Best Silicone Sealant for Showers – UK Silicone and Caulk Guide

Best Silicone Sealant for Showers – UK Silicone and Caulk Guide

Silicone sealant should never be underestimated. It’s the very glue that holds your bathroom together, keeping the space between tiles waterproof to protect the walls. That’s why we’re sticking with you while you find the best silicone sealant for showers.

What do you want from a good silicone sealant? Waterproofing, strength, easy application. These are important key features that will help you determine which one is best.

Best Silicone Sealant for Showers – UK Silicone and Caulk Guide

This is where we come in. We’ve spent over 30 hours testing more than 20 of the top silicone sealant brands to help you find the one that really does the job well. From Dowsil and UniBond, all the way to EverBuild, we have put them through the testing process of their lives. 

What’s the point? We hear you, what can possibly go wrong buying a sealant?.

You would be surprised. You and your bathroom need the top-quality sealants to keep things running smoothly, and we're here to make sure it actually works. 

Who won the battle of the sealant? Old reliable Dowsil 785 stole the show and was crowned the winner, and you’ll see why when we get into the details. 

Not sure our top picks have sealed the deal (you can laugh, it was a good one), well don’t fret. We have some great silicone sealants that will do the trick if you’re stuck.

Best Silicone Sealant for Showers [In Order]

1. Editors Pick - Dowsil 785 Sanitary Sealant

This sealant is from a reputable brand that you will want to remember for future bathroom work. Weighing in at 300g, it might not be the biggest tube of sealant in the world, but you know what they say - a little goes a long way. 


  • Colour: White
  • Setting Time: One Hour
  • Weight: 300g
  • Anti-Mould: Yes
  • Anti-Bacterial: yes

With a neutral white tone, it is ideal for working on standard bathrooms so that you have a clean finish that doesn’t look out of place or detract from the aesthetics. On top of that, you will find it only takes an hour to set - letting you get your day back on track. 

Something it truly excels at is the removal of mould and mildew thanks to its anti-fungal ingredients. Furthermore, it is able to protect against the growth of bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli, and Salmonella. This keeps you safe, as well as your home (we all need that right now).

The smooth finish doesn’t just look good, it also feels great when you run your fingers along it. It gives a professional feel that even a beginner DIY can achieve with ease. Sure, the included instructions aren’t great, but it only takes a second to pick up the skills.

Furthermore, it has a crisp waterproof seal that will protect your walls and the backs of your tiles from anything. Kids splashing in the bath, adults splashing in the shower. You name it, Dowsil has you covered.

  • Neutral white colour to ensure that your fixtures blend in smoothly 
  • Tackles issues like mould and bacteria without a second glance 
  • Smooth finish and a waterproof seal to prevent those leakages
  • Quick drying time that leaves you able to get on with your day like that *click*
  • Simple application that doesn’t come with any faff and hassle

All you need is Dowsil. Saxophone solo. Forget love, when you have Dowsil there’s nothing stronger holding you together. Your bathroom will be looking pretty fine once you’ve finished sealing those gaps with this sealant.

2. UniBond Anti-Mould Sealant

UniBond is a leading brand within the sealant industry, and so you know you are getting something touch and reliable when you go with them. 

If you are in search of a sealant that can fight off mould as well as leave your bathroom nice and watertight, this is the one for you. 

The Good

One of the first features to make a note of is the fact that this sealant comes in a long canister with a nozzle on the end, helping you to apply it accurately and without too much hassle. 

While the one linked here is white, there is also the choice to buy a different one that is ivory instead – so you can select the one that best suits your design vision for your shower.

It can be used on all tiled areas, and it has even been created with properties that help to keep mould and mildew away once it has dried and can get to work.

It’s also tough and durable, reducing the risk of crumbling and damage over time. It only takes a day to fully dry, and the high levels of adhesion mean that its sanitary aspects will last a lot longer than most. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have noted that the nozzle can make the application process quite slow. 

Our View

This silicone sealant is really affordable, and great for doing work in your bathroom or kitchen.

The waterproof seal that it provides is ideal for your shower, and while there are some who feel the included nozzle makes the process a slow one, it is better to take your time and do it right than rush and ruin the whole thing. 

It’s an excellent option to go for, and one that will be totally worth it once it dries. 


Q: What does 're-stickable' mean?

A: Do not be mistaken it has nothing to do with the actual sealant. It is the reference being use to indicate that the container it comes in can be resealed by the screw top cap.

3. EverBuild Clear Silicone Sealant

EverBuild is another superb brand, and one with a great history of reliability. 

So, if you are still looking to find the perfect sealant for you, this might be a good chance for you to have a browse through the reviews below and see if this one fits the bill. 

The Good

This silicone sealant actually comes in several different colours and styles, giving you more freedom when it comes to choosing which one is going to work best for your home. 

It also conforms to all of the required safety standards, and will dry quickly to provide a robust and waterproof seal for your shower walls. Plus, it remains permanently flexible, part of what makes the rubber seal so tight.

It can be used on practically any surface as well, whether it is tile, wood, or a PVC area. This makes it quite a versatile form of sealant.

The fact that it is clear makes it really versatile in terms of appearance, and it is also resistant to dirt so that it will stay cleaner for longer. It is also a professional grade sealant, offering you some added peace of mind when you go to use it. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have found that this particular sealant is a little expensive for what it is. 

Our View

This silicone sealant may come at a higher price than others on the market, but you are paying for the fantastic quality, as well as the fact that it is professional grade, and one used by builders.

The clear finish makes it really versatile, although there are plenty of other options out there for you. It’s tough and resilient, as well as made to last, just some of the features that show this is one of the best choices on the market. 


Q: Once the sealant has cured can you paint it?

A: Yes, you can paint over this silicone as long as you make sure it is fully dry before you put anything on top of it. 

Q: Do you need a gun to use this sealant ?

A: Yes you can only use this sealant with a gun but if you search "easy applicant sealant" you will find other products that you dont need a gun to apply with. 

4. UniBond ReNew Silicone Sealant

Another one from UniBond, this particular silicone sealant is unique and fantastic in the way it works.

So, if you are searching for something that is a little different, and even able to perform a wider range of tasks, this could be just what you need. Have a quick read below. 

The Good

This sealant has a really neat design in that you simply squeeze the tube and apply it to the area, a little like Tippex, and the finished results are incredibly clean. 

It’s not just simple to apply though; it can also be placed on top of existing sealant to fills holes and make the whole thing more secure. There is even an integrated smoothing tool so that you can get the best possible finish.

It has a protective later on the top that prevents mould, even working to kill it so that it does not become infested, and it also means there is less cleaning and maintenance work to do for you.

The strong adhesion means that you don’t need to worry about crumbling or cracking, and it will dry within a day. Each tube also contains enough sealant for a standard bathroom to be covered. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have noted that it can be a little tricky to use and get used to at first. 

Our View

This silicone sealant does come at a great price, and one that you should find quite easy to slip into your budget. While it may not always be the easiest tool to use, if you take your time and are patient, you should be on track in no time at all.

It works to prevent and kill mould, meaning that the silicone will be easy to clean and maintain. Overall, it is easy to overcome any challenges, and it has the ability to do more than one job in your bathroom.

Further Models of Silicone Sealant 

Here are some further models of silicone sealant for you to look at, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

5. Bond-It Transparent Silicone Sealant 

The great thing about this particular form of silicone is that it’s not just for use in bathrooms and kitchens, but it is also completely safe to use with marine and aquatic life.

So, it can be used in all areas of your home without worry. The sealant itself is also high-module, meaning that when it dries, it is incredibly rigid and robust once it dries.

It is also able to handle extreme temperatures without affecting the consistency of the silicone, and there is also a nozzle included so that the application of the sealant can be made quickly and easily. 

6. EverBuild Silicone Sealant 

Another one from EverBuild, this silicone sealant can be purchased as a single canister or in a multi-pack – ideal for large bathrooms, or for projects that require it to be used in multiple areas of the home.

It is completely waterproof as well, which is what makes it ideal for using in your shower, and it promises to create a tight seal that will leave you feeling relaxed when you next step inside.

It remains permanently flexible, so it can be used around bathtubs and other fixtures in your bathroom. It’s also incredibly cheap, which is great if you are searching for a good bargain. 

How Long After Silicone Can I Shower?

This can depend on the temperature of the bathroom when you apply the silicone sealant and leave it to set. In a room that is cold, it will be around 36 hours before you can use the shower as that is the length of time it will set.

Warm rooms will only take 24 hours, as the temperature helps it to set faster. These are the good quality silicones on the market, and you can buy some that will only take an hour, but these tend to be less durable over time. 

How Do You Reseal a Shower Floor? 

This is not a difficult task, and it can be achieved quite quickly as well if you set the time aside. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions below, and you’ll be a pro in no time at all.

#1 Scrape any loose caulk from between the tiles. You can use a screwdriver to do this if needed, or even a dull blade if there is some really stuck stuff. You should also remove any grout haze from between the lines as well, and then wipe it all down with a soft cloth.

#2 Using a mixture of warm water and the cleaning product of your choice, take the time to wash your floor thoroughly with a clean cloth. Then, after rinsing it, leave the entire floor to dry completely before you move on. It should be noted that this can take as long as five days. This is an essential stage, because no further work can be done until it is dry.

#3 Grab some grout sealer and apply it over the grout, creating a waterproof seal that will protect your floor and tiles. It is also resistant to oil and chemicals. After this, you can apply a silicone sealant over the seams between the tiles. The thickest layer should be where the wall meets the floor for extra resistance to water – especially within a shower.

#4 If there is any excess sealant left after the work, you can use a knife or a cloth to remove it and ensure that the finish is nice and clean. After that, you can leave the floor to dry for a minimum to 12 hours before resuming normal use of the bathroom. 

Buyer's Guide

What’s the Difference Between Caulk and Silicone?

This is a common question, and one that I needed clarified the first time I fixed up my bathroom. What is the difference between caulk and silicone? After all, they look practically the same and seem like they would be used for the same tasks. Here’s a quick rundown of what each does best. 


This is the fastest drier out of the two, and it is a lot quicker than silicone. It is not very tolerant to movement, and it cannot come into contact with water, but removing it is pretty easy when it needs to be replaced, and it can be painted over if you fancy changing the colours. It’s perfect for skirting filling, and dries a lot harder than silicone. 


