Small Shower Room? Design and Plan to Help Maximise Space

At first, having a small shower room can be really frustrating because you don’t have enough space to set your vision in motion.

However, they can also be some of the most gorgeous rooms out there, and there are plenty of ways to make the most of your space and create something that you are sure to fall in love with.

So, don’t despair at the sight of your small shower room, we are full of ideas and here to guide you through some of the designs that maximise space.

Stylish and functional, each of our tips is sure to spark your creativity – and we have suggestions for everything from the tiles to the enclosure. 

Buy Freestanding and Multifunctional Furniture 

This is such a great way to decorate your bathroom, both for small and regular sized ones alike. Freestanding furniture means that you can move it around whenever you want, so you can rearrange the space on a regular basis.

This level of flexibility is ideal for small bathrooms because of the increased freedom – but also because you can take all the furniture with you when you move!

Having multifunctional furniture is important as well because it won’t take up as much space and you can ensure that everything has been stored away neatly. A good example is getting a set of drawers for the bathroom as you can keep everything from toilet paper and toothpaste to medicines and hairbrushes. 

Buy Freestanding and Multifunctional Furniture

Products from Heritage Bathrooms

Trick the Eyes with Tiles 

You can make your bathroom feel a lot larger by being smart with the tiles, and by this, we mean using them to play a trick on your eyes.

If you tile both the bath and the wall with the same tiles, your mind will find it hard to tell where one ends, and the other begins unless you really focus, and therefore the room is made to feel much bigger than it actually is. This example from Houzz is quite impressive, and actually links in with the next renovation tip. 

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Trick the Eyes with Tiles

Image from Houzz

Use the Same Tiles on the Floor and Walls 

Again, this is one of the best small shower room ideas when trying to make a room look bigger than it actually is. Having tiles that match on both the floor and the walls will make it feel incredibly spacious and welcoming.

While any colour tile can be used, we strongly recommend natural and neutral ones for the best effect – much like the example in our chosen image. The porcelain tiles really give a natural feel; elongating the room and making it more inviting. 

Products from Topps Tiles

Make the Most of a Sloping Roof 

Bathrooms with sloping roofs are less spacious, but they can also be the most beautiful. Whether the roof slants on one side or both, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the space you have.

For those that have slopes on each side, placing the bath at the back of the room between the two slopes can make a real statement – especially if you decide to add a feature wall. For those with one slope, you have a little more freedom to play around, and may even be able to fit both a bath and a shower in the room.

The image we have chosen of a bathroom with a single slope shows the perfect setup – with the sloped wall left painted instead of tiled to keep the room open and light. We really like this as an Ensuite shower room idea. 

Products from Victoria Plumb

Furnish to Scale 

If you have a small bathroom space, buying large furniture can make the room feel really cramped and uncomfortable. You need to furnish your bathroom to fit its size, and that means getting smart with the furniture.

It doesn’t need to be tiny, but it does need to be well-planned, and sticking with the basics is often a good idea. That way, you can store everything neatly without it taking up too much space. 

Products from Roper Rhodes

Tile Halfway up the Wall 

This is a great shower idea for small rooms, but also for those with higher walls before the ceiling starts to slope. Tiling halfway up the wall gives it a really classic feel, but also means you can avoid the potential hassle that comes with attempting to tile a sloping ceiling.

Our top tip for making the space look bigger, as well as creating a statement, is to use light coloured tiles with a dark paint at the top (or vice-versa). It just looks so defined, and our example image is proof of that. 

Products from Mandarin Stone

Invest in Made-to-Measure Fittings and Fixtures 

Coming back to the concept of not filling your bathroom with furniture that is too bulky, getting stuff in that is made-to-measure can be a fantastic idea- both for the fittings and the fixtures.

It means that your bathroom is your own, and if you are looking for efficient storage ideas for small shower rooms, or just want to make sure all the lights are going to fit comfortably, this is the way to go. It might end up costing a little more, but it makes your dream bathroom more of a reality. 

Products from UK Bathrooms

Keep it Simple 

Small shower room ideas don’t come any better than simplicity, and it is exactly what you need in order to maximise space and make the most of what you have.

All you need are the essentials – a toilet, shower/bath, sink, and a small storage area to keep toiletries and possibly cleaning products. You can have a modern statement bathroom without filling it up too much, and the results are wonderful.

Photo by What Katie Does, Flickr

Make it Appear Larger with Mirrors 

Some suggest getting mirror tiles to make the room feel larger and more inviting, but these can end up being too much – especially when you turn the lights on and get the glare from them.

