9 Best Hand Held Shower Heads to Enhance Your Experience

Jumped in for your morning shower only to find the showerhead is blocked and water is squirting out of everywhere but the nozzles.

Frustrating, right? We’ve all been there, we feel your pain.

You want a handheld showerhead that means business, the best on the market and at a great price. We hear you, and we’ve got you covered.


To help you achieve your shower dreams, we have spent over 20 hours testing, reviewing, and analysing nearly 30 models of showerhead that are popular on the UK market. This includes models from top brands such as Triton and Grohe. 

The reason? We want you to find a showerhead that delivers the power you want and also fits in with your budget.

In the end, Hansgrohe stole the show with the Raindance Select E 120. It’s a model we fully back without question, and that you’ll love.

Not sure you like our editor’s pick? There’s no pressure (hehehe), we have a whole load of other options for you to choose from. 

Best Handheld Shower Heads [In Order]

1. Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 

Big, bold, versatile, the Raindance Select is one of the best showerheads that Hansgrohe has developed.

Designed to be a rain showerhead, it provides a light and airy flow that feels more like a tropical forest than your bathroom (think of those herbal essences commercials).  

  • Minimum Pressure: 1 bar (high pressure only)
  • Type: Rain
  • Size: 120mm
  • Spray Modes: 3
  • Material: Chrome ABS

Designed for high-pressure showers, it has a minimum bar requirement of one and a maximum of six. This ensures you always have a great flow rate and enough water to make your shower worthwhile. 

It benefits from three spray settings, which includes Rain, RainAir, and WhirlAir. These allow you to choose the intensity of the spray for a truly tailored experience. As an example, the RainAir option feels just like standing in gentle rainfall or under some tropical waterfall. 

The controls are simple, no more fiddling for the right button when all you want to do is relax (that’s how the last showerhead broke, right? You can tell us). Slide your fingers along the base of the head and you’ll find the controls are right there, easy to find, and need a gentle touch. 

Yeah, it can be a little pricey. We know it’s not the cheapest showerhead out there, but it is one of the best and most effective. Not to mention it has a stunning chrome finish that will dazzle any visitor to your bathroom. Take that mother-in-law…...who has the nicest home now? 

If limescale is a common issue for you (#SickOfHardWater), this showerhead has the solution you need. The innovative Quick Clean system means that a simple wipe down with a cloth after use is all you need to keep those pesky shower-damaging-minerals at bay. 

  • Gorgeous design in chrome that highlights any bathroom perfectly 
  • Massive circumference so that your whole body can benefit from gentle rainfal
  • Controls that are right at your fingertips for a smooth transition between settings
  • Made for high-pressure showers to deliver the best experience of your life
  • Maintenance is a breeze, keeping that pesky limescale at bay 

Not sure this showerhead has quite grabbed you? We get it, not everyone is going to be delighted and awed by our top choice. Why not check out our runner up from Grohe below? It might just be able to wash away the pain (I’m hilarious). 


Q: How heavy is the shower head?

A: The shower head weighs 305g so very lightweight to use in the shower.

2. GROHE Rainshower Icon 150 

What we really love is how unique the design of this showerhead is. Spanning an impressive 120mm, it has a hole in the centre for better water distribution while you shower.

Furthermore, it’s been carefully and expertly engineered to change the way you see your shower.

The range of colours definitely adds a bit of spice to your options, allowing you full customisation so that you can create a shower that really expresses your personal tastes and style. It adds a little oo-la-la to the atmosphere if you will. 

  • Minimum Pressure: 1 bar (high pressure only)
  • Type: Rain
  • Size: 120mm
  • Spray Modes: 3
  • Material: Chrome ABS

Grohe has designed this shower for homes with high-pressure, with a minimum of one bar requirement and a maximum of six bar (think combi-boiler, vented system). 

This is a downside for those with low water pressure, such as gravity fed systems(unless you add a shower pump)

It has two relaxing spray settings, allowing you to choose a light rainfall that will take you to another world (who needs a holiday when you have a rainfall shower right?) or something more heavy-duty to wash away the pain and grime of the day. 

Leading on from this, the controls are found at the base of the head and can be altered with the quick flick of a switch. It’s effortless and easy so that you don’t have to spend time faffing with thing-a-ma-jigs and can get on with the most important task - chilling out. 

We know that limescale is a massive pain in the behind, but the easy cleaning system from Grohe means that you just need to wipe the head after use and limescale buildup is prevented. Simple, right? We promise it’s not too good to be true either. 