This is highly elastic and will stick to pretty much every surface, and this also means that it will be able to work with moving joints without breaking.

It is water resistant, which is why it is so good for rooms with a lot of moisture, and some will even prevent the growth of mould. It’s really durable and resilient to temperature changes, as well as coming in different colours. 

Further Reading: How to Seal a Shower

How Long is it Best to Leave Silicone Sealant to Dry? 

There are three main time periods for drying silicone sealant, and it all depends on factors like the temperature and quality. A lower quality sealant will only take an hour to dry, which is fantastic but may also result in crumbling and cracking over time.

A good quality sealant will take an average of 24 hours in a warm room, but if the area is cold, then you can expect to wait closer to 36 hours for it to finish drying. 

Best Silicone Remover? 

The thing is, every silicone is different and may need a special touch in order to get it off so that you can replace it. Certain brands are removed easier when used with the same silicone remover that they manufacture, whereas others can be taken off using a little elbow grease and a silicone removal tool.

Of course, if you don’t know who made your silicone, the best option is trial and error until you can get rid of it completely. A good place to start? Take a Stanley knife and cut the silicone away. 

Best Colour Silicone Sealant 

After a good deal of research, it should be noted that while there are plenty of brands out there that manufacture coloured silicone, Mapei is certainly at the top of the list.

They have around 30 different colours available for you to buy, giving you a strong variety. However, if you are more interested in a simple ivory or clear silicone, we have a great little selection for you to flick through below. 

What’s the Best Silicone Sealant That Can Dry Underwater? 

I hear your gasps, and honestly, I was surprised that a silicone like this exists. While they can work very well, there are times where you might find that it fails to do the job – it’s not a guarantee.

There are a couple of these on the market, but the one leading the field is Plumber’s Gold by EverBuild; a brand that we take a further look at later on in this guide. It’s a product that is more readily available in your local hardware or bathroom store than online, however. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Silicone Sealant? 

There are only two places you can really buy silicone sealant – online and your local hardware store. Of course, you should always make sure the website you are using for the purchase is reliable if you decide to buy online in order to avoid disappointment.

Always go for a brand that you trust, and make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging when you go to apply it. 

What is the Best Price I Can Pay for Silicone? 

Honestly, there is no one price that can be deemed the best when it comes to silicone, because it all depends on the quality and the brand. There are some really cheap brands out there, but they may not be able to offer the durability that more expensive ones offer.

While price is not always a solid indicator with regards to the quality, it can be quite a good guide to follow, and the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ often comes into play. 

Also Read: Removing Silicone from Shower

Best Temperature to Use Silicone Sealant

The ideal temperature for the use of silicone sealant is 18C. This means that the temperature is not cold enough to prolong the drying time for the sealant, but it’s not so warm that the silicone will end up forming a skin that you will need to wipe away once it has dried. 

List of Silicone Sealant Removers

In this section, you will find a list of the silicone sealant removers that we feel are best for the job, giving you a good selection to flick through so that you can determine which one is going to get the work done with minimal effort and the best results. 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has been able to help you discover the best silicone sealant for you, and the silicone sealant reviews have ensured that you are able to find exactly what you need in order the carry out the work and get your shower completely ready for action.

Within this guide, we have done more than present you with a few options when buying your silicone sealant – we have created something extensive that will answer all of your questions, and even give you a few handy tricks and tips for when you start the work.

The brands we have chosen are all reputable and trustworthy, and there is a whole range of prices so that you are able to find something that slips into your budget perfectly. We know you will find what you are looking for. 

What did you think of our silicone sealant guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below. 

Best Electric Showers: Complete UK Review Guide

Best Electric Shower

So you are looking for the best electric shower, but a little unsure where to start with such a multitude of brands and models on the market?

Looking for POWER? Limescale protection? Smart tech models?

We’ve spent over 30 tireless hours reviewing and analysing over 50 models that are popular in the UK, including Mira, Triton Aqualisa and a few others in between.

Best Electric Shower

All of this to help you find an electric shower within your budget no matter your desired price range. 

Ultimately, the Mira Sport Max that stole the show here and remains our best electric shower for the money

But if the editor pick isn’t for you, fear not, we’ve got you covered with a “shower of alternate options” …. (See what I did there)

Best Electric Showers ( In order)

1. Mira Sport Electric Shower

This budget electric shower has plenty of pep, and it provides you with a hot refreshing shower that feels more like a luxury purchase than a budget one.

We love the three power settings option, allowing you to choose how powerful the water is hitting and how much water you are using (we reviewed the 9.8kw model, but you can also choose a range of watts)

This is great for slashing the price of your water bill, alongside keeping the freedom to choose the kind of power you want. 

Got that one irritating family member who likes to use the kitchen sink, just as you jump in the shower? Well, we have the solution. This model automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent the water from jumping from icy cold to burning hot - YOU'RE WELCOME. 

When you finish using the electric shower, it uses ClearScale phased shutdown to push cold water through the electric shower - avoiding blasts of excess heat that risk burning you. Furthermore, it also helps to flush out limescale and prevent it from building up. 

The instructions for the Mica Sport model are limited and a little hard to follow. But hey you don't need to be a rocket scientist to fit a electric shower right?

It comes with some handy little extras, such as a soap dish (we all know how soap can be slippery little suckers). There is also a little handle for the shower head to rest, for when you just want to stand and have a dont-bother-me-soak! (Did I just make up a new word?)

The Mira Sport electric shower boasts a modern design. The combination of style and power is a definite winner here. 

The Good Stuff

  • 4 spray options to give you plenty of variety when searching for the best pressure.
  • Steady temperature that helps you stay relaxed throughout your shower.
  •  Sick of the tap being turned on and ruining your shower? Watch this model adjust the temperature automatically.
  • Limescale got you down? This electric shower self-cleans for easy maintenance.
  • An affordable option that provides you with plenty of power without the hefty price tag


  • Wattage: 9.5Kw (Other sizes available)
  • Size: 21.5 x 9 x 35.8 cm
  • Extra Features: 4 spray patterns shower head, phased shutdown, soap dish
  • Installation Area: Wall

This is one of our favourite model and certainly knows how to offer power, safety and reliability.

But if you want something with a little less price tag, the Triton Martinique up next ticks that box and more....

2. Triton Martinique Luxury Electric Shower

Variety is the name of the game with this electric shower from Triton. It has five different spray patterns, allowing you to tailor your cleansing experience perfectly. You’ll be perfectly relaxed before that meeting at the office. 

The three different power settings offer you more freedom when showering, giving you the choice between powerful jets and a gentle eco mode that helps you save water. 

All of the controls are close together and clearly labelled for your peace of mind and to boost that simple functionality (don’t be shy, we all want simple tech in our lives). You can also choose from a good range of wattages, not just the 9.5 Kw reviewed here

Limescale is the common enemy of the home, but this electric shower certainly has you covered. A rush of cold water at the end of each use doesn’t just protect you from scalding water, it also cleanses the system to help prevent limescale buildup - genius. 

No one wants limescale - you let that clog up your electric shower and other home appliances and you may find yourself paying a hefty repair bill or potentially even needing to replace the unit. 

We can’t all be Tommy Walsh, which is why you might be pleased to hear that the installation for this budget electric shower is simple as anything. So much so that you could do it blindfolded… but please don’t, we don’t want the email horror stories. 

You might like to know that our analysis also showed this Triton model is able to maintain a steady flow rate, so you shouldn’t see drops in water pressure or temperature fluctuations.

Accessories? The Triton keeps this minimal and practical, two things we like. You will find it has a classic arm for holding the shower head as well as a soap dish for, well, your soap and any other shower products that might squeeze on (we all know the soap dish doesn’t get used for soap). 

Despite being a budget model, this Triton shower has a luxurious and modern design that will complement your bathroom decor. It’s compact and neatly organised so that you have clear access to the controls. It’s just a good looking little box of joy.

Good Stuff:

  • Keeps that flow rate steady to stop those morning cries of HOT! COLD!
  • Easy controls that let you sit back and enjoy the time spent soaking
  • Five spray patterns that scream luxury without the hefty price tag
  • Limescale? Not with this self-cleansing shower keeping your system protected
  • Gorgeous design that shouts modernity while remaining sleek and understated


  • Wattage: 10.5 (Other sizes available)
  • Size: 58 x 24.5 x 17 cm
  • Extra Features: 5 spray patterns shower head
  • Installation Area: Wall

3. Mira Sport Max with Airboost Electric Shower

Mira Sport Max 10.8Kw with Airboost

Powerful, hot, consistent, these are all great ways to describe what the Mira Sport Max can do for you. It’s an electric shower that provides you with everything you need to create the perfect shower - and it comes in a range of wattages. (Go big or go home I say)

The Mira Sport utilises Airboost technology (it adds airflow to your shower to push the water out quicker, very CLEVER). It boosts performance by an exceptional 30%, all without using a single drop more of water. Saving you money, whilst saving the planet. Win, Win. 

Although a little on the oo-that’s-expensive-side, you can see why when you catch a glance of the premium chrome detailing to complement your ultra-modern bathroom. 

If 10.8Kw is a little electric-hungry for you, go with the 9KW model saving you around £20 upfront, as well as keeping your bill down a little in the long run. (Just think about, the higher the KW, the higher the power YAY, the higher the price NAY). 

The ClearScale phased shutdown is a safety feature that's worth a mention, clearing the system of hot water so that you don’t get any burning surprises during your shower.

Our tests showed that it’s able to maintain a strong and steady flow rate, which means no temperature fluctuations or drops in pressure while you are showering.

The system also cleans itself out after use, reducing the risk of limescale, perfect for hard water areas encountered in the UK. 

If you let your shower head build up limescale, you risk reducing the pressure of the shower and the amount of water the head allows through. All in all, giving you a pretty poor shower experience. 

The contemporary look will boost the aesthetics of any bathroom. Everything merges together smoothly, including the chrome controls which are very simple to use. 

With three different power settings, you can easily find the perfect flow that hits the spot for you.