Instead, you might prefer to invest in a couple of large mirrors so that they can brighten up your bathroom and make it feel more spacious. That and no bathroom is truly complete without a mirror. 

Photo from

Fit a Statement Shower 

There’s nothing quite like a statement shower, and if you’re working what these actually are, just think of rainfall showers, ones which are directly attached to the ceiling, and very large showerheads that allow your whole body to be immersed in water.

Or, if you are looking for some really modern shower room ideas, you could go for a digital shower. These have LCD displays, save your favourite temperature, and come with some really fun tech to keep you interested.

We actually have a whole guide dedicated to shower heads, and you should check it out if you are searching for one, but we also have two of our favourites below. 

This 16” shower head is made from stainless-steel, and it comes at a great price. It is incredibly easy to clean, which means that you don’t need to worry too much about putting a lot of effort into maintaining it. 

The design is incredibly modern, with a slim square head that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. The head itself swivels up to 15-degrees for better adjustment, and there are loads of great settings (including rainfall) to give you the shower of your dreams. 

This luxurious shower has been designed with a really slim finish, and it just looks absolutely spectacular once it has been installed.

It is a wall-mounted model, and it uses a separate water supply for each of the settings so that you can conserve water and keep things energy efficient.

It has a rainfall and air rain mode, as well as a waterfall that will leave you feeling as though you are in a tropical wonderland. On top of it all, the installation is really easy. 

Space-Saving Shower Enclosures 

If you want a shower enclosure that will look amazing and fit into your small bathroom, you are going to want a quadrant model. These have a curved front and have been designed to slot into little spaces or corners for maximum efficiency.

We have a great guide on shower enclosures for small and large rooms alike – but to give you a little taste, we have two of our favourites below for you.

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One of the great features for this quadrant shower enclosure is the 8mm safety glass, ensuring a durable and resilient build that won’t break easily.

It comes with the option to buy a shower tray and a plumbing kit to help you maintain it, and the finish comes in a choice of silver or white.

The whole design is a smooth one, with easy opening on the doors, as well as glass that has a special coating to prevent the build-up of dirt, limescale, and bacteria. It looks and feels amazing. 

This shower enclosure has been designed for the smallest spaces, with corner doors that allow for easy entry and exit even when squished between two walls.

The glass is 6mm thick for durability, and you can choose to buy a tray for the bottom when you pick it up.

The enclosure itself is relatively tall, and the quick-release doors make everything a lot easier and smoother. The installation is simple, and it looks stunning once it has been setup. 

Heat Your Shower Room

If you can get it, underfloor heating is the perfect solution – especially in a wet room for small rooms – because it takes up no space while also ensuring you are nice and warm on those cold winter mornings.

However, if this form of heating is not affordable for you, a heated towel rack is another top choice. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, offering a way to keep the room toasty while also drying and storing your towels. 

Product from Warm Rooms UK

What is the Smallest Space for a Shower Room? 

If we are looking at a bathroom that contains a shower, toilet, and a basin, the minimum amount of space that would be required is 0.8x1.8m.

This gives you enough space for all of the fittings, while also leaving room for you to get to each one. You can get even smaller shower rooms, but these can be really cramped and a little uncomfortable to use. 

Products from Room H2o

Do Small Tiles Make a Bathroom Look Bigger?

It is a very common thought that small tiles are ideal for making a small bathroom look bigger, but it can actually have the opposite effect. This is because there are so many grouting lines with smaller tiles, and it can leave things feeling cramped and crowded.

Instead, you should go for larger tiles as they will leave the space with a spacious atmosphere and a more refreshing one. Make sure they are plain though, as tiles with busy patterns can have the same effect as the small ones. 

Photo from Home4rt

Is there a minimum size for a wet room?

If you want to make the most of a bathroom, a wet room could be the ideal solution. The recommended minimum space required for a shower tray for wet rooms is 800 x 800 mm.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has given you the boost you need to get your bathroom design plans under control and in motion. There are loads of great ideas here, as well as some fantastic products for you to consider when you start your renovation project.

It doesn’t matter if your shower room is sloped or square, there is something here for you, and we have piles of additional advice here as well – including ways to keep the room lovely and warm when the cold winter days hit.

From modern shower room ideas to those that are more rustic, we have catered to a number of different tastes and styles.

What did you think of our guide to renovating your small shower room? Did we get your creative juices flowing or are there things that you would have recommended? We love hearing from you, so let us know in the comments below. 

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