  • Comes in a range of snazzy colours so you can find the perfect fit for your home
  • Stylish and unique design that certainly brings that je ne sais quois
  • Perfect water distribution and pressure to keep you relaxed every time you shower A high-pressure shower for that high-pressure lifestyle
  • Easy limescale maintenance that will leave you wondering why you didn’t buy this model sooner 

Not quite sold on our runner up or editors pick? Plenty of reason for us to shower you with more choices. If you’re looking for quality and a lower price point, we’ve got you covered with this brilliant little powerhouse from Newentor. 

3. Newentor High Pressure Shower Head 

Modernity is one word to describe this powerful and stylish showerhead. With a sophisticated square design, it brings something a little different to the scene and you are sure to love the way it looks in your bathroom.

Plus, that chrome finish? Yes, please and thank you. 

Showcased as a massage shower, when you feel this beating on your back all the troubles of the day will fade away (we promise).

  • Minimum Pressure: 1 bar (high pressure only)
  • Type: Rain
  • Size: 275mm
  • Spray Modes: 6
  • Material: Chrome ABS

With an incredible six different spray settings to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice. 

These settings include a gentle mist, power massage, regular massage, and several mist and spray combinations that you can play with at your leisure. 

The controls? A simple button that has been rigorously tested and can be pressed over a million times without issue (that’s dedication, right?)

Suited to homes with high-pressure, it requires a minimum of one bar to work and a maximum of six. After all, you want to be able to take advantage of that gentle massage, right? The ergonomic square design provides perfect coverage across your whole body, and we mean it. 

The nozzles are nicely spaced for your comfort, but also made from silicone to help prevent limescale and make them easy to clean. The days of heavy maintenance are over, and you can enjoy a quick wipe-and-go action when you invest in this square showerhead. 

This showerhead is so good that you can even use it to clean the toilet. Although, we’re not sure we would recommend that. If anything, it goes to show that it has a pretty long hose though, and it’s lightweight enough that you can hold it effortlessly with one hand.

  • Funky square design that really changes up the aesthetics of your shower
  • Six spray settings that really leave you spoiled for choice
  • Easy controls that require a single hand for smooth and satisfying adjustment
  • A massage mode that will make you never want to leave the shower again
  • All of this at a price to suit any pocket

This budget option really is the cream of the crop when it comes to affordable showerheads. Still not feeling completely convinced by this toilet cleaning champ? Allow the rest of our expertly picked choices to wash over you (I’ll stop now, promise). 

4. Triton 5 Position Shower Head

Taking a shower can be a magical thing. This is a time when you get to relax and just soak up the hot water.

However, if you do not have the right showerhead, you might not get as much pleasure.

With that being said, there are so many different showerheads on the market, how do you know a good one, when you see it? Well, take a look at the Triton 5 Position Showerhead.

The best thing about this showerhead is that it is compatible with just about every type of shower including mixer showers, electric showers, and a bath/shower mixture.

The showerhead offers 5 different spray patterns to choose from. You can choose one to suit the mood you are in.

You have the option of choosing from blast, spray, drench, jet, and rain.

Maintenance is a simple task with this product, because it is constructed of plastic that reduces the chances of lime scale build up. On top of all of this upon the purchase of this product you will receive a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

It is easy to find a few likeable things about this product, but the pros and cons will be listed below.


  • 5 different spray patterns
  • Easy maintenance
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Compatible with most showers
  • Chrome finish adds a nice look
  • Extremely affordable price tag


  • A more expensive showerhead would offer more features
  • Does not improve water pressure

At the end of the day this is truly a great showerhead that will replace any household shower. It also has a solid construction and beautiful, bright finish.


Q: What is the water flow rate of this shower head?

A: we have a Triton Elec shower with winter (2 heater bands running) and summer (1 Heater band running) you adjust the flow rate to get the right water temp. On all settings we get a good shower.




5. Yakult 100% Metal Handheld Shower Head

Over the years, there have been many different showerheads developed by various manufacturers.

Each comes with each advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, this makes choosing a showerhead, a very difficult job.

That was until you discover the Yakult 100% metal showerhead hit the market. This is truly a great showerhead that can offer any homeowner lots of benefits.

To start off, it is extremely affordable and will replace any existing showerhead including power showers, and bath/shower mixtures.

This product does not look like a normal showerhead, since it has a sleek L-styled handheld design that is detachable with a 1-1/2 meter stainless steel hose.

The L-style design will fit into your hand perfectly, making this showerhead ideal for bath kids, and pets.

The Yakult is constructed of lead-free solid brass, which not only protects your skin, but also ensures longevity and quality.

This showerhead is built to last. Along with this, the showerhead is coated with a multi-layer chrome finish that fights against corrosion and oxidization.

One of the best things about this showerhead is that it can be installed in a matter of minutes. Plus, very few tools are required for installation.