Worried about installation? The Mira Sport Max is super simple to install and only takes a few minutes to set up. It’s so EASY, even a child could do it. Just, we wouldn’t recommend letting them try. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Maintains a steady temperature to stop those screams when the water goes cold.
  • Sleek and modern design to fit in with your ultra-trendy bathroom
  • Smooth controls that let you adjust the temperature and spray pattern to really make your shower your own
  • Airboost technology creates a pleasurable flow without wasted energy
  • A whole range of wattages so that you have the right power for your shower


  • Wattage: 10.8 (Other sizes available)
  • Control Type: non-thermostatic
  • Size: 7.5 x 21.5 x 35.8 cm
  • Extra Features: 4 spray pattern shower head, phased shutdown
  • Installation Area: Wall

The Mira Sport Max with Airboost is the ruling monarch of the electric shower world, but it’s also one of the more expensive models (seriously worth every penny). 

But hey, if you don’t require the vavavoom, the previous Triton Martinique model might be better for you. 

4. Mira Jump Multi-Fit Electric Shower

What’s Included
It comes in a wide range of power options - all the way from 7kw to 10.5kw. This makes it quite versatile, and also means that there is a version of this that can be
installed in any home. The lower power models are also very affordable, making it budget-friendly. The design is simple, but this also makes it easy to use and means that you don’t need to focus on any fancy tech.

What We Like
We really liked the fact that it has four spray options. This ensured that there was variety, allowing you to change the way the water falls with ease. The flow rate is really good, delivering more than acceptable levels of hot water throughout the shower. The thick controls also provide soapy hands with excellent grip, allowing for convenient temperature changes.

The water temperature also remains steady, which is a very welcome aspect. The eco-mode saves you a lot of water each shower, reducing your bills and helping the environment. It was also easy to install, and we loved the fact that you could make use of the existing drill holes when slotting this one into place. Plus, there were several options for the pipe entry.

What We Don’t Like
It’s not the most advanced shower in the world. It is missing a few things, like a soap tray and a low-pressure warning light. The Bristan Bliss featured in this guide is a better choice if you are looking for more tech choices, as well as more accessories.

Should You Buy it?
Yes, you absolutely should. It is a good and reliable model. While the features can be a little bit basic, you know it’s going to last you a long time. It’s better than the Grohe model in some regards, and on-par with it in others.


  • Wattage: 9.5kw
  • Control Type: Non-Thermostatic
  • Size: 8.1 x 23.7 x 34.3 cm
  • Extra Features: 4 spray pattern shower head, anti-kink hose
  • Installation Area: Wall

5. Grohe Tempesta 100 Electric Shower

What’s Included
This particular model is comfortable to use, and it comes with three different spray settings so that you can enjoy your shower. This includes both rainfall and a rainfall massage setting for the ultimate relaxation session after a long day at work. The cleaning system is quick and easy, all you need to do is gently wipe the shower head to remove any limescale or mineral debris.

What We Like
What we really liked about this high-pressure shower is the fact that it provides fantastic water flow so that you can enjoy a good shower for as long as possible. The controls remain simple, with temperature control as well as one for the settings. There are three power options for you to choose from - low, high, and eco. The power button sits conveniently below them.

The shower itself maintains a really steady temperature throughout the shower, even when we left it running a little longer than the average. The internal water guard protects you from scalding, and the flexible hose prevents potentially damaging kinks. It was also quite effortless to install, which made for a pleasant experience that took a lot less time than expected.

What We Don’t Like
It only comes in two high-pressure formats. If you have low water pressure, this model is not going to work for your home, and you are better off with one of the Mira options we have.

Should You Buy it?
If you have high water pressure, nothing can stop you from picking this shower up. It is a good and reliable choice. A Mira, like the Sport or the Jump, is a better choice for those who have lower water pressure though.


  • Wattage: 9.5kw
  • Control Type: Non-Thermostatic
  • Size: 69 x 12 x 24.4 cm
  • Extra Features: 3 spray pattern shower head
  • Installation Area: Wall

6. Triton T80z Electric Shower

What’s Included
It’s a good price, and the fact that it comes in a range of wattages means that it is quite flexible. It can deliver a decent amount of hot water to your shower as well, providing you with a lovely warm escape from the outside world. It also comes with some handy little accessories, like a soap tray, to keep all of your toiletries neat and organised.

What We Like
We really liked the fact that you get five different spray options with this shower. They vary quite nicely as well, so you can get the perfect flow to keep you feeling relaxed. The controls are positioned comfortably, and thick enough that your hands won’t slide around when they are covered in shampoo. There are also three power settings, including eco mode, to choose from.

The eco mode is actually the shining star of this model, and not just because it saves you a lot of water and money. It also allows you to have a seriously hot shower while in this form, something that a lot of other 
electric showers do not offer. It also manages to keep the water temperature nice and steady in all settings, giving you a stress-free showering experience.

What We Don’t Like
The temperature changes by quite a lot if the tap is on, unlike the Mira Sport which corrects itself quickly, and the installation is not as easy as it could be.

Should You Buy it?
It’s not a recommended model. If you want a Triton shower specifically, you can go for the Seville above as it is a great shower. However, you also have the Mira Sport which won’t terrify you with extreme temperature changes when someone turns the tap on.


  • Wattage: 9.5kw
  • Control Type: Non-Thermostatic
  • Size: 10.4 x 22.5 x 33.4 cm
  • Extra Features: 5 spray pattern shower head, soap dish
  • Installation Area: Wall

7. Bristan Bliss Electric Shower

What’s Included
There is a lot of great stuff packed into this little shower kit. It has all the looks and aesthetics of a top of the range piece, but it comes at a low price that certainly feels more affordable. It comes in three wattages, allowing you to pick one that is going to be right for your home and the pressure provided to it. It also has brilliant accessories like a spacious soap dish for easy use.

What We Like
What we loved about this shower is the fact that it comes with a really nice flow rate so that you can enjoy a long and relaxing shower, as well as a steady temperature while you do so. It also has brilliant tech features that make it stand out from the rest, including a digital temperature display so you can watch the heat and also ensure it doesn’t fluctuate while you wash.

There is a low-pressure warning light, and an additional display that lets you know when the water has heated up so that you can step into a warm and welcoming shower. Its eco mode massively reduces water usage, and it is also very easy to use even with the tech features. Installation is nice and simple, with good instructions that make the process go faster.

What We Don’t Like
There isn’t actually anything that we strongly dislike. Sometimes the touch controls can be a little sensitive, but this isn’t even an issue.

Should You Buy it?
Yes, it is one of the best electric showers we have on offer here and sure to provide you with great evening cleanses. It’s certainly better than any of the Triton or Grohe models we have looked at here, offering superior tech and brilliant flow rates that make life so much easier.


  • Wattage: 9.5kw
  • Control Type: Non-Thermostatic
  • Size: 19.5 x 7 x 30.5 cm
  • Extra Features: 3 spray shower head, digital display, phased shutdown, soap dish, anti-kink hose
  • Installation Area: Wall

8. Bristan Glee Electric Shower

What’s Included
It comes at a mid-range price, but it has a nice look with modern aesthetics that blend in nicely with your home environment. It comes in three different wattages, allowing you to choose the one that is going to work best for your home and the water pressure available. It also has nice additions, like the soap dish, to make life easier when you are washing in the shower.

What We Like
It has two sets of controls that are easy to access, one for temperature and the other for power. You can choose between three settings - low, high, and eco. The eco mode is great for cutting costs and reducing your water use, but it does run a little cool and so is only really ideal for use in the summer months. The other two settings are good with a decent flow of water at all times.

The installation process is really easy, and keeping this model clean is very simple as well. It also has an anti-limescale system where the shower flushes itself with cold water after use to prevent any buildup inside it. The digital display also shows you when you need to clean the external filter and handset, and it has a warming button that will let you know when the shower is ready.

What We Don’t Like
The eco mode only gets warm so your shower won’t be particularly nice in winter. The temperature fluctuation when someone turns the tap on can also be a little extreme.

Should You Buy it?
Not really. It’s a decent model, but there are much better ones on the market. Take the Bristan Bliss above, that is a fantastic and advanced model that carries everything you would expect from a high-end shower with a low-end price tag.


  • Wattage: 9.5kw
  • Control Type: Non-Thermostatic
  • Size: 19.5 x 7 x 30.5 cm
  • Extra Features: 3 spray shower head, phased shutdown, soap tray
  • Installation Area: Wall

Key Things to Consider

Before you hop in and buy your electric shower, there are a few things that need to be considered. Here’s a quick list of the features and specs that you should be keeping an eye on.

Kilowatt Rating. The higher the rating, the more powerful your shower is going to be. The power levels themselves typically range between 7kw and 10.5kw. If you are looking to upgrade the power levels in your shower, there are a few things you need to consider first.

Water pressure. This should be a minimum of 1 bar for a 7kw shower, and 1.5 bar for a 10.5kw shower. Remember that the pressure is likely to drop in the winter when the cold water takes longer to heat up.

Electrics. Your fuse box needs to be able to handle the power. A 32A fuse is recommended for 7kw, and a 45A fuse for 10.5kw electric showers. If the fuse is incorrect, you can expect the shower to trip out frequently as the fuse box won’t be able to cope.

Cable. The electric cable needs to be big enough. A 6mm cable is recommended for a 7kw shower, and 10mm for a 10.5kw model. There are some professionals who use a 10mm for all fittings because it adds a layer of safety and also means there is less work if you want a more powerful shower later.

Extra Tech. Some electric showers have added tech to make life easier. There are things like audio alerts for those who are visually impaired, and LCD screens that have temperature displays so you can keep an eye on how hot or cold the shower is.

Limescale Protection. This is a handy feature to have if you live in a hard water area and want to take some of the pressure off your shower head. Alternatively, you can also invest in a water softener for your home.

Best Electric Shower Brands

Here are the best electric shower brands that you can buy, and a little more information about each of them.

Triton. Aptly named after the son of Poseidon, and a god of the sea, Triton electric showers is a brand that is dedicated to helping you achieve bathing bliss. Founded in a Warwickshire garage in 1975, it’s certainly come a long way since then as one of the UK’s leading shower brands.

Mira. Founded in 2001, it is one of the newer shower brands in the UK. Hailing from idyllic Gloucestershire, this little company climbed its way up quickly - fast becoming one of the top shower choices for UK homeowners across the country.

