn’t scratch or damage the ceiling or the base area you place it on.

The fourth tier is incredibly deep, which makes it suited to shampoo as well as cleaning products.

If you want to mix things up and keep your shower cleaning products handy, it definitely makes things more convenient when you want to stay on top of mould and mildew.

Did I mention it’s rust-proof too?

Bamboo-zling Designs

No, it’s not standard wood here, it’s bamboo – made to be splashed with water on the regular and found in addition to rust-proof materials.

It has a classy and elegant design that really changes the way your bathroom looks and feels.

Offering an organised shelving system that would be perfect for your toothbrush holder, soaps, shampoos, and even a few cleaning products for a quick wipe-down after your shower.

Hang it up anywhere in your bathroom, it looks brilliant. 

Teakle Your Fancy

A sophisticated wood that really stands out, there is no way you could ever be disappointed in this gorgeous shower caddy. It comes with spacious shelving and hooks, offering plenty of space for all of your essentials and treats alike.

While nicely suited to the single life, it also offers the kind of space you would want for a couple or a small family that is looking to share the room and have easy access to their bathtime favourites.

Short, Sweet, to the Point

This shower caddy offers the basics in life, the solids that you just can’t do without. It has a single basket that’s nice and deep so you can throw all of your favourites in and leave them hanging below the showerhead.

With a handy hook, you can sling it on the shower, the door, anywhere that you feel is best. The ideal companion for the single lifestyle and plated in chrome for that fancy look as well as keeping it free from rust.

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Final Thoughts 

Are you as hyped for shower organisation after reading that as I am? If so, I can’t wait to see the kind of space you create in your bathroom. We’d love to see the results, so why not post a link to them in the comments so we can check out your sacred place? 

If you found this quick listicle exciting, there’s plenty more where that came from. Check out our other listicle instalments and get a hand making your house into a home. Why stop there? You should take a peek at our DIY and home maintenance guides too. 

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