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Twin Shower Door Roller Wheels – Model 057


Twin Shower Door Rollers

Twin shower door rollers with double wheels – featured in  many different makes and models of steam showers, shower cabins, Whirlpool showers, shower enclosures, shower units and shower cubicles, suitable for straight and quadrant models

Fitted with anti rust 304 stainless steel bearings  – Swivel Action . Model 057

Double Shower Door Roller Universal Twin Wheels – Chrome Finish – Suitable for Top or Bottom of Door – Roller colour can vary between black or white 


1) Distance from centre of the hole fixing and outside edge of the glass : n/a

2) Diameter of hole fixing in glass :  8 mm

3) Distance between the face of glass and the wheel : 20 mm

4) Diameter of wheel : 23 mm (thickness 6 mm)

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