Bristan. Named after founders, Brian and Stan, this company was formed in 1977. It is hailed as one of the most user-friendly shower brands to use, especially since so many of its models have multiple installation angles to make life easier.

Grohe. The oldest leading shower brand, this company was founded back in 1936. With a strong reputation dating back decades, you can’t go wrong with one of these electric showers. Made for luxury and practicality, you’ll soon understand why Grohe is such a popular name.

How Much Does it Cost to Run an Electric Shower

The running costs of an electric shower can vary according to your energy provider, but on average you can expect to spend around 40p for ten minutes of shower time. If you have a pumped electric shower, you can expect this figure to be slightly higher.

The running costs of an electric shower are more expensive than the traditional forms, but they also heat up faster and often provide better pressure. Additionally, they are easy to install and tend to require less maintenance. As long as you aren’t spending an age in the shower every day, you shouldn’t notice it much on your bill. 

You may also like to know how much it costs to install an electric shower

Final Word

Hopefully, you have found our best electric shower guide useful and it has been able to help you decide which model suits your needs. It’s not an easy choice considering all the great brands we have listed for you today, but there is a favourite for us.

The Mira Sport Max is our top pick out of all of these models. It provides excellent tech, brilliant flow rates, and also allows you to enjoy a relaxing shower without worrying about fluctuating temperatures.

The digital display is accurate and helpful, and there are no real cons to it. While most of the models here are recommended buys, we strongly suggest checking this one out.

What did you think of our guide to the best electric shower? Are you already planning your first relaxing wash, or do you still need time to think? We love hearing from you, so drop us a message in the comment section below. 

Tips for Loft Conversion & Sloping Roof Shower Enclosures (5 Top Picks)

Loft Conversion & Sloping Roof Shower Enclosures: Buying Guide & 5 Top Picks

Whether you have decided to convert your loft into a bathroom or the existing one has a sloping roof, it can be a challenge to accommodate the shower.

You might even think that you can’t have one in a bathroom with a sloped roof, but we can tell you now that you absolutely can.

Loft Conversion & Sloping Roof Shower Enclosures: Buying Guide & 5 Top Picks

In order to give you clear advice and guidance, we have created this concise and informative guide that will be able to help you learn more about the best ways to convert your loft and make use of the sloping walls within your bathroom.

All you need to do is read through the tips below, make notes, and you will be well on your way to discovering the best and most effective way to create your dream bathroom with limited space. 

#1 Turn Your Shower Into a Wet Room

wet shower room

Honestly, wet rooms are seriously underrated, and people should take advantage of the concept a lot more than they do.

These walk-in showers make the room feel a lot larger and open, but also allow you to fit the toilet and sink in very comfortably so that you don’t feel cramped when you are in the room.

There is also the benefit of there being no walls, which means a sloping ceiling becomes a completely irrelevant issue.

Personally, the spacious feel of a wet room has always made me feel more comfortable and relaxed when I am in the shower, and I am pretty sure you will feel the same way once you give it a try. 

#2 Go High with the Shower

When you are faced with a sloping wall, what you should do is have the shower installed in the tallest area.

This means that you can go really high with the glass door and walls, and if you are in a really small bathroom, you can have one of the glass walls adjusted to fit the slope comfortably.

It creates a really beautiful effect and has such a modern feel. A sloped ceiling shower screen isn’t particularly hard to come by either. Additionally, going high doesn’t just maximise the headroom, it makes the whole place feel larger and brighter as a result.

You can also make the wall it has been installed against a feature one, adding a little something extra to the overall design and appearance. 

#3 Make Use of all the Bathroom Space

Every part of your sloping bathroom can be used, and you shouldn’t assume that just because there is a slope you cannot utilise the area.

You might not be able to stand up straight under the slope, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place the towel rack there, or even a floating vanity with storage underneath.

We get more into the storage ideas later on in this guide, but it’s important to remember that when you are dealing with a small space.

loft shower image

Further Reading: DIY Old Shower Makeover

Everything counts towards making it better, bigger, and brighter in terms of how it feels when you step inside. 

#4 Open Up the Room

If you have an exceedingly tiny bathroom with a sloping ceiling, you can try opening up the room in order to make it feel larger and airier.

One of the best ways to do this is making the doorway much wider (think double what it is now) and potentially removing the door and replacing it with a sliding door.

This will make the whole room feel less like a tiny chamber, and more like a place of calm and relaxation.

There is also the option to purchase shower enclosures for low ceilings, many of which have a reduced height. You should also consider painting it a soothing neutral colour to open it up more. 

#5 Emphasise the Slope Ceiling

emphasise the slope showers enclosure

The slope is a defining feature of your bathroom, and we can tell you that there is no point trying to fight that fact.

Instead of getting frustrated with your sloping ceiling, you should work with it instead; and you might find yourself surprised by how easily you can do that in a loft conversion with low headroom.

You can have things like the mirrors and cabinets made and cut to fit the slope, so everything locks perfectly into place to create a striking and memorable design that even your guests will be talking about when they come to visit.  

Use the slop to your advantage, and your bathroom will look absolutely spectacular.

#6 Tuck in the Loo

As long as there is space to stand without hitting your head, the toilet can go on the slope. It’s a really good way to make the most of the space provided, while also creating a stylish look.

If you are worried about where the cistern will go, you can even create a false wall behind it that doubles up as storage or a shelf for you to store cleaning products or toiletries. You can even fit the sink under the slope if you have a bathroom that is long enough. 

toilet for shower room

#7 Add a Little Personality

Your sloped ceiling adds a heap of character to the room, and if you take the time to bring a little personality to the formula, you will be left with the bathroom of your dreams.

Take the time to actually highlight it as a feature of your bathroom but doing things like painting a separate colour, or tiling all of the bathroom aside from the slope to draw more attention to it. There are loads of stylish and tasteful ways to achieve this gorgeous look. 

#8 Make Your Shower Room Comfortable and Cosy

make loft shower comfortable

Sometimes you won’t be able to help the fact that the bathroom is quite a tight space, and a sloped ceiling doesn’t always help this. However, you should definitely own the situation and work with what you have.

Paint the walls a dark colour with light tiles to create a feeling that is surprisingly warm and comfortable, leaving you with a more intimate and cosy atmosphere when you decide to hop in the shower, or even slide into the bath for a relaxing evening after a long day. 

#9 Pop in Extra Storage

Storage is so important, something we touched on earlier, and a sloped ceiling means that you get so many opportunities to create more of it.

You can line the slope with cabinets, allowing for countertop storage as well as cupboards, or you can even get really fancy and carve shelving into the actual slope for something a little different.

Floating units can have storage underneath them, and heated towel racks with shelves at the top provide you with a great place to keep your folded towels. 

unique looking shower room

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has taught you more about the ways you can utilise the space within your room with sloping walls, showing you new methods for creating a beautiful bathroom that you will love every time you step into it.

From quick tips to actual products, we have a little bit of everything to pique your interest and get your mind working on ideas.

What did you think of our sloping roof shower enclosure guide? Did it tick all the right boxes for you, or are there things you would have added to make things better? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave us a message in the comments below.

Buy The Best Power Showers: Top 10 UK Review Guide


Low water pressure in your bathroom got you feeling down?

Then you're in the right place. Welcome to our best power showers guide.

What do you want from a power shower? Well, POWER is one of the key factors here. You want it to be able to pump out that water regardless of your water pressure. Durable, well-designed, easy controls, with an excellent selection of features. 


Allow us to make that happen to you. We’ve taken 30 of the best power showers in the UK and spent over 50 hours putting them through our rigorous testing process to weed out the weak and leave you with the top performing models, including those from Mira and Aqualisa. 

Why? Well, we know you deserve the best power shower there is. Offering excellent performance and UNBEATABLE PRICES. Part of our guarantee is bringing you a whole variety of models to choose from. 

Which one stole the show? We have to be honest and say the Aqualisa Aquastream really blew us away. It offers peak performance and some great features you’re going to want to try out. 

Not sure our editor’s pick has the kind of power you need? Allow us to wash away those worries with a really diverse and high-quality selection of the best power showers you are sure to love.

Best Power Showers[In Order]

1. Editors Pick: Aqualisa Aquastream Power Shower

Powerful, reliable, durable, are three words that can be used to describe the exquisite power shower from Aqualisa. It really boosts the water pressure in your shower, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy it instead of suffering through barely a trickle of water.

  • Size: 16 x 18 x 32cm 
  • Style: Thermostatic Control
  • Flow Rate: 10L, 18L
  • Spray Patterns: 4
  • Finish: Chrome 

Thanks to the thermostatic control, you will find that it maintains a constant temperature at all times and through all conditions.

To do this, it dynamically adjusts the combination of hot and cold water to offset those usual changes (no more shrieks as the temp changes). 

It comes with four different spray patterns, allowing you to tailor your shower according to your needs. This even includes an eco-mode, which helps you save water by using less water. You can switch between modes using a handy pull ring on the head. 

Looking to adjust the flow? That’s no problem. You can choose between two flow rates, one of which is 10L per minute and the other being 18L per minute. Alongside the fully adjustable head height, you can have the perfect shower in no time at all. 

An important thing to note is that this shower can only be used on a gravity-fed system and cannot be used on a high-pressure one. So, before you buy make sure you have the right system in your home for this power shower to get the job done.

Installation is nice and easy, and it won’t take long to get things going. Just make sure to set aside a couple of hours to familiarise yourself with the system and the instructions. Furthermore, it’s just an exceptional looking model that will certainly add some spice to your bathroom setup. 

  • Maintains a constant temperature no matter the condition to keep you a priority 
  • Boosts that pressure high so that you get the shower you deserve
  • Choice of flow rates so that your shower is tailored to your needs
  • Four spray patterns that make every time you step into the shower a new adventure
  • Simple installation that will leave you weeping for all the right reasons

Not sure this is quite the power shower for you? We get that, so why not let us shower (I crack myself up) you with a few more options that might be more to your liking? Check out our runner up from Mira below.

2. Runner Up: Mira XS Event Power Shower

Powerful, reliable, durable, are three words that can be used to describe the exquisite power shower from Aqualisa.

It really boosts the water pressure in your shower, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy it instead of suffering through barely a trickle of water. 

