Do Bathroom Carpets, Mats, and Rugs Work? What do Experts Say

Bathroom carpets

Is a carpet in the bathroom a good idea?
Are toilet rugs out of style?

Some folks may have mixed feelings about having a carpet in their bathroom, due to манъ concerns. It’s a wetroom after all and the constant exposure to humidity may cause damage and promote bad odours.

Well, this may be true to some extent but let’s not forget that potential problems will largely depend on what type of rug you opt for to furnish your bathroom with.

So, this post looks into the ways of making a carpet in the bathroom work, explore its advantages and drawbacks. We also present you with effective tips to help you prolong the life of your carpet, mat or rug.

Pros And Cons Of Having Carpets In Your Bathroom

What Are The Pros?

Who would want to step out of the bath or shower onto a cold tile floor? 

That’s right, there’s nothing more pleasant than the cosy feeling you get when your bare feet touch a lush, soft carpet, including in the bathroom. 

Furthermore, one can’t slip on a textured surface, right?

And last but not least, a beautiful bathroom decor can be truly enhanced by a contemporary looking textile floor furnishing, that’s for sure.

On that note, however, all these advantages can only be fully appreciated if the rug is specially designed for a bathroom. Otherwise, you may find that the downside of a rushed decision of fitting a standard wall-to-wall carpet in your shower room/toilet is far greater than the benefits – the deluxe look and comfort feel, you’ve hoped to achieve.

And Here Are The Cons:

An incorrectly selected bathroom flooring can give you more headache than joy. 

Water splashes and moisture in the air encourage mould growth, bacteria and germs, as well as unpleasant, stifling odours hard to get rid.

The carpet itself will suffer if made from a natural material. Padding will disintegrate over time thus leading to imminent carpet replacement. Think twice or give up on the idea of having soft flooring altogether. 

After all, a carpet constantly damp will, sooner or later, cause damage to the hard surface underneath it.

Right, then…

Is It OK To Have A Carpet In Your Bathroom?

Yes and no.

As we’ve mentioned above, the water factor is the biggest drawback of installing just any carpet in your bathroom. You may need to deal with and remedy carpet problems from:

  • Liquid spillages and stains from toiletries;
  • Water splashes and drips;
  • Leaks and plumbing mishaps;
  • Condensation and steam;
  • Urine stains around the toilet base;
  • Overflowing bathtub.

This means that unless you address accidents immediately and always dry the fabric completely, having a regular indoor carpet in the bathroom is not a great idea.

Carpet In Bathroom And Hygiene?

On the other hand, you can make the place as inviting as you wish if you go for a washable, synthetic rug with a waterproof padding and special protection against stains. 

Add matching bath and toilet mats that you can throw in the washer every week. Your space of personal hygiene and relax after a hard day’s work can be delightful, warm, and at the same time, easy to keep clean, and maintain.

How To Choose A Bathroom Carpet, Mat Or Rug?

To choose a well-designed bathroom carpet and avoid trouble or regrets, consider the following:

Material And Fibre

  • Natural fibre rugs and carpets absorb water easily and take time to dry. 
  • Opt for a floor covering that is made from a water-resistant or at least, a near waterproof material. 

Polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene are all synthetic materials with good water-repellent and stain-deterrent properties that make them a breeze to keep clean and thus serve you over a longer period of time.

The good news is that polymer-based textiles can look natural-like and also won’t break the bank. Moreover, synthetic rugs dry quicker than natural floor coverings, say, made from wool or cotton.

The Pile – Get It Right!

You’re better off with a low-pile rug in your bathroom that doesn’t take ages to dry out completely if shower steam, wet feet or accidental splashes make it damp and leave water-marks. 

Also, loop pile rugs hold their shape better than cut-pile ones, which makes these when fluctuations in temperature and humidity affect the looks of carpeting. 

So, leave wool shag rugs in the living room and restrain from any tempting ideas to step on luxurious and soft-feel fabric right after you bath.

What About Padding?

Well-designed bathroom rugs and carpetings have water-resistant padding that repels mildew and protects the hard floor underneath. 

Furthermore, don’t forget that some types of outdoor carpets, made from polyamide, are suitable for indoor use, too. So, why not install one in the bathroom? Foam backing prompts for easy installation with the right adhesive.

Bath Mat Vs Bath Rug?

  • Mats are able to soak up liquid easily and slide less. The will serve you best in front of your shower or tub to save you from slipping.
  • Rugs are thick and fluffy but less functional. Carpet rugs add style rather than functionality

How To Maintain Your Bathroom Carpet In Good Condition

Well, despite our comments above, it’s up to you what you choose to place in your bathroom – a specially designed water-resistant bathroom carpet, a practically indestructible synthetic outdoor floor covering, cut to size and fitted from wall to wall, or a colourful, loose cotton rug that you can stick in your washing machine every few days. 

However, whatever textile flooring you’ve got, it still needs to be maintained fresh, cleaned regularly, dried out, if applicable, and checked frequently for damage or health-hazardous mould contamination.

The experts from London-based Fantastic Cleaners cleaning company recommend the following tips to maintain and prevent problems:

  • Vacuum the carpet or rug every couple of days to remove dust, debris, hair, pet fur, etc.;
  • Blot out spillages from personal hygiene and beauty products and address the stain with a suitable remover;
  • If machine-washable, make sure to wash the rug regularly to keep it mould-free and fresh-looking at all times;
  • Even stain-resistant synthetic bathroom wall-to-wall carpets could do with professional steam cleaning a few times a year to eliminate microorganisms that jeopardize your health;
  • Ensure to air-dry carpets and rugs, which are not permanently fitted to the floor;
  • Don’t delay fixing any leaks and other plumbing problems to avoid substantial damage to your carpeting;
  • Install an appropriate device to prevent water splashes through underneath your shower curtain, if you need to;
  • If you’ve fitted a wall-to-wall carpet, place additional mats next to the bath, shower cabin, and toilet, which you can wash and dry easily anytime;
  • Ventilate your bathroom daily (you can even use a dehumidifier if need be).  

In conclusion

Now you know that if you make the right choices when purchasing and take good care of your investment, there’s not much stopping you from enjoying a modern and cosy-looking carpeted bathroom.

And of course, for the rest of your living space, you can always consider refreshing your home interior by investing in a new hand-knotted and professionally crafted rug from our rich collection.


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