How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In The Bathroom? (How To Keep Them Away)

What was this little silver bug in your bathroom?

If you’ve been there or you’re aware this is called silverfish but still have questions, you are at the right place.

In this article, Steam Shower Parts will help you learn why these bugs hide in your bathroom and how to get rid of them quickly. 


Also, we share some preventative measures that will minimise the chance for future silver infestations. 

So, let’s move on.

What Is a Silverfish?

These creatures are creepy and scary to many people. 

They have a cigar-shaped body with long antennae, no wings, silver in colour, and reach up to 2 inches in length. Usually, they are mistaken for centipedes and look a lot like firebrats. People are often horrified when they come across such creatures but the bugs are actually quite harmless. They are not known to pose any threatening diseases and they don’t bite at all. 

However, silverfish are still pests that cause other damages to your property. They love carbohydrates including sugar and starches. Part of their diet is old books, photos, other papers, carpets, dandruff, hair. 

So silverfish can damage leather furniture, beloved books, documents or infest food like your cereal!

Why Do I Have Silverfish In My Bathroom?

After you know the basics facts about silverfish it’s time for us to clarify why your home is attractive to it and why your bathroom is preferred. 

First of all, silverfish adore dampness, moisture, darkness, and tranquillity. These are the conditions of attics, basements, and bathrooms. 

So your bathroom is most probably where silverfish will hide, sleep, breed. And during the night, when all family members are asleep, they come out to search for some food. 

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In The Bathroom?

Getting rid of silverfish can be a challenge but it is possible. 

Here we outline the tools and equipment you need along with steps to follow to minimise a silverfish infestation. Hopefully, it will disappear forever!

Tools And Products You Will Need:

  • Gloves;
  • Mask;
  • Dehumidifier;
  • Newspaper;
  • Jar;
  • Paper tape;
  • Bread;
  • DE;
  • Pyrethrin;
  • Boric acid.

Steps to Getting Rid of Silverfish

Step 1. Find the source

First of all, you should thoroughly examine the common hiding places. For example, you might spot one silverfish in the kitchen but the infestation could originate from your bathroom. This means you have to keep an eye on drains, attic spaces or basement as the most likely premises.

Step 2. Ensure conditions no longer right 

You have to reduce moisture in your bathroom. Make sure you don’t hang wet towels or clothes there. Instead, dry them outside. Always mop the floor from standing water. 

Install a fan and always run it longer. If you have a window, leave it open as often as possible. Also, invest in a dehumidifier so that you can control dampness in the whole house and thus make it unattractive to the silverfish.

Step 3. Try natural methods before counting on the chemical ones

We consulted the experts at Fantastic Silverfish Control suggest three ways that are tested and proven to work.

The newspaper method: roll one old newspaper and put bands on both ends so that it won’t unfold. Then, you have to moisten the newspaper a bit and leave it in your bathroom. It will attract the silverfish to hide and feed on the newspaper and eventually the insects will be trapped inside.

This way you provide the perfect conditions for the silverfish to live and nourish. Leave it for 24 hours then if you see trapped insects make sure you throw the newspaper away. You can repeat this for a couple of days until you are sure silverfish are gone.

The jar method: This is another efficient way to handle the situation. You will need one jar. Put small bread pieces and tape the jar on the outside with paper tape.

The silverfish are supposed to climb on the jar searching for the bread. Once they fall in the jar, they will no longer be able to escape because the jar inside is slippery. Try this for several days like the method with the newspaper. 

Tip: These methods are not appropriate for excessive silverfish infestation

Step 4. Use chemical products. 

The advantages are that these products contain ingredients strong enough to eradicate insects such as silverfish. The negative side is that they possess health risks and should be handled with care.

So we recommend you to always wear protective gloves and mask when using the following insecticides:

  • Bleach: Silverfish usually reproduce down in drains because of the moisture. So, pour a cup of bleach down the sinks and drains and plug them if you can. Leave it throughout the night. This method is supposed to stop silverfish from breeding. 
  • Diatomaceous earth insecticide: This is a very popular substance that can eradicate a different type of insects quickly. It’s made of fossilized remains of plankton and looks similar to talc powder. You can find different types of DE, which are mixed with clay and are different grades like livestock or food grade. When dealing with silverfish any type will kill them as each DE substance is made of sharp fossilized diatoms and will cut the exoskeleton of the insect. You just need to sprinkle it in your bathroom around drains sinks or corners. Leave it for the night and vacuum it the next day. 
  • Pyrethrin: You can buy an insecticide which includes the pyrethrin liquid and spray it in the bathroom or anywhere you think silverfish are. Be cautious and don’t spray it around food or close to belongings of children or pets, as it’s highly poisonous. We recommend you to try this and be outside the house for at least one or two days so that it won’t possess harm to your family. 
  • Boric acid: Boric acid is an effective solution. Sprinkle it around drains, sinks under your bathtub or anywhere you spotted the silverfish or signs are found. Apply it cautiously as it’s toxic. 

Step 5

The final step you can take if nothing else works is to book a professional silverfish treatment. The exterminators will thoroughly inspect the areas where the silverfish hide.

They might find other cracks that you’ve missed and will decide what treatment to apply. Professionals use powerful insecticides so that they can effectively get rid of the silverfish infestation. A pro will provide you with more advice on how to prevent future invasions.

How to prevent future silverfish infestation?

  • Clean: As for any other pest infestation, cleanliness and high hygiene in your house is a must. Vacuum, sweep and mop regularly. Also, if you know where the silverfish laid the eggs you can suck them with the vacuum cleaner.  Make sure cabinets, tables and countertops are cleaned from food leftovers and stains.
  • Dry: Keep your place especially the bathroom dry. Always ventilate it, open windows and mop wet spots and floors.
  • Use spices: Yes, spices can help not only when you cook but against silverfish infestation, as well. You can just leave a bowl or a cup filled with odorous spices that will work as a 
  • Seal cracks: This is very important if you want to prevent future infestations. Silverfish and not only they can lurk through cavities and open cracks. So, use a sealer to close all small and big entry points.
  • Keep food closed:  Pack away food especially the sugary ones in plastic bags or containers so that they will not be accessible for the critters. This way you can decrease the possibility the unwelcomed silverfish will visit you.


  • Silverfish can thrive in damp, tranquil, and dark places like the bathroom 
  • They are not dangerous but only damage your belongings like photos, books, other important documents and can be found around sugary food.
  • You can use natural methods like trapping the silverfish in a newspaper or in a jar. But more effective are the chemical products like DE, Boric acid, bleach and pyrethrin liquid. Anyway, there is nothing more efficient than the professional treatments due to the fact that the technicians have top-notch products, equipment and the proper qualification to do it properly. 
  • In order to prevent future silverfish infestations keep your home as clean as possible, ventilate it regularly, keep the bathroom dry, keep food packed, and caulk any openings. 


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