  • Size: 11.5 x 21 x 31cm 
  • Style: Thermostatic Control
  • Flow Rate: 14L
  • Spray Patterns: 4
  • Finish: Polished

Looking for a good time? That’s something this shower can practically guarantee every time you step inside. The way this model increases water pressure ensures powerful jets of water are hitting your body at all times, leaving you feeling clean and relaxed. 

The thermostatic control means that it remains at a consistent temperature, so if you’re tired of that one person who turns the tap on while you’re showering (we see you, don’t try to hide) you can rest easy knowing that your shower won’t be ruined again. 

The pump installed in this model is both reliable and powerful, taking water from the hot and cold water supplies in your home before combining them in the pump so that you can avoid low pressure and keep a steady flow rate, which is pretty nice at 14L per minute. 

The fact that there are four fantastic spray patterns for you to choose from means that you can benefit from a soothing shower that is perfectly customised to suit your needs at the time. As for the controls? Well, they’re easy to read and access for minimal effort and maximum chill. 

The showerhead on this power shower is also easy to clean, with silicone spray nozzles that simply need to be wiped down after use to prevent the potential build-up of limescale and other mineral debris in the showerhead (that hard water life, eh?). 

  • Understated design that just screams modernity for a subtle look
  • Thermostatic controls to keep the temperature steady for your comfort
  • Four different spray patterns so that you can enjoy the shower of your dreams
  • Provides a steady flow rate that ensures you can shower just the way you deserve
  • Easy breezy cleaning that’s sure to keep limescale at bay

Like what you see but don’t have the cash? We get that, and that’s why we’d like to present you with an equally powerful option that comes at a lower price. For those on a budget, allow us to present you with the Mira Vigour below.

3. Budget Pick: Mira Vigour Power Shower

Classically designed, this power shower is sure to liven up your morning. Connecting to gravity-fed systems, it hooks up your hot and cold water before combining them to really pump out the power and fix those low-pressure problems you’ve been having. 

  • Size: 25.4 x 53.4 x 78.4cm 
  • Style: Thermostatic Control
  • Flow Rate (Per Min): 14L
  • Spray Patterns: 5
  • Finish: Polished

The flow rate is steady at a very nice 14L per minute, keeping things consistent so that you don’t have to worry about losing pressure. What’s more, you have five spray settings to choose from - never say we don’t leave you spoilt for choice. 

What we really appreciate is the thermostatic control. This means that you won’t experience a fluctuation in temperature, even if the pressure drops a little or someone decides to switch a tap on. It keeps things steady and consistent (we all need at least one constant in life, right?). 

The controls do not get easier than this, and you will find that they are all located on one simple dial on the main body of the shower. No more where that thing-a-ma-jig when you’re trying to chill, you can just kick back. Oh, and there’s a soap tray, we always like one of those.

If you’re part of the #JustHardWaterThings group, you’ll understand the need for a showerhead that is easy to clean and maintain. Limescale-be-gone with this model, and you just wipe down the silicone nozzles after use to prevent those nasty little minerals from congregating.

  • Affordable price with a stylish design that doesn’t scream cheap
  • Thermostatic control because you’re the king (or queen) of the shower
  • Five spray patterns because you’re worth it, and your body deserves it
  • Steady flow rate to ensure that you’re always having the time of your life
  • Easy to clean and easy to install because life’s too short for hassle

Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap, and this model from Mira certainly proves that point. However, if you’re still not feeling completely satisfied with our top three, we’re sure the rest of our excellent choices will be more suited to you. Make sure you check them out below.

4. Bristan Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower

If you’re looking for a terrific power shower, but refuse to splurge, you should definitely check out the Bristan Hydropower Thermostatic Power Showers.

Although it may be a little more costly than some of the alternatives, this product delivers everything consumers will ever need to experience the most relaxing shower of their lives.

The unit is capable of delivering up to 10 litres of water flow per each minute, which will undoubtedly satisfy all consumers.

  • Size: 11.0cm x 6.5cm x 25.5cm 
  • Style: Thermostatic Control
  • Flow Rate (Per Min): 10L
  • Spray Patterns: 3
  • Finish: Gloss White

With the push of the Eco button, you’ll be able to cut down on your home’s water usage and begin saving money instantly.

The unit also comes with a temperature control, which guarantees you’ll be able to achieve the optimum temperature.

This is one of the best electric power showers with pump, so you won’t need to make any additional purchases. Below, you’ll find additional pros and cons associated with this product.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Delivers a sufficient amount of hot water
  • Temperature controls for optimization
  • ECO mode helps the consumer save money
  • Very stylish and will look great in most bathrooms
  • Comes with its own pump
  • Handset is equipped with three spray options


  • A little bit loud

All in all, the Bristan Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower is a terrific value and will undoubtedly satisfy the mass majority of households.

The installation is easy, the unit is stylish and it can pump out a suitable amount of hot water. Despite being a tad bit loud, it is still one of the best models on the market.


Q: Does this need hot and cold water, or will cold water supply do ?

A: This shower is a power shower and needs a cold feed and a hot feed. It has no element inside, just a high pressure pump and thermostatic valve. 

5. Triton Thermostatic Power Shower

Everyone will want to acquire a power shower, which will be sure to serve his or her needs for many years to come.

If you fall into this category, you should definitely explore the Triton Thermostatic Power Shower.

This unit is fairly affordable and the price tag is definitely justifiable, thanks to excellent features and an extensive 1-year warranty on parts and labour!

Take note that this isn’t a power shower combi boiler and will require access to hot and cold water supply lines. Still, it is equipped with an internal pump, which helps to enhance the water flow rate to 14 litres per minute.

This helps to make this unit one of the most, if not the most powerful electric shower on the market.

  • Size: 21.5cm x 11.4cm x 35cm 
  • Style: Thermostatic Control
  • Flow Rate (Per Min): 10L
  • Spray Patterns: 1
  • Finish: White

Also, the unit is more than suitable for household, which experience low-pressure levels.

For added customisation and to ensure that the unit fits your bathroom’s style, you will be able to choose from two cool colour schemes. The unit’s adjustable riser rail is also equipped with a soap dish for added convenience.


  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Adjustable riser rail is also fitted with a convenient soap dish
  • Anti-kink hose is manufactured from stainless steel for better longevity and durability
  • Automatic shutoff turns unit off in event of water supply failure
  • Temperature dial allows for easy adjustments
  • Capable of delivering 14 litres of waters per minute


  • Slightly noisy

Although this unit is slightly noisy, it is still one of the best electric power showers with pump.

For the price and thanks to the massive benefits, this is undoubtedly one of the better power shower units on the market! Be sure to check it out for yourself right now.


Q: what are the entry points for water?

A: The hot and cold water entry can be from the top of the unit or from the bottom of the unit. Also entry can be made from the rear of the unit at the top entry point using the supplied elbows.

Q: Will this work directly from mains water supply?

A: The power shower gets its supply from the hot water tank feed and does not heat the water up like normal electric showers. 

6. Bristan Hydropower 1000xt Power Shower

There are many consumers that will desire to save a bit of money, when selecting a power shower.

If you fit this mould, you will definitely want to check out this Bristan Power Shower. The unit is affordable, very sleek and will always deliver a satisfying, pleasurable shower.

First and foremost, this unit is equipped with a single start and stop button, as well as a temperature dial.

This combination helps to make the unit effortless to utilise and entirely uncomplicated. Even your children will be able to figure it out, without being repeatedly instructed.

  • Size: 23cm x cm x 23cm 
  • Style: Thermostatic Control
  • Flow Rate (Per Min): 10L
  • Spray Patterns: 2
  • Finish: White

The unit is designed for low pressure, gravity systems and cannot be utilised with others. It is capable of delivering pressures between .1 and 1.0 bars, which will be more than enough for most households.

The handset can be configured to three different functions and can be rubbed clean, without a struggle.

Although this will not work as a power shower combi boiler, it is long lasting and capable of delivering plenty of power.


  • Installation isn’t overly difficult
  • Very good value for the money
  • Sleek, stylish and easy to use
  • Temperature dial for easy customization
  • Delivers water pressures between .1 and 1.0 bars
  • Handset offers 3 modes and is effortless to maintain
  • Long lasting and very durable


  • Only works with low pressure gravity systems

When it comes down to it, this is an excellent power shower, which will deliver a good performance each time you switch on the shower.

It is affordable, very stylish and will deliver up to 1 bars of pressure. With this in mind, there really isn’t much that you won’t like about this unit.

If it is compatible with your current plumbing system, it is well worth examining in greater detail right now.


Q: Is this just cold water feed please ?

A: No this product requires hot and cold feed, if you would like more info please feel free to check the fitting details on the bristan website.

Leave A Comment Now!

At the end of the day each model featured here will serve you well, but our best power showers pick has to be the Aqualisa Aquastream but we wont hold it against you if yo decide to go with any of the other great power showers featured here

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know if you have any questions.

Shower Wall Panel Review – Choose the Best Panels for Your Shower Room

Shower Wall Panels? Complete Buyers Guide – How to Choose and Fit

Has the time come for a complete bathroom renovation, or perhaps you just need to fix the shower up? Whatever your reasons, it is important to know what you’re getting and that you are purchasing the best shower wall panel for the job.

To help you figure out which path to take, we have taken the time to create this detailed guide on shower wall panels.

It’s a complete buyer’s handbook on how to choose them, the various types, and everything in between.

We even have a little FAQ at the end to answer all of your most pressing questions, as well as some of our favourite models we have reviewed for you to check out

After renovating my bathroom last year, I felt like I would have benefitted from an article like this one. So here it is for you...

Shower Wall Panels? Complete Buyers Guide – How to Choose and Fit

What are Shower Wall Panels Made of? 

There are actually three main types of material for shower wall panels, and while you may find others out there, the three we go through in this section are certainly the best for the task. 


This is usually the cheapest type of shower wall, and so is perfect if you are on a budget. This is because it is one of the most common synthetic plastics and can be reformed into numerous shapes – making it a versatile material to use.

These shower walls are also the lightest of the main three, due to the absence of a solid mass in the core; instead using what is known as a vertical cuboid construction.

Their low price does not affect the overall quality either, and you will find that they are just as reliable as some of the higher end products on the market.

They can be used in both residential and commercial environments


If you are searching for a very slim shower wall panel, acrylic is usually the one you want as they can be up to 5mm thinner than their counterparts. However, due to their dense construction, you will also find that they are heavier than the PVC panels on the market, and this is also due to the fact that the core is solid.