  • L-style design fits perfectly in your hand
  • Very quick and easy installation
  • Multi-layer chrome will not corrode or rust
  • Constructed of lead-free solid brass that protects the skin and ensures longevity
  • Very easy to clean


  • Cannot adjust the nozzle

As you can see, this is a unique and affordable showerhead that offers any homeowners tons of benefits. It is actually one of the best showerheads on the market.




6. Lara Mult-Spray Shower Head

This specific model is available in two unique colors, including chrome and white. Both deliver a sleek appearance, which will blend in perfectly in any bathroom. 

To make this product even more appealing, the manufacturer backs it up with a full 1-year warranty on all parts and labor!

Despite the affordability, you can rest assured knowing it’ll last or the manufacturer will fix or replace it.

The showerhead is immensely versatile and can truly be used for any and all showers. As the name implies, it comes equipped with 3 individualistic spray options.

Once you’ve entered the shower, you can simply turn the nozzle, until you land on the pattern that suits your preferences the best. 

For additional convenience, the showerhead can be rubbed clean easily. Additional pros and cons can be found below.


  • Equipped with 3 individual spray patterns
  • Comes with an extensive 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Available in two beautiful colors, which will be sure to satisfy everyone
  • Rub clean feature saves you time and energy
  • Showerhead can be utilized in nearly any shower
  • Delivers a sufficient amount of water pressure
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Hose is a little stiff
  • Flow options could be more diverse

All in all, the Triton 3 Position Shower Head is an excellent hand held head, which is affordable, stylish and convenient. Despite a few minor cons, the showerhead is an excellent investment for almost everyone.


Q: Does the head come apart for cleaning?

A: Yes, Instructions for cleaning included.




7. Grohe Power & Soul 27672000 

If you’re looking for a much more comprehensive and versatile showerhead, you’ll definitely want to check out the Grohe Power & Soul.

The unit is a little more expensive than the rest, but it is well worth the additional cost. It comes with an array of added features, including a larger select of colors.

You’ll be able to choose from chrome, clay, granite, limestone, marble, and more.

Regardless of your bathroom’s color scheme and style, you can guarantee you’ll be able to find a Grohe Power & Soul that blends in perfectly.

Not only is this unit immensely effortless to clean, thanks to the Grohe StarLight chrome coating, but also it is scratch resistant.

This guarantees that it’ll maintain its beautiful shine for many years to come.

Throw in the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty and this hand shower can last your family and you a lifetime. 

This showerhead is equipped with 4 jet modes, including Rain Spray. This mode is soft and soothing enough to lull you to sleep.

The Bokoma Spray option is great for those that want a good massage. For additional convenience, consumers will be able to utilize the one-click showering feature to jump in the shower and begin with haste. Additional pros and cons can be found below.


  • One-click showering buttons deliver instant access to your spray pattern of choice
  • Grohe DreamSpray technology keeps water flow balanced for a more relaxing shower
  • Grohe StarLight allows the showerhead to maintain its beauty for many years to come
  • Four spray options, including Bokoma, Rain O2, Rain Spray and Jet Spray
  • Speed Clean Technology resists lime scale and allows you to wipe it away with your fingers
  • Protected by a 5-year warranty
  • InnerWater Guide protects again scalding


  • Might be a little too costly for some

The Grohe Power & Soul is an excellent showerhead, which is versatile, beautiful and designed to last a lifetime. If you’ve got a little extra to spend, you should certainly consider investing in this hand held showerhead!




8.Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anystream

Some consumes are interested in splurging and spending more! It is vital to remember that you get what you pay for.

With the Speakman VS-3014 Caspian Anysteam, this is entirely true. The product might be significantly more expensive than the others, but it is also much more efficient and offers some excellent features, which more than justify the price! 

The Anysteam 360 degree technology is great and can deliver a water stream, at great angles.

This also offers multiple spray patterns to ensure that you get the precise type of shower that you desire!

Also, the installation process is completely effortless. Once you’ve received the package, you will not have to purchase anything separately or additionally.

Everything that is required is included. The showerhead has been engineered in a manner, which ensures that it can be installed within a matter of minutes.

If you’re not a DIY professional and don’t have many tools, this will not be a problem.

The 5-foot metal hose provides the user with extreme flexibility and ease of use. This should be more than sufficient for most bathrooms.

  • Plenty of hose
  • Effortless installation and everything is included
  • Five adjustable spray jets and 12 center massage sprays, which offers 52 full coverage streams
  • Beautiful chrome or brushed nickel finish
  • 5 LPM water flow
  • Lifetime warranty

Again, this specific showerhead might be a little more costly, but it comes with some excellent features!

The lifetime warranty ensures that you will never have to purchase another showerhead ever again. The installation is easy enough and everything is included. With various settings, you will be able to experience the precise shower that you desire!




9. Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower

There is no doubt that Delta has been around for an extensive period of time. The company is well known for their faucets and showerheads.

The Delta 75700WH follows suit, by delivering an excellent product that is affordable, but well rounded and worth exploring further. 

The product offers a longer hose than some of the others. 6-foot will undoubtedly serve most significantly well.

The hose is flexible and never tangles. The installation is a little more time consuming and a wrench and pliers will be required, but most individuals already own these simple hand tools. 

The product is effortless to use. It is equipped with an easy to turn spray dial, which allows you to adjust the showerhead’s spray, without hesitation.

An energy-saving spray setting is available, if you wish to reduce the water usage. This can be exceptionally helpful, if you wish to cut back on your water bill. 

  • 5 LPM Water flow
  • Lifetime warranty for added peace of mind
  • Extra long 6-foot flexible hose
  • Includes the shower arm mount
  • Settings can be changed easily with the turn dial
  • Anti-clog feature gives you the ability to remove mineral deposits

Take note that this showerhead is available in two styles, white and chrome. Both are beautiful and work excellently.

Although the price is low, you shouldn’t judge a book, by its exterior. This one is well worth checking out and greatly exceeds the expectations given to it.




What to Look For in a Handheld Shower

When attempting to purchase a brand new hand held showerhead, you will want to take your time and evaluate each and every one of your options.

Each homeowner is different and their unique desires will vary widely. Below, you’ll find a handful of factors to take into account, when attempting to locate the best hand held showerhead for your bathroom.


First and foremost, you will want to examine the overall cost of your showerhead. The good news is that there is an abundance of options to choose from and the prices will vary incredibly.

Therefore, if you want to spend very little, you can. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of spending extra, because doing so will usually deliver a better product, such as a solid brass body for example.

Number of Settings

The majority of hand held showerheads would come with some degree of adjustability. Usually, more expensive models will have a much more diverse array of spray settings.

These could include jet, spray, rain, blast, and drench. If want to gain access to each and every one of these options, you may need to spend a little extra. If you’re the type of individual, who jumps in the shower and rushes the process, this might not be so important.

Eco Water Saving

If you wish to save money, you should consider spending a little extra and making the upgrade to a showerhead, which is economic friendly.

These models are capable of saving water, by restricting water flow. This doesn’t mean that you won’t receive sufficient pressure, because you will. In fact, you’ll receive plenty of pressure and will save money on your water bill. Read our guide to the best water saving showerheads here. 

Massage Setting

Some consumers desire a shower, which is going to work their muscles and relieve their stress. If you fit into this category and want to eliminate your soreness, you may want to invest in a showerhead, which is equipped with a massage setting.

This particular mode will shoot out the water in a manner, which closely replicates a full body massage. Suffice to say, if you want a totally relaxing, luxurious shower, you’ll want a showerhead that features this setting.

Furthermore some shower heads come with soothing chromotherapy. If this is a feature you would like to know more about, read our guide to the 16 best Led colour changing showerheads 


In terms of your showerhead’s beauty and durability, the material used in its manufacture is integral. The material will also help to determine how difficult the showerhead will be to clean and restore.

Although a better material will definitely be a little more costly, it’ll certainly deliver additional benefits and will be well worth it.


Your showerhead needs to last a sufficient amount of time, even if you spend very little. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a lengthier warranty.

The warranty will protect you in the event of anything going awry. In this category, longer is always better, even if you must pay a little extra to get it.

Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining a hand held showerhead can be a little more difficult than you could imagine. Of course, some models are actually resistant to lime scale and other problems.

Opting for one of these models is a good ideal, if you desire additional convenience and want to spend less time cleaning!

Hose Length

One of the most important factors to consider is the hose length. If the hose isn’t long enough, you’ll have a difficult time using it comfortably.

Be sure to consider your height and make sure that the hose will give you the ability to easily wash your entire body, without much trouble or too much flipping around in the shower. Not all models will come with a hose, so consider this.

Pressure Rating

When attempting to find a good showerhead, you should always check out the unit’s LPM rating. This will help you figure out how much pressure that the specific showerhead will be able to deliver.

Obviously, if you want more pressure, you’ll want to choose a showerhead with a higher LPM and vice versa.

All in all, there are numerous things to take into account, when attempting to choose an excellent showerhead for your own individualistic preferences.

The most important factors have been explored above. Now, it is time to check out the best hand held showerheads on the market.


There are innumerable handheld shower heads on the market, but some of them aren’t worth your money. By analyzing all of the specifications associated with each of these products, you will be able to find the one that will work best for your specific desires.

Above, you have been able to find a look at some of the best handheld shower heads on the market. Be sure to take the information into account, when making your decision.

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