Tips for Loft Conversion & Sloping Roof Shower Enclosures (5 Top Picks)

Whether you have decided to convert your loft into a bathroom or the existing one has a sloping roof, it can be a challenge to accommodate the shower.

You might even think that you can’t have one in a bathroom with a sloped roof, but we can tell you now that you absolutely can.

Loft Conversion & Sloping Roof Shower Enclosures: Buying Guide & 5 Top Picks

In order to give you clear advice and guidance, we have created this concise and informative guide that will be able to help you learn more about the best ways to convert your loft and make use of the sloping walls within your bathroom.

All you need to do is read through the tips below, make notes, and you will be well on your way to discovering the best and most effective way to create your dream bathroom with limited space. 

#1 Turn Your Shower Into a Wet Room

wet shower room

Honestly, wet rooms are seriously underrated, and people should take advantage of the concept a lot more than they do.

These walk-in showers make the room feel a lot larger and open, but also allow you to fit the toilet and sink in very comfortably so that you don’t feel cramped when you are in the room.

There is also the benefit of there being no walls, which means a sloping ceiling becomes a completely irrelevant issue.

Personally, the spacious feel of a wet room has always made me feel more comfortable and relaxed when I am in the shower, and I am pretty sure you will feel the same way once you give it a try. 

#2 Go High with the Shower

When you are faced with a sloping wall, what you should do is have the shower installed in the tallest area.

This means that you can go really high with the glass door and walls, and if you are in a really small bathroom, you can have one of the glass walls adjusted to fit the slope comfortably.

It creates a really beautiful effect and has such a modern feel. A sloped ceiling shower screen isn’t particularly hard to come by either. Additionally, going high doesn’t just maximise the headroom, it makes the whole place feel larger and brighter as a result.

You can also make the wall it has been installed against a feature one, adding a little something extra to the overall design and appearance. 

#3 Make Use of all the Bathroom Space

Every part of your sloping bathroom can be used, and you shouldn’t assume that just because there is a slope you cannot utilise the area.

You might not be able to stand up straight under the slope, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place the towel rack there, or even a floating vanity with storage underneath.

We get more into the storage ideas later on in this guide, but it’s important to remember that when you are dealing with a small space.

loft shower image

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Everything counts towards making it better, bigger, and brighter in terms of how it feels when you step inside. 

#4 Open Up the Room

If you have an exceedingly tiny bathroom with a sloping ceiling, you can try opening up the room in order to make it feel larger and airier.

One of the best ways to do this is making the doorway much wider (think double what it is now) and potentially removing the door and replacing it with a sliding door.

This will make the whole room feel less like a tiny chamber, and more like a place of calm and relaxation.

There is also the option to purchase shower enclosures for low ceilings, many of which have a reduced height. You should also consider painting it a soothing neutral colour to open it up more. 

#5 Emphasise the Slope Ceiling

emphasise the slope showers enclosure

The slope is a defining feature of your bathroom, and we can tell you that there is no point trying to fight that fact.

Instead of getting frustrated with your sloping ceiling, you should work with it instead; and you might find yourself surprised by how easily you can do that in a loft conversion with low headroom.

You can have things like the mirrors and cabinets made and cut to fit the slope, so everything locks perfectly into place to create a striking and memorable design that even your guests will be talking about when they come to visit.  

Use the slop to your advantage, and your bathroom will look absolutely spectacular.

#6 Tuck in the Loo

As long as there is space to stand without hitting your head, the toilet can go on the slope. It’s a really good way to make the most of the space provided, while also creating a stylish look.

If you are worried about where the cistern will go, you can even create a false wall behind it that doubles up as storage or a shelf for you to store cleaning products or toiletries. You can even fit the sink under the slope if you have a bathroom that is long enough. 

toilet for shower room

#7 Add a Little Personality

Your sloped ceiling adds a heap of character to the room, and if you take the time to bring a little personality to the formula, you will be left with the bathroom of your dreams.

Take the time to actually highlight it as a feature of your bathroom but doing things like painting a separate colour, or tiling all of the bathroom aside from the slope to draw more attention to it. There are loads of stylish and tasteful ways to achieve this gorgeous look. 

#8 Make Your Shower Room Comfortable and Cosy

make loft shower comfortable

Sometimes you won’t be able to help the fact that the bathroom is quite a tight space, and a sloped ceiling doesn’t always help this. However, you should definitely own the situation and work with what you have.

Paint the walls a dark colour with light tiles to create a feeling that is surprisingly warm and comfortable, leaving you with a more intimate and cosy atmosphere when you decide to hop in the shower, or even slide into the bath for a relaxing evening after a long day. 

#9 Pop in Extra Storage

Storage is so important, something we touched on earlier, and a sloped ceiling means that you get so many opportunities to create more of it.

You can line the slope with cabinets, allowing for countertop storage as well as cupboards, or you can even get really fancy and carve shelving into the actual slope for something a little different.

Floating units can have storage underneath them, and heated towel racks with shelves at the top provide you with a great place to keep your folded towels. 

unique looking shower room

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has taught you more about the ways you can utilise the space within your room with sloping walls, showing you new methods for creating a beautiful bathroom that you will love every time you step into it.

From quick tips to actual products, we have a little bit of everything to pique your interest and get your mind working on ideas.

What did you think of our sloping roof shower enclosure guide? Did it tick all the right boxes for you, or are there things you would have added to make things better? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave us a message in the comments below.

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