One of the benefits of acrylic is that they can come in a range of bold colours or be semi-transparent, giving you a little more variety when decorating your bathroom. They are just as durable and hygienic as the PVC models, but the increased weight and the material can mean that they are more expensive to buy and deliver. 

Further Reading: Shower Enclosures for Low Ceilings


These are also known as MDF shower wall panels, so when you are searching for the laminated models, you might have this name pop up instead. These are the thickest and the heaviest walls on the market, and in many ways, they are the best one to go for when you are renovating your bathroom.

However, this does mean that they are usually more expensive to buy. The core of this particular type of wall also has a high-pressure laminated backing on both sides, which makes it incredibly waterproof.

You can pick from a massive selection of designs as well – everything from a marble effect to bespoke images that you supply to the manufacturer. It’s an incredibly versatile shower wall panel that really allows for your personal touch. 

What Surfaces Can Bathroom Wall Panels be Fitted on? 

Shower wall panels are often some of the easiest items to fit in your bathroom, and this is mostly because they are quite simple to fit on surfaces that might be deemed slightly uneven. They can also be fitted directly over existing tiles and wall coverings, which makes them hassle-free and a lot less stressful to install in your home.

Of course, a smooth and plastered wall remains the best surface. However, if you are fitting them in a commercial building, then you may find that they need to be attached to batons or to the stud wall.

However, the tradesman that you hire to do the work for you will be more knowledgeable on the topic. If you plan on undertaking a commercial task yourself, we strongly recommend you do thorough research in methods and regulations before you start the job. 

What are the Benefits Over Tiling? 

A lot of the debate over tiling vs panels is down to personal preference, because there are some that like to have a traditional tile in their bathroom, and others that prefer the easy maintenance that comes with shower wall panels.

There are some benefits to using the wall panels over tiling though, and we have listed each of the reasons below for you to consider:

  • Shower wall panels have no grouting and so are 100% waterproof (timesaver) 
  • They tend to be cheaper as they are sold on a per square metre basis 
  • They are quicker and easier to install than tiles (ooh another timesaver) 
  • You can install them over existing wall and tiles, as well as wonky surfaces(timesavers keep on coming here)
  • The installation process itself is cheaper, even if you hire a professional to do it 
  • They need less maintenance and won’t discolour as time passes
  • You can panel your entire bathroom or just specific areas of it 
  • You can panel your floor and ceiling too 
  • Many shower wall panels come with your own design (Probably not a pic of yourself here please) 

Things to Watch Out for: A Watertight Seal Most of the Time 

No matter which material you choose for your shower wall panel, they are going to be waterproof, and that is one of the big factors that draws people in.

You just have to be careful and ensure that the areas where the panels join are fully sealed to prevent any water from seeping through – especially when it comes to the corners. A lot of the time you can use regular sealant(though we suggest some great ones here) or some sealing strips that will help keep everything nice and watertight.

If you are using trims and joints, make sure that they are from the manufacturer of the panels to ensure that they not only fit properly, but that they also work as intended. Every corner and joint needs to be done, and there is no such thing as over-sealing in order to protect your walls. 

Things to Watch Out for

Size and Format 

You will find that you can buy the shower walls in either a panel format of strips, each of which is equally easy to install, with the strips being better suited to small areas that are in need of panelling.

Generally speaking, the average width for the wall panel will be around 1000mm, although there are some brands that will offer you something thinner than 600mm, and others that even go up to 1300mm or more. It all depends on the brand you choose.

Typically, the height ranges from 2000mm to 2400mm, as this is the standard height for most bathroom walls. It is possible to get taller panels custom made if needed. If you are just doing your shower, you shouldn’t need more than two (maybe three) panels and a joining trim.

Further Reading: Guide for Descaling Shower

Styles and Finishes

There are now a huge actually number of designs and styles available for shower wall panels, with the market really evolving over the past couple of years as tech and capabilities develop.

Even If you go with cheaper models and brands, you wont find yourself limited in terms of what you can get for your money

Brick designs are really popular at the moment as are monochrome, but all down to personal taste so you may be looking for bold and bright colours (if this expresses your personality, go-for-it).

As we mentioned earlier, you can even get some manufacturers to print a bespoke image on the panels for you to really personalise it, imagine what you can achieve here.

For many, the extra expense is worth it to create their dream shower, and honestly, the results can be amazing. 

Tile & Brick Effect Bathroom Wall Panels 

As we already mentioned, these are really exciting because they take away from the flat design of the wall panels and add a new dimension to them; creating the illusion of real tiles or brick on your wall can be super effective. We have a few example that we reviewed coming up shortly.

Can You Fix Accessories to Bathroom Wall Panels?

This is such a big question, and the reason it is not in the FAQ section later on is because it is probably one of the top things that customers ask manufacturers before they buy.

The short answer is that yes, you can definitely fix accessories to the shower panels without issue. They have been designed to take things like the shower valve, riser rail, or a soap holder so you won’t have any issues with that. 

However, if you are looking to attach heavier items (like a shower chair or grab rails), it is strongly advised that you install them onto a load bearing wall instead of the panel so that the weight can be fully supported without any risk.

So, there are some restrictions to the accessories you can fit, but the standard ones will be able to be installed without issue. 

Products for Your Consideration

We are committed to finding the best shower wall panels UK for you, and that is why we have gathered a few of our favourite products for you to look at. Our top five are listed below for you to browse through at your leisure.

3 D Natural Brick Design

Offering a realistic design that complements the aesthetics of any bathroom, you have the luxury of being able to choose from six different 3D natural brick designs when you select this shower wall panel. 

Made from PVC, they have been digitally printed to ensure the best possible QUALITY and are also waterproof and beautifully sealed to prevent damage as well as mould growth. There’s no need to worry about grout, all you need to do is attach it to the wall and you’re good to go. 

The tongue and groove fittings hint towards a much higher-end price tag, but you will find that these panels are highly affordable. Lightweight for your convenience, installation is simple, and you will find that the light feel of the panels doesn’t compromise the quality or integrity. 

The matt finish on these 10mm thick panels retains that realistic look and feel - steering away from the often cheap-looking gloss finishes that many budget panels provide. 

Sparkle and Marble  Effect

Who doesn’t like a touch of glamour? A sparkle and marble effect can feel unachievable on a budget, but these wall panels bring your dreams of sophistication to life - all without breaking the bank or leaving your bathroom looking cheap and tacky. 

It uses a simple tongue and groove fitting that doesn’t just make installation easy, it also ensures a watertight seal that requires no grout and no hassle. Maintenance is a breeze too, just wipe down the panels to keep mould and mildew away effectively. 

Made from PVC, it has a matt finish that still retains a glorious sparkle effect, and there are several designs to choose from. Suited to most standard bathrooms and with an excellent thickness of 10mm, it remains lightweight without skipping out on the quality. 

We all deserve to have a bathroom that makes us feel good and relaxed, so why not allow yourself a taste of luxury? 

Modern Carbon Effect

Bringing a sense of modernity and style to your bathroom space, the carbon effect is subtle and yet has a massive impact on the overall feel of the room. It uses the usual tongue and groove fittings to create an interlocking system that is fully sealed to protect your walls. 

This waterproofing also means that you are reducing the risk of mould and mildew, with the only maintenance needed being a quick wipe of the panels when you have finished your shower. While they come with a grout line that could fool a plumber, the real thing is not needed. 

The panels themselves are the perfect size to fit any standard bathroom, bringing the walls to life effortlessly. They are also 10mm thick, which keeps them lightweight during installation while also offering an excellent level of protection. 

Why not take the time to give your bathroom a more contemporary feel with these stunning shower wall panels? 

Grey Matt 8mm Concrete Style

It might not sound like the best style, but in reality, concrete can have the most exceptional aesthetic impact on a bathroom space. It creates ripples on the walls that are reminiscent of some tropical cave, making these panels something your shower NEEDS, and FAST. 

The tongue and groove fitting mean that installation is effortless and quick, so your shower is ready for use in no time at all. Thanks to its water resistance, there is no need for grout either, saving you the messy part of the job and leaving you with nothing but a perfect finish. 

A thickness of 10mm is standard, providing a lightweight feel without compromising the integrity and durability of the panels. They are also the ideal size for standard bathrooms, lining up against the walls perfectly. 

Their low maintenance combined with how easy they are to install means that you are guaranteed a result that not only impresses you, but that pesky mother in law.

Executive Grey Tile Effect

For many, the executive bathroom is a concept that exists only in dreams. For you, it’s about to become a reality. This executive grey tile effect shower gives you the sense of importance you know you deserve, and at a low price you can easily afford. 

Simple installation? You’ve got it with these panels, locking together comfortably in a tongue and groove style that doesn’t just make life easier for you - it also keeps your bathroom water resistant and free from mould and mildew spawning under the panels. 

This is because the locking mechanism creates a fully sealed finish that doesn’t require you to mess around with grout. Making these panels low maintenance as well as lightweight and easy. Plus, their 10mm thickness means that you’ve got plenty of protection and a nice finished look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to clean shower wall panels? 

Can you put wet wall panels on top of tiles? 

What is the best adhesive for shower panels? 

Is there a waterproof paint for shower walls?

What is the best wall covering for a bathroom?

Can you cut shower wall panels?

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has been an informative adventure through the world of shower wall panels. Teaching you all about the do’s, don’ts, and everything in the middle.

Plus, the products that we have specially chosen and listed here should hopefully be an excellent guide when looking at which panels to buy, and which are going to work with your home and design plans.

We only pick the ones we trust and love, so you have our guarantee that you are getting a reputable and excellent quality result. We can’t wait to hear about your dream bathrooms and the panels you have chosen.

What did you think of our guide to shower wall panels? Did it tick all the boxes or leave you wanting more? We love hearing from you, so please feel free to leave us a message with your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. 

Best Rainfall Shower Heads for a Great Showering Experience

Best Rainfall Shower Heads for A Great Showering Experience
Best Rainfall Shower Heads for A Great Showering Experience

Who doesn’t dream of showering under a waterfall in some tropical paradise? We’ve all been there in our minds, but what if you could bring that same feeling to reality? 

Now that we have your attention, allow us to introduce you to the rainfall showerhead - your tropical getaway nestled comfortably in your home shower. 

The question is, what should you be looking for in a rainfall showerhead? Well, you want it to offer excellent flow rates, have an excellent power level, and feel just like falling rain on your body. 

To help you make the right choice, we took over 30 of the best rainfall showerheads and spent well over 20 hours testing them to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. With top brands such as Grohe included, you’re in safe hands with us. 

Our testing process includes ensuring that there are plenty of models that fit a range of budgets, but also have the power to provide you with a relaxing and invigorating showering experience

Which of these rainfall showerheads was crowned the winner? The Hiendure 16 inch Stainless Steel model was our top pick, and you’ll understand why as soon as you read our detailed review. 

Not feeling convinced by our editor’s pick? Well, allow us to rain a few more options on you. I know, I’m hilarious, and it just gets better as you go through our guide to the best rainfall showerhead. 

Best Rainfall Showerheads [In Order]

Editors Pick: Hiendure 304-grade Stainless Steel 16 Inch

Serene, sophisticated, calming, these are just some of the words that can easily describe this wonderful rainfall shower.

The falling water feels as gentle as falling rain, and yet it retains the power to clean your body without feeling like there’s a lack of water pressure. 


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Rainfall
  • Settings: 1
  • Shape: Square
  • Size: 16-inch
  • Finish: Polished

It does only have one setting, rainfall, but this doesn’t detract from its versatility or ability to leave you feeling relaxed. The wide circumference of the showerhead is enough to fully immerse you in what you will find is a unique experience (and one you’ll want again and again).

The actual showerhead is fully adjustable, allowing you to tilt it according to your needs so that you are always comfortable. Want the water to run over you while you chill on the shower bench? No problem. Want to stand directly under the water? Easy as. 

Made from polished stainless steel, the finished look has a mirror effect that is sure to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. When that oh-so-picky grandmother comes to visit, you’ll find she’s speechless once she sees this gorgeous fixture in your shower. You’re welcome. 

Cleaning and maintenance are simple tasks, with clear rubber nozzles that just need a quick wipe after every use. While this is great for keeping limescale at bay as well as other minerals, the fact that the nozzles are clear also means it doesn’t detract from the aesthetics. 
  • Stylish design that fits in comfortably with any bathroom aesthetic 
  • Adjustable showerhead so that you can adjust it according to your needs
  • A rainfall feeling that somehow feels light yet cleanses your body thoroughly
  • Wide circumference to cover your whole body and leave you feeling relaxed
  • Quick and easy to clean to make life easier for you and stop limescale

While this model is what we would call the creme de la creme of the rainfall showerhead world, it might not be quite the right choice for you. Why not see if our runner up from Grohe can sprinkle a little clarity on the situation for you.

Runner-Up: GROHE Euphoria 10.5” Rainfall Shower

This beautifully crafted showerhead is easy to install thanks to the universal connection, and will leave you feeling more than impressed with the results.

It offers you that Herbal Essences-esque escape, one that we all sorely need when the world is turning upside down.


  • Material: Chrome
  • Type: Rain, Massage
  • Settings: 3
  • Shape: Square 
  • Size: 10.5-inch
  • Finish: Polished

It features three spray settings, each of which has been designed for ultimate relaxation. The Rain Spray is soft and soothing, the Jet Spray is massaging and ideal for shampoo, and the Smart Rain Spray offers a little more power while remaining very calming. 

Where are the controls for this? All you need to do is reach up and twist the delicate knob in the centre of the showerhead. From there, you have full control over which setting is activated so that you can tailor your shower to meet your needs. Never say we don’t give you good things. 

The polished chrome finish and slimline profile gives it a modern and minimalist feel. With a 5-year warranty included in the price, you’ll feel even more relaxed because you know you’re covered and that Grohe is confident in their product. 

Cleaning has never been easier, and for fellow hard water sufferers it comes as a relief to know that you can benefit from an easy wipe-down system. Finish your shower, give the silicone nozzles a wipe, and you’re helping to prevent limescale and mineral build-up. 

  • Gorgeous chrome finish that will leave your bathroom looking truly divine 
  • Three fantastic settings to choose from so that you can make the most of it
  • Excellent circumference to leave you feeling as though you’re out in the tropics
  • Easy controls that take a mere moment to reach and adjust according to your liking
  • Hate cleaning? No problem, it’s never been simpler than with this showerhead

While we love this stylish runner up, we know it might not be quite the tropical escape you were hoping for. If this is the case, make sure you check out the rest of our fantastic models below and see if one of them works miracles for you.

Best Waterfall Shower Head From Trusted Brand – Hansgrohe

Sometimes we just need a way to escape, to visit distant lands and experience what nature has to offer.

We might not be able to do that every day, but a waterfall shower head is the perfect way to bring all of that to you. We have the best one on the market for you to look at below. 

The Good

Measuring in at 12” is the perfect size for just standing still and allowing the water to surround you. 

The head is also adjustable, so that you can reach the angle that is just right for you, and it is suited to homes that have high water pressure due to the extra features and functions – the waterfall being the highlight of these. It comes down in a cascade, targeting the neck and back for relaxation.

It’s ideal if you want to unwind, and it works to massage the tense areas of your body while also transporting you to a serene world that is unlike any other.

You also have the choice to use the rainfall setting, or the rainfall with air feature – which creates a lighter and more luxurious flow. It is also easy to clean and maintain thanks to the silicone nozzles, which makes it quite convenient.

The Not So Good

There have been no negative comments or reviews from customers for this product so far. 

Our View

This moderately priced shower head is a good mid-range model that will look absolutely fantastic in any home. With a dazzling finish that any guest or resident is sure to love.

With no negative reviews so far, it has shown itself to be a reliable and effective shower head that will meet all of your expectations and more. Made to last, and with an excellent array of features, you are sure to find the perfect setting for your shower time escape. 

Best Monsoon Shower Head for Small Shower – KES

A monsoon simply screams tropical as the feeling of warm rain surrounds you and you listen to the steady beat as it hits plants and structures outside.

Travelling to exotic lands is not always possible, and that is where a monsoon shower head comes in. Have a peek below, they are so worth it. 

The Good

This shower head has a stunning chrome finish that provides your bathroom with a cool, metallic, look – sure to be admired by both you and those who visit your home. 

The 8” head is ideal for most showers, fitting in nicely and working well in homes that don’t have a great amount of space. The swivel ball on the head allows for the angle to be adjusted while you wash for the perfect clean.

The instant clean technology means that it is never any hassle and it will always keep itself in good condition for you, and it attaches to a standard connector arm for simple installation.

The monsoon setting is ideal for those who want to get away from the stress of life for a little while, and it will also massage the neck and shoulders. It has a setting for every situation, and every mood. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have noted that limescale will still occur in hardwater areas, and so it may not always be able to self-clean. 

Our View

This monsoon shower head comes at a very low and reasonable price, so it fits in nicely with practically any budget.

While there are some who have noted that limescale still occurs in hardwater areas, this is not totally unexpected, and the cleaning required is still quite minimal when compared to other shower heads.

Plus, it offers a beautiful monsoon downpour as well as a variety of other settings to make your evening a peaceful one. 

Best LED Rain Shower Head – Hansgrohe

Why not add a little something extra to your shower? A set of LED lights could be just the thing to really set the mood and provide you with even more relaxation while you wash.

If you think this could be the type of shower head for you, check out the reviews for our favourite model. 

The Good

This LED shower head is wall-mounted for your convenience, offering quick and easy installation that allows you to choose the ideal position for it within the shower. 

Measuring in at 12”, it provides more than enough space for you to stand underneath and get covered in water, and it is best suited to a home with high levels of water pressure. Additionally, you have three spray settings to select.

The standard rain setting is great for a tranquil shower, and the rain air setting has a lighter and more relaxing feel – just like you are standing outside in heavy rainfall.

The third setting is a waterfall, transporting you away to distant lands for an immersive and calming experience. With a line of LED lights to really set the mood, it is a fully customisable way to get yourself clean. 

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that the price is a little high. 

Our View

This shower head does come at a higher price than most, and one that you might not necessarily expect from a shower head. However, it also offers you an amazing experience unlike any other, as well as lighting that helps to keep things relaxed while you stand under the water.

There are a number of different settings for you to select at will – from light rain to a cascade – so that you are able to shower just the way you like to. It’s a great choice, and well worth the extra expense. 

Best Rain Shower Head for Hard Water – Artbath

Hard water areas can be really frustrating, especially as limescale seems to build up so quickly.

As a result, you need a shower head that is good quality and easy to clean, something we have provided for you here.

Take a look at the reviews below and see if this is the one for you. 

The Good

With a very slim and modern design, this shower head encapsulates everything that makes a shower room beautiful, and you will feel as though you are in the lap of luxury when you stand underneath it. 

Measuring at 12”, there is more than enough room to stand under it and be surrounded by water. Plus, it has an adjustable swivel head so that you can angle it according to the way you stand.

It fits standard pipes with ease, and there is an anti-lime scale cleaning system installed that helps to prevent the build-up of lime over time – making it easier for you to clean and maintain.

It is also suitable for homes with low pressure, and there is more than one setting so that you can enjoy different forms of rainfall in order to find the ultimate form of relaxation. 

The Not So Good

There have been no negative customer reviews for this model of shower head so far.

Our View

This rainfall shower head comes at a reasonable price, making it relatively affordable and good for a range of budgets and households. With no negative reviews from customers, you are practically guaranteed an excellent and good quality model.

It has a great selection of settings, as well as being ideal for homes with hard water, and the installation process is an absolute breeze. In many ways, it has everything you need and a little bit more. 

Best Adjustable Rain Shower Head  - iBath

Affordability is an important aspect to take into consideration, especially when you are buying something like a rainfall shower head.

This model is sure to have everything you want and need, so it’s worth taking a moment to flick through the reviews below and see what you think.

The Good

This shower head measures in at 8”, which is one of the standard sizes for the smaller models, and is ideal if you have a small bathroom or a shower with limited space. 

The durable stainless-steel material and chrome finish adds some glamour to the design, and it is sure to give your bathroom the lift it needs to be truly inviting. Plus, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

It can be wall or ceiling mounted for your convenience, and if you want to adjust it while you are standing in the shower, then the swivel head allows for just that.

Made to provide you with a shower that feels just like rain falling on you, the pressure is perfectly suited to just about any home, and it has been created to give a more relaxing experience. 

The Not So Good

There have been no negative comments or complaints for this product so far. 

Our View

This highly affordable rainfall shower head comes at a budget price that you simply won’t want to miss. It is a great size that will fit most showers excellently, and with easy installation as well as cleaning and maintenance.

It’s flexible and versatile, with no negative reviews so far. Made to last, this cheap and practical addition to your bathroom will add some luxury and style without breaking the bank. 

Further Models of Rain Shower Head

Here are some further models of rain shower head for you to look at, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Best Rain Shower Head with Handheld Spray - KTIP

This gorgeous 9” rainfall shower head is made from chrome, giving it a great finish that really stands out. The arm attaches naturally to and standard hose, providing you with a more flexible shower that allows for handheld use if and when it is needed.

With the ability to rotate 360-degrees, it reaches any and every angle effortlessly. Working even with low pressure, you can experience the feeling of gentle rain over your body, keeping you clean and offering you a little relaxation.

If a waterfall is more your speed, you can change it to the high-pressure setting – offering more power while you are getting yourself clean. All of this comes at a great price as well, making it an affordable budget model. 

Best Design Rain Shower Head – Vado 

Slim and modern, this square rain shower head has everything you need for a stylish and minimalist look.

Attaching itself nicely to the existing hose, it is easy to install and covers a good amount of space within the shower – making it ideal for those who are tired to cramming themselves under a tiny standard head. 

The chrome finish really adds to the overall aesthetic, and it has two functions that you can use.

The water blade setting offers a lighter flow of water without compromising the pressure, whereas the cascade mode leaves you feeling like you are in a tropical monsoon. With a great guarantee and a reasonable price, it might just ne what you were looking for. 

Buyer's Guide

What is a Rain Shower Head? 

You might be wondering how it is different from a standard shower head, and there are actually a couple of ways. It tends to have a much wider circumference with a flatter head, and the rubber holes are spread apart to allow the water to fall in a manner that is quite different from your classic shower.

This is because the rain shower head is designed to mimic rainfall or waterfalls – depending on the setting that you have it on. It offers a more varied and relaxing showering experience that tends to range from a light drizzle to torrential rain.

The wider head also means that you get more coverage while washing, which means less moving around and extra time to just stand still and relax. 

Why Use One? 

There are a few reasons why you should use a rainfall shower head, some of which are practical, and others that appeal more to the quality of the décor in your home. Why not take a look at our handy list and see if they are going to be right for you? 

Low Water Pressure 

If the water pressure in your home is weak in any way, a rainfall shower head is an ideal solution. This is because it mimics rainfall, which means that it does not need the same level of pressure as a regular shower in order to achieve the same result.

It doesn’t mean you get a weak shower either, the wide coverage and the way in which the water falls mean you can enjoy a really thorough wash with a good amount of pressure. 

Efficient Coverage and Variety 

Due to the wider head, it is able to cover a much larger area than a standard shower head. This means that you don’t need to cram your body under a narrow area just to get washed.

Instead, you can take your time and enjoy the water. There are also a great variety of streams for you to choose from, so you can pick a light rainfall or go all the way to waterfalls and monsoons. 

Relaxation and Luxury 

The way in which things like waterfall shower heads work is by creating a sensation that isn’t too harsh on the skin and leaves you feeling more relaxed. It’s a whole new showering experience and really brings you back into nature, giving you a sense of tranquillity and allowing you to really unwind before or after a hard day. 


They also look wonderful, giving your home a more luxurious feel – especially since you will often find rainfall showerheads in five-star hotels. It’s also the perfect way to make your guests feel a little jealous. We all like to show our homes off a little after all. 

What’s the Installation Like?

While the installation of your rainfall shower head can vary massively depending on the manufacturer and the design, there are a couple of general points that can be made about it.

Usually, the installation process is actually very simple, despite the fact that these shower heads often appear and sound a lot more complex than a standard one. In fact, you should be able to install it yourself and without professional help with no issue, allowing you to get under the waterfall that much faster. 

What Features Should You Look For?

There are some features that are more important than others, and we have collected some of the main ones that you should be looking for when you do go to buy a rainfall shower head. 

Spray Quality 

There are some shower heads, usually the higher-end models, that use new technology to create an even more immersive experience.

They add air to the water droplets, which gives the feeling of being under a waterfall when you are washing – transporting you to a whole new location while you wash. Some also produce very realistic raindrops, it all depends on what you want and enjoy. 

Type of Shower Head 

There are two types for you to choose from – wall-mounted or ceiling -mounted – and you need to pick the one that will work best in your home. Of course, this all relates to the way it fits in your shower as well as the positioning of the shower arm (if there is one). 

Style of Shower Head 

By style, we mean the colour and material because you want something that matches the design of your bathroom.

Rainfall shower heads come in a whole variety for you to choose from, so whether you want bronze or chrome, there is one out there for you. Many of them also come in different colours for an even better selection. 


You need a shower head that is made from good-quality materials so that you know it will be able to last through years of use.

If you go with a brand you know, and trust, will usually yield the best results, as well as being willing to spend a little more. Cheap doesn’t always mean poorer quality, but it does tend to have a greater chance to be. 

What are the Three Main Benefits of Rain Shower Heads? 

Above everything else, there are three main benefits to having a rainfall shower head in your home, each of which we have listed for you below:


They offer you a really calm and relaxing showering experience so that you can make the most of your time and just take some time to chill out at the end of a long day – or in preparation for one. 

Easy to Clean

Most rainfall shower heads have silicone nozzles, which makes them much easier to clean and maintain. Less risk of blockage, all while saving you time and effort. 

Aesthetic Value 

As we have mentioned before, they look absolutely amazing, and they will give your home visual appeal that everyone is sure to be jealous of. The perfect touch of luxury and finesse. 

What to Look for When Buying the Best Rain Shower Head

Before you do go and buy your shower head, there are some things you need to look for when you are browsing the aisles in your local bathroom store. So, if you want the best rain shower head, take a look at these little details. 

How Much Water They Use 

Most of the time, these shower heads use the same amount of water as any other, it is just spread across a greater area.

However, if you buy a waterfall or monsoon shower head, you can expect these to use a lot more because of the increased pressure and demand for water in order to maintain the illusion that you are experiencing one. So, you can have a rainfall showerhead without wasting water – just watch out for the available nozzles. 

Spray Nozzles

We have mentioned the different settings you can get before, but what you may not realise is that there are shower heads available that allow you to flick between a whole range of spray nozzles to allow you to adjust the strength and type.

The more you have, the better, as you can customise your cleansing according to the way you feel and the strength you want. 


You need to make sure that it is actually going to fit inside your shower stall, both in terms of the height and the width of the head, so make sure that you measure everything carefully and accurately before you buy one.

While all rainfall shower heads are wider than standard ones, they do come in a variety of widths so that you can find the perfect fit for your shower. You will find that the sizes tend to be 8”, 10”, and 12”, and while there may be some that are larger or smaller, these are the norm for rainfall shower heads. 


Contrary to what you might think, a shower head as luxurious as this doesn’t necessarily come at a high-end price. In fact, you will find that they come at a whole range of prices, and we have made sure to include at least one from each bracket in the product sections below.

So, you don’t need to be incredibly wealthy to have a little pizazz in your bathroom. 

To Conclude

We hope that this guide has helped you to find the best rainfall shower head for you, and the shower head reviews have given you a hand determining which of these is going to be the best choice for your bathroom, as well as going to give you the best showering experience.

As always, we have made sure that the models we pick come from reliable brands that promise quality, as well as a good selection of prices so that everyone can benefit from the joy that this kind of shower is able to bring.

Whether you want a waterfall shower head for that relaxing feeling while you cleanse, or fancy the tropical feel that comes with a monsoon shower head, we have exactly what you need right here. Your shower will never be the same again.

What did you think of our rainfall shower head guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below. 

Discover the Best Bathtub and Shower Drain Hair Catchers


Clogged plughole in your bathroom?

It's the long, thick, clogs of hair you’re pulling from the drain like a shark on a fishing line. 


Well, say goodbye to your hairy situation with a brand new shower drain hair catcher. You heard us, you never have to pull up those long beasts again. 


We’ve taken over 50 hair catchers and spent a good 30 hours testing them and putting them through their paces. Why? We want to find the best drain hair catcher on the market that actually works and present it to you in a neat little package. Guess what? We did it. 

Yes, we found models that are kind to your budget, remove hair efficiently, and that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for OXO or LEKEYE, we have you covered with a detailed analysis of how they panned out. 

But which drain hair catcher did we think was best? Well, the simple answer is that LEKEYE stainless steel catcher really caught our eye and certainly stood out from the rest. 

If you’re not feeling convinced by our editor’s pick, there are plenty of other options that can get you out of a tangle and leave your drains free from those pesky hairs.

Best Drain Haircatchers [In Order]

Editors Pick - LEKEYE Stainless Steel Drain Hair Catcher

Sleek and modern are two words you can use to describe this snazzy drain hair catcher. Made from stainless steel, it brings a sense of style to any bathroom.Seriously, it makes it look SUPERIOR.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Strainer 
  • Detachable: Yes 
  • Weight: 121g 
  • Size: 10.92 x 10.92 x 10.92 cm
  • Suitable For: Bath, Shower 

Made from two parts, the installation is easy and takes a matter of seconds. No fiddly-what’s-this, just a quick snap on the drain and you’re done. It’s so easy a toddler could do it (although it might take them a little longer). 

Cleaning? No problem. This model of drain hair catcher is so simple to clean you’ll be emailing me to ask me why you didn’t buy it sooner. Simply pick it up, wipe it down, flush the hair, and you’re good to go for another round of showering or bathing. 

The drain holes have been carefully designed to allow the water to pass freely without letting the hair sneak past alongside it. 

A little bonus feature? A whopping 1-year warranty that will keep you feeling at ease. While this stainless steel drain protector is made from tough stuff, you know you can be confident in your purchase when the manufacturer feels the same way.

  • Made from stainless steel for durability during every shower or bath 
  • Quick to detach so that you can clean it easily 
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe clean and ge